Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ann Coulter -- Bradley Manning: Poster Boy For 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Here's the whole column.

The mole who allegedly gave WikiLeaks the mountains of secret documents is Pfc. Bradley Manning, Army intelligence analyst and angry gay.

We've heard 1 billion times about the Army translator who just wanted to serve his country, but was cashiered because of whom he loved.

I'll see your Army translator and raise you one Bradley Manning.

According to Bradley's online chats, he was in "an awkward place" both "emotionally and psychologically." So in a snit, he betrayed his country by orchestrating the greatest leak of classified intelligence in U.S. history.

Isn't that in the Army Code of Conduct? You must follow orders at all times. Exceptions will be made for servicemen in an awkward place. Now, who wants a hug? Waitress! Three more apple-tinis!"

According to The New York Times, Bradley sought "moral support" from his "self-described drag queen" boyfriend. Alas, he still felt out of sorts. So why not sell out his country?


Anonymous said...

This Ain't Hell has been reporting on this douche-bag for months.
I volunteer to perform the execution (hanging, injection, electrocution, shooting, whatever) before, during, and/or after the trial. Then leave him in the street to rot.

B Woodman

Mike Gogulski said...

It's no surprise that Coulter is incapable of comprehending that Manning might have done what he is accused of out of a real crisis of conscience, and runs off instead to call out a "faggot traitor". But then, she's been in the zealous service of evil for a long, long time.

Free Bradley Manning!

Bad Cyborg said...

That little turd ought to be tried, found guilty and SHOT! They ought to hold a lottery to see who gets to serve on the firing squad. At $5 a ticket they ought easily to be able to raise enough to buy a couple of tanks. Hell! They ought to put that bastard who started/runs Wikileaks next to the little turd ball. Put the execution on pay-per-view and raise a SHITLOAD of money.

I got KIN on active duty RIGHT NOW and a grandson who's going into the Army when he graduates and between Manning and that low life bastard at Wikileaks they have ALL been placed in jeopardy.

Bad Cyborg X

Jimmy the Saint said...

Hmmm. Guy gets upset because he can't engage in sodomy while in the military. So, in revenge, he commits espionage. Punishment? We'll send him to a place where he gets sodomized.

Dunno if this quite qualifies as win/win for anyone.

Anonymous said...

Highly likely he did not act alone as a PFC simply doesn't have access to this kind of info/intel-at least he shouldn't. Likely he was just a willing mule for others (read officers) that had access...

All should be found and hung because it's gastly. Shooting is too good for them as is a life sentence at Leavenworth. Now, military code, UCMJ, may say otherwise, but that's my recommendation, FWIW. A proper example at a proper time. Enough pussy footing around.

Bob Katt

Blue said...

He wanted to be with a boy that looked like a girl? hmmmmm..... That's kinda weird. Is he really gay, or just confused?

Anonymous said...

Manning should be tried and executed for treason......however, Assange (as much of a douche bag as he is) hasn't done anything illegal by releasing the classified documents.

In point of fact, nothing released so far has much in the way of negative impact on anyone....much less our troops.

You're telling me no one knew China was behind the cyber attack that shut down the Pentagon for 3 or 4 days a year or so ago? Hmmm.....I read about that on several forums.

You're telling me no one knew Pakistan is our ally in name only and that they are playing both sides but favoring radical Islam in a country that is 90%+ Muslim? Hell, 60 minutes covered this fact....

You're telling me no one knew the government of Yemen was working with the US to fight Al Qaeda? Seriously?

You're telling me no one knew that much of the Sunni countries in the middle east including Saudi were asking the US to stop the Shia government of Iran's nuclear program? ....Also public knowledge for those reading other than MSM propaganda.

Look....if you didn't already know these simply weren't paying attention.

No, the US government is embarrassed its dirty laundry has been aired and THAT is why they are after Wikileaks.

Hell, Rep. Peter King R-NY wants Wikileaks to be categorized as a FTO (foreign terrorist organization).....the same as Al Quaeda.....seems like a really good way to 'legalize' the assassination of any opponent.

Careful what you wish for guys....if they can silence someone like Assange for publicly displaying unsavory facts about our government, how long before they make the same claim against the Sipsey Street Irregulars?

"We must hang together or we will most assuredly hang separately."


Anonymous said...

Coulter is a shining example of the Josef Goebbels School of Propaganda herself.
Someone in a disturbed state of mind is not sly and fast enough to have pulled off what they claim he did. Smells like a huge setup to me. And a Pfc. to boot. This guy reminds me of 007 in his younger days. Oh, and did I mention fearless too.
I seem to remember that we were innocent UNTIL proven guilty and here you are pulling off another witch hunt to satisfy Faux News and some sense of false patriotism.
In a coupla months they'll let him go for lack of evidence, and the whole thing will have blown over as the gov't tries to apologize to the world for all our rude behavior, oops,I mean Hillary's.
Give the guy his day in court before you hang him, you could be wrong.


Pat H. said...

I don't care what he is, if Manning did give those files to WikiLeaks, he's an American hero; the likes of which we haven't seen since Daniel Ellsberg.

We FreeFor need more like him, willing to release the truth. The US Army is part of the US government, it is not part of the FreeFor.

Ann Coulter has "issues" herself, she needs to develop a philosphy of freedom and liberty, instead she's the darling of the Neocons, not as bad as Sean Hannity, but very close.

rexxhead said...

"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren, till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation?

For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth -- to know the worst and to provide for it."
-- Patrick Henry

If you defend the evil and the immoral things your government does, you become responsible for them.

For my part, I am willing to know the whole truth, so that when government tells us all how wonderful it is, I, at least, will know better.

How about you?

Anonymous said...

So, finally, somebody truly informs the electorate about what the bigwigs are thinking. You meant it when you said you wanted transparency in government, right? What did you imagine that would look like? "What someone doesn't want you to publish is journalism, all else is publicity. -- Paul Fussell"

What better way to cheaply collapse big government than by hollowing out faith in it by truthfully revealing its own failings in its own words.

Anonymous said...

Anybody think there might be something wrong with the selection process?

Question 2: Do they really put all this information in a grab bag so that any specialist can see it and take it?

Question 3: If question 2 is the circumstance, who designed that system because it is Taylor made for espionage.

Question 4: If 2 & 3 are the circumstance, is there something wrong with our selection process and/or the selectors and designers of the process?

I don't want to hear "I don't know" and "It's nobody's fault." But what do you bet that it just magically all goes away... Like that non-missile, missile launch off the coast.

Anonymous said...

A few facts and a perspective;

We have met the enemy and it is us.

Anonymous said...

the Palins, Huckabees, Ann CUNTler and all the other neocon script readers are just playing their role. The Reich-wing hacks and pundits of the 70s excorciated daniel Ellsberg in much the same way, yet no one could ever pin the donkey on his tail for exposing the FRAUD of our Southeast Asia merry adventures - ???..........yet you will continue to hear pious mantras about how all this will get more of our lads killed blah blah, as a defense for the Wiki-attacks - all from mindless media shills, to enthrall the no-thinking knuckledraggers who have had their NASCAR season end - GIVE ME A BREAK !

Who benefits ? Why has this been allowed to continue ?

meanwhile, back at the ranch..............lets see - WHO BENEFITS? So far one could draw the conclusion that there is a regime flush occuring, and doing a swirly are all the Bush-Klinton-BabyBush-Obamanoid Anglophile empire-building flunkees this yet another sign that the absolute top circles of the global elite ( which are far above the elected flunkies we see in the news ), are making a wholesale transition of power to.......China?...or ??

What will Wiki leak about bankster operations, and why will it be allowed, given NSA-intel appartchik power to shut all this down? Why is Assange allowed to operate?.......or to continue to live on the run in a manner Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum can only imagine in one of their wilder tales? Funny thing, nobody has ever found the magic Wikileaks “treehouse” with the dozens of elves who sift through documents. The NSA and a dozen other agencies can pick up these keystrokes on my computer the second they hit, tap 200 million telephones, kidnap a woman off the streets of Karachi with a two minute phone request but they don’t seem to be able to find the offices or computers of Wikileaks.

And how about his better-than-James Bond escape acts? Assange has to be reborn, first as the new “Yassar Arafat,” the “man without a country,” said to be fleeing from one recording studio and one 5 star hotel to another, inches ahead of the CIA and MI-6.

WHO BENEFITS ?...............?

stay tuned........its enjoyable theater at the moment, and we dont know how it will all play out...

" Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow. "

Anonymous said...

The next time I see a picture of Manning, I want to also see a rope around his neck. That self-important douchebag put a LOT of folks at risk, and it will make it much harder to get folks to give our intel folks info in the future.

Does anyone remember World War II slogans like "Loose lips sink ships"? That still applies today. Give out too much info to your enemies, and they'll find a way to kill you.


TPaine said...

Looks like Manning has a lot of "butt buddies" out there. Does it matter not that the information that was leaked was CLASSIFIED? If it wasn't a lot of nothing, why was it EXPOSED on Wiki-Leaks? And why is Assange in hiding, a la Salman Rushdie? For an operation that didn't actually expose anything, there's a lot of confusion here.

Far as Manning goes, he gave classified information to the enemy. That is treasonous, and worthy of the death penalty.

rexxhead said...

TPaine sez: "Far as Manning goes, he gave classified information to the enemy."

You missed an important point.

The enemy is you.

That info was classified so that you wouldn't complain loud enough to your Congressman to get these shits sent to federal slam or (worse) load up and go hunting for them yourself.

Furthermore, you PAID for all that classified information, little of which exists to make YOU secure, and ALL of which exists to make the ruling elite secure.

Defender said...

Manning is indeed eligible for the death penalty. I'm sure he thought about that before he did what he did.
A valuable service in all of this is exposing what a bunch of naive goobers we have for diplomats. One said in a cable that Russia is a virtual mafia state where shady figures in trenchcoats carry satchels of cash into government offices and bribery is rampant. What?! When did this happen?
Oh, around 1917.
Putin didn't mind that one so much, but the one comparing his relationship with President Medvedev to Batman and Robin -- he said he doesn't want to let it sour the improving relations they have with the U.S.
A lot of the leaks seem to be this kind of juvenile self-important crap. "Hi, Mom! I'm in the office of the president of Russia! And guess what? He smells funny, and I just wiped a booger on the upholstery when no one was looking!"

As far as the gay angle: Homosexuals are 5% of the population, if that much. Gun owners are 50% or more. Federal law prohibits employers from discriminating on the basis or race, gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation. I don't see US in there. You know as well as I do that gun owners are increasingly getting looked at sideways BECAUSE MOST OF THEM DON'T STAND UP AND SAY "WE'RE ARMED, NO ONE'S HARMED, SO THERE'S NO NEED TO BE ALARMED. GET USED TO IT."

Pat H. said...

Well, well, it's pretty obvious what we have here in response to the Coulter story, for that's all it is.

We have statists who are defending the crimes of the US government, who nearly always hide those crimes behind illegitimately applied classifications. All statists, and I use ALL very seldom, are enenies of freedom and liberty and will be those that we of the FreeFor will be fighting. I don't understand why statists are commenting here, but they make for an interesting contrast.

We also have a few folks that are freedom and liberty advocates that realize, fully and completely, that any exposure of the crimes of the US government is heroic and deserving of praise and encouragement of more of it. I count myself among those who love freedom and liberty.

As for Bradley Manning himself, I seriously doubt he released hundreds of thousands of classified communications. Even if he did, it does NOT rise to the level of treason, it is in fact not remotely close to that.

Benedict Arnold provided the British with the plans for the defense of a Fort, with the full knowledge that many American soldiers could die as a result. A hypothetical example would be a soldier transmitting the details of plans for an upcoming tactical operation, times, dates, numbers, and so forth.

The released information contained none of that.

What it did do is reduce the US government by exposing the lies of the empire.

That's heroic, I say again, if Mannning did that, and I have substantial reason to doubt he did, then he deserves to be honored. Only a government shill or thug would think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

" Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow. "

sad commentary overall - most "grasping at the shadow"........the 90IQ flag-wrapped knuckledraggers dont get anything , just do some old carport-commando growl about " get Manning "

this country is toast..........the "kill Manning " kneejerks will never have any idea who to really fight

Mark Matis said...

For TPaine:

Yeah, but he's a Preferred Species. What do YOU think will be done to him? See Congressman Charles Rangel for reference. And MANY more.

Anonymous said...

"We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people." -JFK

I went into detail about what's been released that's "CLASSIFIED"....big's all been released before. None of what's been released so far in this latest data dump was exposed at WikiLeaks first....regardless of what the MSM is telling you.

There are far too many secrets our government is keeping from us.

You got one thing right....Manning is guilty of treason. We already know the penalty for that.


Anonymous said...

Regardless of PFC Manning's sexual orientation, or the politics surrounding his alleged actions, PFC Manning did appear to commit a violation of Article 106A "Treason" which includes the release of "War Plans," "Signals Intelligence," and "Cryptographic Information." Which if I'm not mistaken, are grounds for capital punishment if he's PROVEN guilty in a .mil court. As for "Intent" whether he intended to "injure" the United States, or wanted to be a 21st century Daniel Ellsberg, as well as Assange's role in this (though that's going to be more of a federal/civilian matter) is something that needs to be figured out by the JAGs, as well as many other particulars.


Anonymous said...

Rush to judgement much?
frothing at the mouth false patriotism much?
We know the propagandists smear people, impugn motives. Why then is this not considered by some posters?
I am reasonably certain there was no operational damage to U.S. forces.
Just some embarassed politicians. Why would that be a problem? I agree with 0321, Pat H. and others who use reason instead of emotion.

Anonymous said...

"In order for us to accept the premise offered; that one low ranking young man somehow transferred hundreds of thousands critically sensitive national documents without any one knowing, we would have to believe and/or:

-Reject the notion that state-of-the-art computer systems were employed
-That no fail-safes were coded into that system
-That no alerts activated that would have signaled the massive transfer of sensitive documents
-That these documents were not secured
-That ONE person accomplished this all by himself
-That no one else monitoring that system saw this transfer happening
-That no one detected the transfer of documents to a proclaimed “international terrorist”
-That this happened not once, but twice
-That all 20 or so spy agency’s, the Pentagon, the CIA and FBI ..all who track the traffic on government servers, never noted or noticed the transfer of these documents.
-That both instances of Wiki-leaking occurred incidental to the attempts to insert a kill switch to the internet in the hands of government, and the onset of HSD along with Joe Lieberman as Committee Chair on HSD, to begin shutting down internet sites."

From here:

Defender said...

U.S. State Department wanted French to "empower Muslims in France."

Defender said...

Anonymous said...

You all ar unbelievable. You all want to stand up and fight a corrupt government. Manning exposes the crimes of said government and you all want to execute him. You are no different than the hypocrites in DC.