Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Obama media flack hints that what he needs is another Oklahoma City bombing.

"What Obama Needs to Come Back: Luck."

No one wants the country to suffer another catastrophe. But when a struggling Bill Clinton was faced with the Oklahoma City bombing and a floundering George W. Bush was confronted by 9/11, they found their voices and a route to political revival.

Let's get this straight, this moke is defining "luck" as the mass murder of Americans that redounds to Obama's credit? How sick is that?


Anonymous said...

Some people...

Anonymous said...

Seeing as most of the folks I know hold to principles on your page (ie. we won't start the fight, but we'll damn well finish it,) should something like OKC or whatever happen, I'd be far more inclined to wonder about false flag operations.

Blue said...

Perhaps he should consider closing the southern border? That might get him some positive political mileage. Not enough to make a difference in his political fortunes, of course, but a step in the right direction for America. (He does, after all, work for Americans, right?)
I think history will hold obama up as the guy who won on words but had no experience and was doomed to failure from the jump. He fooled a lot of people who will hopefully think before they vote in the future. It should be a lesson to all voters.

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason you arent posting ANY comments from me, Mike?
You havent responded to ANY of the emails I have sent, and I have reached the point where I am taking it personally. Care to explain why you are being so rude?

Mark Matis said...

What ELSE would you expect from them?

And do you have ANY doubt that Federal "Law Enforcement" is actively involved in planning something along those lines right now?

Anonymous said...

The trigger?


Jay Stang said...

That picture, as a father, is incredibly hard to look at. Imagining my 18 month old son in that position. This, though, is the poison that spreads through people's minds. Imagine Americans calling for the mass murder of other Americans to achieve some temporary unity.

The idea is sickening.

God Help Us.

Philly Sucks said...

Just when you think everyone else thinks like you ... something comes along to show you how wrong you are.

These people must be defeated. And I don't mean electorally, although that's a good start.

We need something like the WWII denazification campaign, but for domestic subversives and radicals that were never anything but "American in Name Only".

A few thoughts to help clarify such people:

* Country = a territory, a land, with its own name and boundaries
State = a sovereign government for the people of a country.
* Nation = a kindred people with a shared destiny, their own name, and a country to call home if they are fortunate (i.e., the nation-states of 19th C. Great Powers, before empire muddied the waters).
* Inhabitant = person that happens to live in a certain country.
* Citizenship = an arbitrary legal fiction created by a state and subject to change with or without notice as Our Royal Masters see fit.

Not all United States citizens are Americans. Not all Americans live in United States territory.

As often the case, some of Our Royal Masters grant their loyalty to elsewhere than this or that particular land holding.

This is now the case in the United States and authentic Americans better act now if they want to claim nation-state status ever again.

Anonymous said...

Check the right side and see who is listed as supporting groups.

tjbbpgobIII said...

All the left wing pundits were crying after 9/11, crying because it didn't happen on Billy boys watch. Obama is an unserious person in a very serious world, the shtf nearly every day now somewhere to some American citizen but if they're not black, hipanic or arab he doesn't giveashit.

Anonymous said...

I would consider it (good) luck if Obeyme and all his hacks were to be involved (killed) in that same incident that the aforesaid flunky wishes on us.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Blue, Obama will never touch the border. One of the major items on the socialist agenda is the "colorization" of America. They have been doing this for years with the un balanced issuance of passports to non European Caucasions.

That didn't get things done quick enough.

The porous borders are the ticket. I think all the leftists have a little Manson in them, in that they secretly, and some not do secretly, are pining for a race war in which non liberal whites will be vanquished and they - being of superior intellect, stop me if you have heard that one before - will be the leaders of the pleasantly stupid and clueless masses. All, having been raised from birth to respond like Pavlov's dogs to their munificence.

Anonymous said...

This is about the left (not all of them...) not understanding why they aren't being embraced and are losing momentum and power, They want power and they want to be loved and embraced. They are true believers who simply can't use normal data for rational purposes and don't understand the principles involved.

But don't mistake that for a indicator of the real enemy, who is buried in the mechanism and at other levels. They (yes, it is a conspiracy) understand what is happening and are creating the circumstances necessary for these events to unfold.

Your government has been subverted by them to achieve these ends. Your media supports these actions and tells the public stories about what is transpiring which will cause the public to either pay no attention or support the actions and actors.

They have shoved the Constitution aside and are acting as they wish because no one will stop them and they feel confident that they can control law enforcement and the military with proper selection and abundant lies.

Bad Cyborg said...

Mike and all, I am coming to the conclusion that Anything the III%ers do will be portrayed in the MSM and perceived by the general public as the modern equivalent of Ft. Sumter. From reading of 4-gen warfare, I know that control of the populous' perceptions is vital. And the MSM is entirely in the pocket of the administration.

Let's face it. Nothing the Government does in the way of starting things will be reported or if it is reported then the reports will be spun to make it look entirely justified. Any response from the patriot side will be reported/spun as a scurrilous, treasonous and utterly unwarranted action by a bunch of crazed right-wing extremists. I strongly suspect that the statists-in-conservative-clothing at Fox and other places (O'reilley, Hannity, Medved, Limbaugh, Beck, etc.?) will parrot the MSM line and go along with whatever explanation the Government offers. I do not believe that the public would ever hear about a "Boston Massacre" type event.

Also, I believe that any false flag event will include gunning down of innocents. How else to justify the emergency (and only "temporary") round up of guns "for the duration of the state of emergency"?

It is for this reason that I am coming to question the policy of "No Ft. Sumters". I don't believe that it is possible to avoid one given the way the media "reports" the news. If that truly is the case then the war should start when WE are ready for it.

I would love to be wrong. Someone PLEASE show me how anything we or the other side does can possibly be perceived as anything but the patriot movement starting the civil war.

Bad Cyborg X
A natural and inveterate out-of-the-box thinker.

Defender said...

No doubt the person making this suggestion insists if we don't trust him and the government he represents, we're paranoid.

Anonymous said...

"I would consider it (good) luck if Obeyme and all his hacks were to be involved (killed) in that same incident that the aforesaid flunky wishes on us."

And have him worshiped like Lincoln 150 years later? No thanks.

Now, if he would be willing to blow his own brains out like his hero Adolf did...

DB said...

About as as Government in general. Government = Force = violence.

Mark Matis said...

For Bad Cyborg:

If ABCNNBCBS and their dead-tree fellow travelers are not around, one does not need to worry about their reporting anything. Media was established as legitimate targets in the war on Serbia. What comes around goes around. And they are softer targets than the enablers.

Note that one does not necessarily need to target the talking heads to take out the Media. No transmitters, no TV or radio. No newsprint, or no ink - no newspapers. Or if they get destroyed en-route to distribution...

There's a fairly long tail which can be broken in a variety of places.

Pete said...

I have been thinking along the lines of anon 9:13 and Bad Cyborg for quite some time now. I believe "they" think that all they have to do is keep passing laws (all unconstitutional, of course)that nudge a little here and push a little there, strip a right here, abolish a right there until someone snaps, giving them their excuse to "have their way with us." But then, I'm the family pessimist, so I pray that I am wrong.