Thursday, December 9, 2010

'Social cleansing'

Solution to illegal immigration:

Kalashnikov, quantity five hundred.

Chinese AK five-magazine pouch, quantity five hundred.

7.62x39, quantity 90,000 rounds.

Illegal Mexican males of military age, quantity 500.

Landing Craft, quantity one.

Miramar Beach, Tampico, Mexico.

The road from Tampico to Mexico City.

Repeat as needed.

You know, COL Robert "Mad Bob" REDACTED once said that the solution for illegal immigration was to deport every illegal of military age caught within the confines of the state of Alabama by placing them on a landing craft and then putting them out on the beach at Tampico. When they landed, Mad Bob proposed to hand each of them a Kalashnikov, a five-magazine bandoleer and 180 rounds of 7.62x39 ball and point them in the direction of Mexico City.

Reading the story below, maybe he had a point. The problem with violence in Mexico is not that they have too many firearms, but that the firearms that are there are in the wrong hands -- corrupt government and criminal gangs. The problem is that there are too few firearms in the hands of the honest folks who are preyed upon by both sets of criminals.

In Mexico, a legal breakdown invites brutal justice.

"We won't take it anymore," said Victor Hernandez, a block captain delegated to oversee security in Ascencion, which the group has divided into quadrants.

Mexican gun control laws limit citizens to owning smaller-caliber weapons and a handful of bullets for home defense, but group members said they were not going to leave themselves vulnerable and outgunned.

In Ascension, the group has erected a siren tower, like the kind that might warn residents in Kansas of an impending tornado, to alert everyone in town that a kidnapping is in progress. Members of the group then quickly mobilize and block the highway that passes through town.

With support from local officials, the group has also dug a trench around the town, wide and deep enough that a vehicle could not escape by driving off-road.

Members of the group said they plan to turn suspects over to authorities but were prepared to "disappear" them if authorities fail to do their jobs. The body of a suspected stereo thief was found on the edge of town in October, as rumors circulated that he too had been lynched.

"This whole country is suffering," said Fernando Saenz, the citizen group's elected leader. "It's time for the people to take over, because the government isn't doing its job. We have to take care of ourselves."


Brock Townsend said...

Or as my cousin with 120 missions over North Vietnam as a Marine aviator suggested:
Claymores covering the border would be inexpensive and effective.

Anonymous said...

This Mexican Rancher feels the same way apparently:,0

Killed off 4 of them and wounded at least two more before they got him with a grenade.

Anonymous said...

Sorry....apparently the link to the NYPost article has been removed.

Here is the correct one for the Mexican Rancher that stood up (and was killed) to the drug cartels.

J. Croft said...

Not a bad idea.

Perhaps some one on one chats with some of the Undocumented could lead to some alliance building... it would certainly help fend off a 3 way race war and turn it into a bi-national revolution.

I'm bumping this!

Ron said...

To strike at the root of illegal immigration, knock off the AMERICANS and American businessness that are hiring these guys.

No jobs for illegals and you will see the issue shrink by 90%.

It's the only way. Targeting the illegals and not the root cause (the employers) will do little.

rustynail said...

The linked article reports that ordinary Mexican citizens are taking over the duties of the legal system. Some are reported to "regret" the vigilante justice, but that is just foolishness. When it becomes necessary, every citizen has the right to protect himself/herself and his/her family. I hope that the American citizens have the courage to do the same when the time comes.

WarriorClass said...

Illegals are a serious problem, but don't forget who your real enemy is; the government that not only enables, but steals your money to bring them in and supports them when they are here, all at the expense of you and your children.

It has now been revealed that the Federal Reserve has stolen over 13 TRILLION dollars from you, the working tax payers, and gave it to their banker friends all over the world.

The illegals have been brought here to keep you busy fighting them instead of the real criminals. Yes, you will have to kill them to protect yourself and your family, but don't forget the real target, the one that brought them here to kill you.

It's time.


Dedicated_Dad said...

A friend is in the Construction biz.

He doesn't dare hire an illegal - he knows he'd get nailed.

Meanwhile, he's competing against "the big boys" who run full crews - who won't even hire a foreman who can't be Hobblin' Spaniels.

Said "big boys" aren't the least bit worried - having greased all the right palms - and, on the off-chance they get popped it's "a cost of doing business" where for him it would be bankruptcy.

So the guy who's trying to do things right is bankrupt.

Remember the big "raids" on Tyson and other, similar facilities? What's changed? (Hint: NOTHING.)

I worked in an agriculture business in the late 80's. I - patently, obviously an American-born kid - had to take "welfare" (which the state was all too happy to give) until I could collect the necessary documents to get past the I-9 form.

Meanwhile - when I finally got to work - it seemed like every other worker still had wet boots and tumbleweeds in his hair. It was an open joke how they all had the same SS#.

IMHO, so long as there's one able-bodied, qualified American drawing any sort of .gov "assistance", we shouldn't be hiring *ANYONE* else!

In my 2+ decades in IT, I can't tell you how many times I saw fur-ners brought in on H1b while people I knew -- HIGHLY skilled folk -- were unemployed.

The reality was that it was cheaper for GM (one of many offenders) to hire in Indians (dot, not feather) than it was to pay Americans what they were worth.

I'm not anti-immigrant - heck, we ALL came here from SOMEWHERE else, if you go back far enough. Mine were here in the 1600s, but to me even that's irrelevant.

I'm not really in favor of tariffs either - but SOMETHING has to give!

Do you realize we can't even make ANTIBIOTICS in this country today? THAT should make even the DUMBEST couch-potato think for at least a moment!!

We need to do WHATEVER it takes to seal our borders. Claymores? OK.

We need to make it IMPOSSIBLE for an illegal to get a job -- by running *ANYONE* who hires them out of business. "The fine for hiring an illegal shall be equivalent to one year's EBITDA for each employed alien" should just about cover it.

Then, we need to make it IMPOSSIBLE for a company to save $ by moving factories to China. In the beginning it will be necessary to enact tariff legislation to balance the costs of pollution abatement, etc. - but this should ONLY apply to factories not living by the same idiotic rules. It shouldn't take long for things to turn around once Joe-six-pack suddenly finds it just as cheap to buy American as chinese junk.

All of this is too perfect - too "pat" - to not be part of a plan.

Obviously, it was necessary to destroy our industrial-capacity before they could destroy US -- they're just about done, now...


Anonymous said...

You're almost there, Ron. Almost. But nothing will change in Mexico until Big Brother to the north stops all the work it does to make social revolution down south impossible. I mean, do you really think the corporate elites who control the US are eager to have a real democracy in Mexico, when a slave labor oligarchic state is so much better for their pocketbook? And why do the cartels exist? Because Big Brother Sam refuses to legalize the use of substances that are less harmful than tobacco and alcohol but in plenty demand, so the criminals are the only ones who can step into that lucrative financial opportunity. Forget the rifle--you could help the undocumented immigrant situation far more effectively by voting the anti-drug hysterics and corporate toadies out of office in your OWN country. Well, actually you'll have to get the corporate money out of American politics first. So roll up your sleeves on that one.

Anonymous said...

Ron: "No jobs for illegals and you will see the issue shrink by 90%."

It's not the ones that come here looking for a job that I have a problem with. My ancestors, and probably yours, both came here looking for a better life.

What I hate are the government handouts. They attract the worst elements and destroy the weak. Look at the Maori of New Zealand. Completely integrated with the rest of society. Then in the 70s they were given handouts and told they were victims. Now they are political pawns, with crime/dysfunction statistics about like blacks and indians here in America. Want to destroy someone? Give them a small handout every week or two for a decade.

Anonymous said...

Claymores are just a little to much, which may cause injury to the wrong individuals. Also, the Border Patrol are doing the best they can with the process of handling of such situations under the directives of the Attorney General. However, they are not creating any fear of the individuals, that makes repeated crossing. They, the illegals, have the experience of what will happen to them if and when caught.They will continue making repeated attempts until they finally make the trip. Also, some look forward to getting a square meal and a new pair of tennis shoes, so the next time they can run faster over rocky dry creek beds as not to leave tracks as they do in the sand.
The best thing to do is reactivate the Old West manner of vigilante justice. No not hanging or killing, but do as the Chinese do and cane the hell out of each and ever wetback caught. Lay the caning on to teach all that is what is waiting for them if they are caught crossing illegally into the United States. Forget about the molly-do-good processing. Then have them driven to the nearest border crossing and point them in the direction of Mexico. With the knowledge of a repeated, more severe, caning every time they are caught in an illegal attempt to enter into the United States. They will soon have second thoughts of future attempts.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of a better reason to ship some foreign aid south, in the form of arms and ammo! Of course with the present administration, all of it would be shipped to the communist guerrillas and create a new problem.


W W Woodward said...

Don Alejo apparently made sure that 4 preceded him and two followed. I can only pray that when the time comes I may die as well.

Anonymous said...

Dedicated Dad writes:

"The reality was that it was cheaper for GM (one of many offenders) to hire in [H1B] than it was to pay Americans what they were worth."

GM proved those American programmers weren't worth what you think they were, because GM didn't hire them. There is no magic wellspring of prices available outside of the free market's pricing mechanism. The Economic Calculation Problem was settled between 1920-1930, proving that central planning cannot work. Prices can't rationally be set by any mechanism other than a worldwide open borders no tariff no protectionism no work visa no immigration quota free market.

"I'm not really in favor of tariffs either - but SOMETHING has to give!"

How about American workers stop whining, and compete with the rest of the world to make stuff? If they want to get paid more than a dollar a day, they'll have to be more productive than their foreign competitors.

"we need to make it IMPOSSIBLE for a company to save $ by moving factories to China."

If you really think an iron curtain makes you richer, then voluntarily stop buying products made by workers who live farther away than the next block.

rashid1891 said...

Reading the story below, maybe he had a point. The problem with violence in Mexico is not that they have too many firearms, but that the firearms that are there are in the wrong hands -- corrupt

Flight-ER-Doc said...

500? You can get that from two or three Home Depots in Los Angeles.

I can see it now: El Batallon Van Nuys, El Batallon Burbank, etc.

Anonymous said...

less than 20 years ago when I was in highschool it was normal for low paying jobs in fast food and grocery stores to be occupied by highschoolers.
Now we have so distorted our system that highschoolers have a mistaken belief that they can not work because school is more important. Then they go to college and again they cant work because school is more important. Once they get their paper they believe that they can enter the work force with no experiance and make loads of cash all because they have the peice of paper. Meanwhile hispanics have taken all those low paying jobs that were once worked by highschoolers.
All part of the progressive plan to build a society composed of an upper elite and the rest who service them.

I bare no ill will toward our Mexican brothers who are seeking a better means to a better ends. I dont like illegal immigration and it needs to be stopped however there are things that need to take place prior to that effort that will significantly reduce the demand for illegal immigrants.


mike said...

William N. Grigg did a blog post about state sanctioned thuggery, and corrupt government in the old west I thought you might find intersting:

"V" for Vigilante -

"Honorable and peaceful men like William McConnell were driven to vigilante action by the besetting corruption and criminal aggression of the government that presumed to rule them. Henry Plummer and David Updyke each ruled over a criminal fiefdom that was in many ways a microcosm of the malignant Robber State afflicting us today. To cite merely the most obvious example: The "road agents" employed by those "rogue sheriffs" are unmistakably the ancestors of the paramilitary "forfeiture gangs" employed by police agencies to plunder motorists and property owners today.

Many of the State's agents of wealth extraction are dispensing with any pretense that they are involved in protecting and serving the public. Modern analogues of Henry Plummer and David Updyke abound. It's not difficult to imagine circumstances in which the heirs of William McConnell would make their presence known as well. "

I wonder when they will start to make their presence known?

Anonymous said...

So who’s going to FORCE these illegals to go back to Mexico with guns and ammo? The fedgov and the US military?

The fedgov created the problem. Not a chance in hell they will do ANYTHING to fix it.

In fact the fedgov is leading the US down the same road to the same result that we are seeing else were.
When the US gets there, will the answer be conscription and FORCING people to arm up and kill for this country? Hasn’t been to effective up to date.

People must be willing to take care of themselves and protect their own. FORCEING someone else to do it doesn’t work. (But it is good porn for the war worshipers)

Anonymous said...

We can also stem the flow of illegals by cutting off taxpayer funded benefits, except for emergency humanitarian medical care. No welfare, no food stamps, no college tuition, no Sec. 8 housing, and no birthright citizenship (unless at least one parent is at least a legal resident alien).

Anonymous said...

I remember patrolling the Fulda Gap up near OP Alpha. Triple barrier fence, razor wire top and bottom, and AP mines in the runways between the fencing. Not even the rabbits would venture in there.

Bottom line, the US .gov does NOT want to secure the Mexican border.


Dedicated_Dad said...

Anon 12/9@23:07

You're suffering from the delusion that what we have is capitalism.

The reason companies move factories to China is not because of workers or salaries, but because of Government. If labor costs were equal, the costs of compliance with countless fed, state and local regs would still mean it cost at least TWICE as much to run any factory in the us vs china. That's before we even begin to consider all the other lunacy instituted by the leftards.

I'm all for taking care of our environment as much as we can - but cannot FATHOM how these "warrior" morons think it's better for a factory to be in China with NO controls than here with somewhat-less-than-perfect controls.

Then there's the "H1B" mess again. For me to do a job for the salary being paid to the H1B cat, first and foremost, I'd have to have his infinitely-lower tax-burden. Once again, we find that our .gov is negatively impacting citizens to favor others.

Another example is back to my buddy's biz. The guy hiring the illegals is not only saving the difference in salaries -- in fact that's really a drop in the bucket.

The REAL savings come from all the .gov garbage the scofflaw is skipping. No need to pay the employer's share of SS when paying the employee under the table. Likewise worker's comp, unemployment... the list could go on and on!

The bottom line couldn't possibly be simpler: You can have open-borders/"free" labor, but not the welfare/regulatory state.

You can have "free trade" but not the crushing burden of all the excessive business, labor and environmental regulations.

As it stands, the employment deck is stacked against the citizen-workers and against the employers who try to "do things right."

The deck is stacked against American businessman/industrialist, and in favor of off-shoring as many functions as possible.

So much of all of this is just so much common-sense that it becomes impossible to believe TPTB have created this mess due to ignorance.

They MUST know these things - ergo it's deliberate. So the question becomes "cui bono"?

The answer should be very straight-forward: those who wish to see our sovereignty destroyed in favor of "world government."

They've pretty much succeeded - at this point we can't even make antibiotics in our Republic - not to mention much of anything else.

God help us...

Anonymous said...

Dedicated Dad writes:

"The reason companies move factories to China is not because of workers or salaries, but because of Government. If labor costs were equal, the costs of compliance with countless fed, state and local regs would still mean it cost at least TWICE as much to run any factory in the us vs china. That's before we even begin to consider all the other lunacy instituted by the leftards."

Correct! And "tariff legislation to balance the costs of pollution abatement" is exactly the kind of lunacy instituted by the leftards. Heck, we even have affirmative action to balance the costs of legal racism from half a century ago. The legislative solutions you propose are exactly the regulatory problems you identify. Get a thousand republican liberal tea party do-gooders together to centrally plan social justice, and you get exactly what we now have.

The immigration/tax/regulatory scofflaw is living in liberty, and gaining the advantages of it. He is doing the right thing. The voter supporting law enforcement to oppress the law-abiding with a regulatory burden! Stop it, already.