Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another country heard from. "Liberals: your moral and intellectual superiors!"

Courtesy of Irregular Julian, we have these links from Five Feet of Fury:

Columbia professor is charged with incest, accused of bedding young relative for 3 years. (Note the Daily News doesn't say it is his daughter, merely a "young relative.")

Huffington Post Blogger Charged With Incest. Noel Sheppard at News Busters was more direct.

A Columbia University political science professor that blogs at the Huffington Post was charged Thursday with having a sexual relationship with his 24 year old daughter.

I wonder how many "in-bred hillbilly" jokes Epstein has told or laughed at in his lifetime?


Anonymous said...

If the courts find him guilty (and in today's political environment, that's iffy), then they need to finish his castration, chemically and physically. Being a prog-libber, he's already been mentally castrated for most of his life.
Condolences to the daughter, I hope she has the strength and support to recover from this ordeal.

B Woodman

Mark Matis said...

But surely it is of no consequence since she would have had an abortion if anything had resulted. And probably did, by the way.

Anonymous said...

They were both over 18 when it started, the legal system has no role in this event. I disapprove of this behavior, but it a consensual act between adults. I have no standing to make a legal complaint, and neither do you.

Pat H. said...

As a health care professional, I can tell you that it's almost a certainty that the relationship began years before her 21st birthday. 21 year olds seldom, to the point of saying next to never, begin a sexual relationship with their father.

Defender said...

It really lends credence to the theory that gun banners and other freedom-haters are afraid of us because they think we are as angry, warped and willing to act on our baser impulses as THEY are.

Philly Sucks but New York Sucks Worse said...

This is what Savage means when he says liberalism is a mental disorder.

It's more than "How many inbred redneck jokes" he told - and I'm sure quite a few.

How many impressionable minds did he destroy - apart from his daughter's - with his liberal NY Jewish condescension toward everything Americans hold dear?

I went to an Ivy League school for one of my graduate degrees. It was not Columbia, but the composition of the faculty is comparable.

One class, populated by mid-career adults (it doubled as a popular executive education course), discussed the comparative advantage of the West vis a vis other regions such as the Middle East, Africa, Asia, etc. This was prompted by "Guns, Germs and Steel" if you recollect.

Suffice it to say, one of the students was a pious Lutheran and worked as an executive at one of the denomination's charities.

She was singled out and attacked ruthlessly for her Christianity, mainly on the hypocrisy vector.

She was beet red but was so unaccustomed to political aggression she sat there with her mouth agap.

I am accustomed to political aggression, having once run an undergrad newspaper at a prominent football school.

Rather than tell the Jewish instructor he was a jerk, I did better. I loudly packed my papers and made a formal show of getting up and walking out of class.

When asked if I would return for the next session, I answered, "Of course. I just want to get some clean air."

The professor never pulled that stunt again.

Point being this: Such displays are powerful instruction to the impressionable young mind and powerful psychological weapons against a mature mind.

How many in this class of post-graduate adults "learned the lesson" that one never defends Christianity and that it is a fit subject for mockery?

Returning to this Columbia pervert, teaching at a school founded by the Episcopal church:

How many times has he advocated, as a professor of political science, for the very weakening of our moral and legal codes to permit sexual and other deviancy such as this?

How many horny teenagers took his encouragement as license to do as they please under some theory of justification based on a Marxist sexual ethic?

My experience tells me THOUSANDS.

The trick is that no one ever suspects the authority figure of having ulterior motives. They are students after all. Those of us that see through this crass hoo-haa are long removed from academe, generally speaking, so these people get essentially a free pass.

The time has come to stop it all. Not only in politics but the intellectual breeding ground for the Bolshevik Left - the subverted and compromised academy. I think an effective cleansing of the university system would carry the political system with it in short order.

Anonymous said...

God only knows what the spawn of these degenerates could be.

Imagine Chelsea,,,,

There are not enough bullets.

Loren said...

Look up the eugenics they were so in love with at the beginning of the last century. Inbreeding was quite acceptable for them then, though I'm not sure about generation gaps.

Anonymous said...

An accusation is not a conviction. The difference is important. To believe and behave otherwise strengthens the blunt instruments of collectivists who have no use for truth or rule of law or due process.

Vlad Tepes said...

There are not enough bullets.

December 12, 2010 4:18 PM

Sure there are. We haven't even started using them...


Anonymous said...

Pat H. writes:

"As a health care professional, I can tell you that it's almost a certainty that the relationship began years before her 21st birthday."

She's an adult now, and she can pursue a prosecution if she wants one. This dispute is between those two persons. Third parties unrelated by genetics or marriage don't have standing to butt their legal noses in.

Happy D said...

During the bad old days of the cold war one of the best ways to find out what crimes the Soviets had just committed was to wait to hear what they would accuse the west of doing.