Saturday, December 4, 2010

ATF's Career Stream Begins to Look Like Lemmings at Leaping Season. Is it "career suicide" if they throw you involuntarily over the cliff?

Waldo reports that the lemmings are leaping off the cliffs at ATF, both in DC and in West Virginia. Reliable rumor has it that more than a few are being un-gently nudged. Does this presage an even more wholesale purge under the new Gun Commissar, Andrew Traver? Or are they just being polite and clearing the decks for Hizzoner?

And is it "career suicide" if they throw you involuntarily over the cliff?

Chief Counsel's Office, exit, stage down.

Mind you, this only expands the potential pool of witnesses interested in "clearing their names." Will this necessitate a rewrite of that classic, Wrath of the Lemming Men?

How real lemmings do themselves an injury:


W W Woodward said...

It’s been pretty well determined that lemmings do not actually engage in mass suicides by leaping to a watery death from atop rocky precipices. The genesis of the lemming suicide myth has been attributed to James R. Simon, a Disney photographer who worked on the 1958 White Wilderness quasi-documentary. It seems Simon bought some lemmings from some Inuit children, carried them from the arctic into Alberta, Canada, and staged the entire suicide sequence by herding the rodents off the cliffs into a lake. Lemmings, under stressful circumstances may very well kill one another but they along with most animals (with the exception of humans) are not known for suicidal tendencies. Animals other than humans don’t appear to suffer from guilt, depression, or feelings of inadequacy.

Lemmings are known however to engage in mass migration when (like many over staffed governmental bureaus) their population outgrows their environment and food supply. During these migrations some succumb to predators, others are killed in accidents, and others may very well be killed by other lemmings in fights over food.

Y’all probably know more now about lemmings than you ever wanted to know and I apologize for my attack of diarrhea of the keyboard. I just couldn’t in good conscience let the comparison of the actions of a lower life form with a noble species like the lemming stand.


Anonymous said...

You probably don't care about this, because it's a fact, but the lemming suicide thing is a myth. Doesn't happen. Not real.

You know, like Obama the Fascist Dictator and much of the rest of what you talk about on this site.

EJR914 said...

Keithy's gone and done himself a mischief. -Chopper

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Woodward. Beware media propaganda.

ArchMichael said...

AND THIS IS MIGHT BE NEXT(Babi-Yar). Great article here:

W W Woodward said...

@Anon – 11:57 21:45

My 11:55 post of 4 Dec was not intended to cast any ridicule, or to launch an ad hominem attack, upon Mr. Vanderboegh. I posted it merely to educate and to humorously take a poke at the unconstitutional acronymic army unit of the federal government known as ATF. If you believe I had any other agenda then you are sadly mistaken and are reading your own bias into my message. “And, that’s all I’ve got to say about that.” - FG