Friday, November 19, 2010

Explain to me why this passed UNANIMOUSLY?

Web Censorship Bill Sails Through Senate Committee.

In short, COICA would allow the federal government to censor the internet without due process.

The GOP once again demonstrates that they are simply the other wing of the federal bird of prey.


Dedicated_Dad said...


Look at the list of "Judicial" committee members.

No surprise here!


Defender said...

The entertainment industry has billion$ and owns the news industry. Disney/ABC for example. Anyone going constitutional on THEM would be in for a rough time. They bought themselves Congress for an early Christmas present. Oops, I mean "winter holiday."
Tick tock.

Anonymous said...

"COICA must still be approved by the full House and Senate before becoming law. A vote is unlikely before the new year."

This bill was not voted out of committee with the expectation of its becoming law.

The House will have 60+ new members. No one knows yet how they will vote. Will they remain loyal to their tea party base, or will they relent and submit to party discipline?

COICA is a means test. If freshmen representatives vote for it, the Old Guard can safely assume that it's business as usual; if the bill dies in the House, it will serve to show where opposition is heaviest, and this is where political pressure will be brought to bear.


Mark Matis said...

If the government proceeds to start shutting down the Internet, the mouthpiece media are fair game. Transmitters, presses, and ANYONE enabling them. THAT is one of my lines in the sand.

Anonymous said...


Bad Cyborg said...

No idea why it passed unanimously but I just fired off a letter to my Senator - Cornyn - who normally is very much a conservative.

Anyhow I told him I didn't like his vote and asked him to reconsider supporting the bill when it comes up for a vote on the floor.

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, on the House side, they are moving forward with "Net Neutrality" which is another avenue to internet censorship.

Defender said...

Here's what else they're up to today. S.510, the Food Safety Modernization Act:

Imagine all the possibilities. It would make it SO much easier for a president to commandeer food resources in "an emergency."

Brock Townsend said...

Senator Wyden Effectively Kills Internet Censorship Bill

Anonymous said...

Bad Cyborg,
not trying to be mean but I sure hope you don't write letters to Santa anymore too.
Time to wake up, they don't fu*kin care what we want. Your fearless leader will schmooze you and stroke you all year long, but does he vote for you or his pocketbook??? Huh?

Pete Koch said...

I wrote (my) Senator Kyl about the M-1s from Korea situation, and he called it a "backdoor gun ban" when he wrote back. He also said that Senator Cornyn was "leading an effort calling on the (State) Department to lift the ban". Senator Kyl says he supports that effort.

Pat H. said...

The US government, now totally rogue, has been slavering over internet regulation and how to acquire it for nearly two decades now.

This is the kind of legislation that generates campaign donations, most of the criminals in D. C. love it, no matter which side of the question they're on.

Bad Cyborg said...

Anon November 19, 2010 4:37 PM,
Well, at least I'm still trying to work within the system. It may be just pissing on a forest fire but I'm at least trying.

Of course I'm also stocking up. 1k rounds each for the /40 cal.s and the .308 plus hand loading supplies. Food for the period after the transportation web collapses. Full set of "The way Things Work" to retain some of our technology after the collapse of civilization.


Bad Cyborg X

Pat H. said...

Boston T. Party says you need the following self defense tool consumables.

Main battle rifle: 10,000 rounds, ten magazines in good working order.
Side arm: 5000 rounds, five magazines in good working order
Shotgun: 5,000 rounds, a mix of self defense loads and hunting loads.

The above is per weapon, if your tribe has ten members, multiply the above number times ten.

Not everyone can acquire that amount, it's costly to begin with, and is a storage issue, too. Still, working towards those figures is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Bad Cyborg,
have my supplies in hand as my friend Boston (and Pat)point out. As a former Recon Marine, I'm always kitted up and ready for another TAD.
I just gave up on the political game years ago when I woke up to the futility of it all. Waste of paper and breath for those bottom sucking parasites.
Yours in freedom, 0321

Crotalus (Dont Tread on Me) said...

Unanimous? Sen. John Thune, too? That's a REAL disappointment. I expected better from him. The rest? Meh. I'm not surprised.

Steve Berven said...

The devil's advocate view of this could be that the Gov has some credible intelligence about non-state actors monkeying with our food/water supply, and so want's to ensure that proper controls and oversight are in place to prevent easy distribution of a food borne toxin or biological agent.