Sunday, November 21, 2010

Andrew Traver: "No more Mister Nice Guy." The Gun Grabber Cometh.

The Brady Bunch, which heralded his coming with demands that the Obamanoids appoint a permanent director, and celebrated his appointment when it was announced, is telling its members privately that "Traver is one of ours" and that "we can expect he will use the full power of the executive branch to crack down" on firearms rights.

Initially there was some resistance to Traver at Main Justice because of rumors of more scandals swirling around the historically scandal-plagued Chicago ATF office. However, that is all past now. Traver has been embraced by the administration in an act that proclaims "No more Mister Nice Guy."

As a long time observer of the ATF put it to me last night:

I think Traver went from being tainted/damaged goods to acceptable now, because of some deal with the ATF Devil, and I think the "Pistol Grip Shotgun" issue is far, far from done. I also think Obama is going to be stupid enough to bite it off, and that it will enrage ordinary people beyond belief.

That may be the entire point of the exercise.

Those of us who yearn to see this situation end without major violence (or, if that is a pipe dream, at least to postpone it as long as humanly possible) understand that the agency's provocations can only happen so many times until the PTB get their Fort Sumter or our Lexington (although they will be hoping for an Oklahoma City bombing or Reichstag Fire).

The key to the perception of Fort Sumter or Lexington lies in the legitimacy of the agency and administration. WE understand the true nature of the ATF's unconstitutional mission and the "do as we order or else" interpretation of the rule of law that they pervert. That is because we have studied the agency's mundane evil as exemplified in many, many cases over the years from Kenyon Ballew to Ruby Ridge to Waco to the kitten stompers who terrorized Harry and Theresa Lamplugh to the framing of David Olofson to their present day policy of wreaking "economic Wacos" on anyone who legally opposes them.

The agency IS the agenda. And the agenda is the gradual disarmament of the American people. The fact that there may be honest piano players and floor sweepers in the whorehouse does not refute the unlawful activity within the walls, nor the evil intent of those who call the shots and pocket the power and money -- taxpayer dollars, mind you.

"Credibility. It's the only currency that means anything on this kind of playing field. Dean's got the tape and he's going to come out with it. And when he does, I want his credibility. I want people to know he's lying before they hear what he says." -- Jon Voight as Thomas Reynolds in Enemy of the State.

These are the rules that the "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" gun grabbing bureaucrats play by. What do you think the sole purpose of the SPLC and its "Narrative of 1995" was and is? We identified the tight symbiotic relationship that SPLC and the ATF had way back in Nineties, when Morris Dees provided political cover for the ATF at a critical moment by lying about the authenticity of the Gadsden Minutemen's "Good O' Boys Roundup" tape to Fox Butterfield of the New York Times. We knew he was lying. Could we interest any so-called "honest reporter" in the story? No. The FBI later confirmed the tape's authenticity. Was even THAT news? No. The story was passe by then.

So here we are today, and the Brady Bunch tells us (or, at least, one of us they thought was one of them) that the Gun Grabber cometh.

The Narrative of 1995 -- Morris Dees' Big Lie -- is not only still operative, it is now embedded in the programming of almost every LEO who's ever had "hate group identification" training.

The only way to counter any lie -- big or small -- is with the truth. The ATF's actions, done in the comforting dark away from general public scrutiny, make a lie of their public claims. The challenge is how to expose them.

Getting Ramsey A. Bear on the congressional witness stand is a good start.

How can the ATF's credibility survive even two or three news cycle's worth of R.A. Bear, "economic Wacos," the framing of David Olofson, and the production of false documents to justify an agenda?

Then the next time the ATF says ANYTHING, people will say, "Yeah, right."

And once discredited by the truth they made themselves, once the agency is in disarray and the agenda exposed, does this not make another Waco less likely, or at least, less likely next week, next month, next year? And don't we need all the time we can get to prepare for whatever the uncertain future might bring?

I have been criticized by folks on our side for being so focused on exposing what they call, in the words of one, "little scandals that will never amount to anything." But to ignore them is to miss the bigger picture.

What happens within the bureaucracy is largely a matter of perceived credibility and the safety of the darkness. Up until now, the ATF has plundered people's lives and robbed them of their freedom, all done with lies that would not survive in the light of day. They would not be so froggy if people perceived them as the liars they are.

This matters.

This matters because, as the Brady Bunch is crowing among themselves, the Gun Grabber cometh.

Demand rigorous ATF hearings NOW, before he gets to where he wants to go.

At the least, even if it ultimately comes down to rifles and "One Hundred Heads," we can say we tried.



Anonymous said...

"Demand rigorous ATF hearings NOW, before he gets to where he wants to go."

As far as I'm concerned he must want to go to Hell. If he keeps fucking around with the American people Hell is where he will end up.

Newark, Ohio

Pat H. said...

The US government really doesn't want this conflict, really, it doesn't.

The local BAFTAE office, Greenville, South Carolina is at 301 North Main Street, Suite 1802, one block over from the Hyatt Regency. Voice (864) 282-2937, Fax (864) 282-2958.

So easily found.

Anonymous said...

One absolutely essential point:

When the SOBs pull their OKC/Reichstag fire, the FreeFor cannot go to ground as the Constitutionalists did in '95.

That's what the SOBs are counting on.

Instead, the FreeFor must accelerate into and through the ambush.

No retreat.

No surrender.

Toaster 802 said...

Tuesday November 23, 2010

VHC First Wednesdays Program at the Kellogg Hubbard Library in Montpelier, Vermont.

The State of Hate in America with Mark Potok

This is being sponsored by Matthew Rubin, a fraud who intends to ram his taxpayer funded wind farm through the all of the Vermonters standing in the way. VPIRG paid alot of money to get a corrupt governor to be elected, And this guy is through waiting to cash in on our tax money, so he is bringing in the sturmtruppen of racism, the SPLC. Oppose wind farms? Your a racist. Since a lot of lefties are trying to stop it and are sensitive to this type of slander, it just might work. It worked against the Second Vermont Republic, who is as left as it gets, and advocates succession. They had a meeting with a southern secession group, and the SPLC went to work on them. Pretty much finished them off too. Leftist eat there own when playing for the spoils of war...

Stop by and check it out, or if it can be useful Mike, go ahead and use some or all of the blog post to illustrate you point about these "people".

Defender said...

Where government officials with the power of life and death over us -- literal or economic -- are concerned, there ARE no SMALL scandals. They hold us to amazingly strict standards. We should reciprocate.
I've written to my senators urging investigation into ATF policies and procedures. I had given up on influencing them on anything, but if enough of us make the effort, sheer numbers MIGHT have an effect. I don't think they're worried about being VOTED out, but they may get that subliminal OTHER message.

Scott J said...

We have to figure out some sort of PR thing to awake the non-guncrank masses that the ATF makes TSA and their nudie scanners and groping look absolutely harmless.

SHTF Militia said...

Funny that every time you turn around someone want to take another right from you.

If you are prepared You may survive,

Mark Matis said...

It's getting to be time for the filthy maggot pigs to rot in hell where they belong.

Anon said...

What an evil looking person.

Come and get what you deserve, Taver. No retreat or surrender indeed. Here Andy, Andy, Andy.

johnnyreb said...

Looks like a sissy.

He holds that AK like a scared little girl.

Anonymous said...

I am tired of treasonous criminals coming after law abiding citizens like me who have the constitution supporting our right to take them out if they will not let us be.
Ready and waiting, but patients has ran out.