Monday, November 22, 2010

The 19 Senators Who Voted To Censor The Internet

Traitors all.


Pat H. said...

Naturally, the gay caballero, Lindsey Graham, voted for this assault on free speech.

He needs to be sanctioned.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm surprized, Jeff Sessions is on there. And just when you relax a little here they come again. Alex of Arley

Anonymous said...

Keep calling your reps, they do listen.


Defender said...

Congresscreatures voting to cede their own (presumed) authority to APPOINTED, UNelected officials like the Secretary of the Treasury (guns) and the Attorney General (Internet sites). Then there's S.510 which would give the FDA and Homeland Security sweeping extra-legal powers over the food supply.
In Jamaica, the saying is "Is not me dweet."
Meaning "It was not I who did it. I am not responsible."
Not fooling anyone, people.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Note that (1) the text of the bill is STILL not available to We The People and (2) From all indications there are *ZERO* provisions for due-process.

In essence, it goes: (A) Big-money contributor makes complaint (B) bureaucrat shuts down site.

More Lefty fascism.

Is it soup yet?

EJR914 said...

I wish South Carolina would wise up and kick that good for nothing POS Lindsey Graham to the curb! I'm so tired of that RINO!

They are all traitors the the US Constitution and to their oaths.

Anonymous said...

It shocked me senseless to see Orrin Hatch's name up there. I always knew he was a POS, but NOT SO BLATANTLY. It shocked me so much, I cussed & shouted & used the F-bomb in front of my grandson (shame on me).
His original campaign slogan against Sen Moss was "What do you call a Senator who's been in office for 18 years? You call him home." And (according to sources) he promised to serve only two terms. Yet here he is, still in office, 36 years later (come next election cycle).

Hypocritical POS. Come 2012, I will do everything in my power to attempt to run him out of office. If there are still free elections. If that doesn't work, there are other options. Remember the four boxes.

I will send emails and make phone calls, much good they'll do.

B Woodman
wv: gedit -- come and gedit

Anonymous said...

Al and Amy are just a couple of Minnesota's 10,000 Flakes. The rest of those names are not MY problem, as they are outside my AO. I know what I am getting MY CongressMuppets for Christmas: Public Humiliation, and Lots Of It. What are you getting for yours? Inquiring Hearts And Minds want to know....

Anonymous said...

I have already emailed Jeff Sessions and told him how disappointed I am! He is usually a decent defender of liberty, but this time he screwed up, and I let him know about it.

Jerry in Alabama

Toastrider said...

I can't figure this one out. Sessions is smarter than this; I only hope he's playing some longer game and hasn't opted to drink the Kool-Aid.