Wednesday, December 1, 2010

John Boehner actually has a good idea. Making it easier to defund the ATF.

Your tax dollars at work. ATF flip-flops handed out at the IACP convention.

John Boehner set to slice up spending bills. Maybe they'll get around to investigating the stuffed child's toy the ATF has been chasing.

House Republicans are devising a plan to simplify spending decisions by considering government funding bills on a department-by-department basis in the new Congress, according to Republican insiders.

The move would facilitate cutbacks in government programs and, GOP aides say, enhance oversight and accountability for individual agencies, fulfilling promises made by Republicans on the campaign trail and in their Pledge to America.


jdege said...

"But it would also threaten to complicate an already tattered appropriations process on the House floor and in negotiations with the Senate, ..."

In this area, the House can tell the Senate to pound sand. All tax bills must originate in the House. The Senate can amend them, but it can't originate them. It has to take them in the form that the House created them.

Anonymous said...

Now's the time to stand on the gas and defund as much as possible.

Make the leftists justify every dang piece of the leviathon.

But will the R's have the spine and stamina to follow through?

We shall see, as the Republic is in tatters, we don't have long left to effect repairs.

Bob Katt

Bad Cyborg said...

All who believe that Boehner's eyes are naturally brown (as opposed to being that way 'cause he is so full of shit) please raise your hands.

C'mon, c'mon. Surely SOMEbody believes him.



Pollyanna? Don't YOU believe him?

Me neither.

Bad Cyborg X

Pat H. said...

Boehner will sell us out just like Newt Gingrich did in 1995, it's already started.

Lots of lip service, shit for action.

I'll apologize to him in writing if I see him abolish the BATFAE, DoEd, DoEn, FDA, DoAg, and all of the US government police agencies.

Let me know if I miss it.