Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kurt Hofmann on Traver nomination.



Bad Cyborg said...

And by doing so he only hastens the day of reckoning.

Yet another milestone on the road to revolution. And the Dumb Bastards don't have a clue. Nary a clue.

Gotta figure that eventually the wolverine is gonna get tire o' having the Dumb-bastard-crats poking him in the nuts. Ain't gonna be pretty - for either side.

Bad Cyborg

Defender said...

So much for "Obama doesn't want to take your guns away."
It's become obvious he won't be getting a second term, so ... expect anything.
Traver doesn't think we should have semi-autos, huh?
He should get used to disappointment.

Pat H. said...

You have the Traver nomination, enhanced security at airports, and I'm sure there are other things going on "out there" that haven't been reported yet.

These progressive/fascist thugs are up to something, it's on the wind now.

Anonymous said...

The NRA opposes the nomination of Andrew Travers.


It remains for Obama to show his hand in this high-stakes poker game. I fully expect he will bypass Congressional hearings and make Travers a recess appointment.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to post a positive comment but that would be ridiculous and mis-leading. These Marxists and their enablers intend to do this and at a crisis point, employ force. Same uniforms you've always seen but the intentions of their masters have changed, and so they will support the deconstruction of the United States and her constitution to very different ends than the founders intended.

But they will pretend to be "friendlies" with only the best and noblest intentions. The real story as always will not be found in the media and deliberately so.

The friendlies that exist will stay home, and anyone else will either be mis-led, ignorant or committed to their jobs which will impose the will of the enemies of our country.

Looks like we don't have to worry about posting stickers or defacing signs. I don't believe it would have mattered anyway. They are committed to such an extent that other constitutional options are the only answer and of course, exactly what they are waiting for.