Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brian Aitken's Mistake

Calling the police is the wrong thing to do.


Pat H. said...

Okay, New Jersey patriots. Do you know what to do about that corrupt judge and prosecutor?

Well, do you?

daniel said...

His mom called the police "for them to check up on him." These "welfare checks" give the police wide power to investigate. And one cannot control who calls the cops on them "to check on their welfare."

Someone could call the cops today and say that "Mr. Vanderboegh has been acting strangely and talking about killing himself. Can you please check up on him?"

I don't know all of the laws, but google police welfare check, and see the broad search powers involved and see how little one can do to defend oneself.

On the plus side, one could always call the police to do "welfare checks" on enemies.

Anonymous said...

Any plans to protest this? I'm not sure at this point a peaceful protest is anything NJ's government would listen to, but something should be done.

Otherwise, it seems like we're just backing up grumbling again.


Mark Matis said...

Is it time to start collecting the 100 heads yet? Or does one have to wait until Ar. Aitken "commits suicide" in his jail cell, with miraculously NO VIDEO cameras working?

May they rot in hell for what they've done to this country!

Nonny Bollocks said...

God bless that poor, naive woman; she feared for her son, and not knowing better, called the local KGB. Had she only been more up to date on current events, she would have known that calling LEOs would at the least have subjected her boy to being tasered, beaten and cuffed, Or at the most being shot dead.
"We asked for ID and thought he was going for a gun!"

Jimmy the Saint said...

@Pat H: "Okay, New Jersey patriots. Do you know what to do about that corrupt judge and prosecutor?

Well, do you?"

Strongly worded letter to the editor? Angry internet post? That's the most that will ever come of this, if it even goes that far.

Nice to see that the arresting officer was incapable of exercising a little discretion, too. This never should have even been before a district attorney.

Anonymous said...

This will continue to go on, week after week, month after month, etc, while a few of us grumble and the rest of the nation could care less what a gun felon did.( he deserved what he got because he was a bad guy and defied the gov't laws)
None of us will lift a finger in the defense of a fellow American because no one is willing to die alone, every one of us knows not a single friend or neighbor will stand beside us and do the right thing in the defense of liberty. So who cares?
We can keep doing this for years(like we already have been) and nothing changes except the noose is getting tighter.

Anonymous said...

The "new" republican governor of NJ, Chris Christie, can pardon Brian Aitken with the stroke of his pen. I urge everyone to go to and send Governor Christie an email urging him to pardon Brian Aitken immediately. Also urge him to get the legislature to strike down New Jersey's draconian gun laws.
I just sent Gov. Christie an email. You can too!

Reg T said...

Seems everyone missed another major point, although I couldn't spare the time to read through the 385 (mostly inane) comments on the jury did NOT have to find as the judge ordered.

If you are not already aware of the Fully Informed Jurors Association web site, go there now. NOW.

Jurors have a duty to judge the law as well as the facts. The jury box could be more effective than the cartridge box, if people were more aware.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who claims that the Heller/McDonald cases were a "win" for the Second Amendment need look no further than this for confirmation otherwise. Get a good look boys, this is what your states are going to look like in a few years.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if this gets published or not, but either way you'll read it so that's enough for me.

If Judge Morley or a member of his family can't have the luxury of an open casket funeral, we might as well pack it in with this whole "restoration" crap.

Anonymous said...

arlsaWhat a dogshit response to a Moms concern.If people are not investing in lead,shame on it comes. Here comes the night!THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE PRETTY! Knuck.

Anonymous said...

I'm in total agreement with you! All we do is bitch and moan but not one person lifts a finger(or gun) to remedy this.
I live so far out in the sticks it takes me 1.5 hrs to the nearest town. What about the people that live where these crimes take place? Not one patriot anywhere nearby?

Yup, we're fucked.