Saturday, December 4, 2010


Feds Tracking Americans' Credit Cards in Real-Time Without a Warrant

DOJ PowerPoint on Hotwatch.


Anonymous said...

screw the credit cards. just buy gift cards at the grocery store(for now)for all those discreet purchases. you know, the A word.

and screw the internet, can't read an f'n article without getting buried with pop-up ads. if it weren't for places like this, i'd unplug the damn thing.

Anonymous said...

I've been busy on the debit

They should come "absolved-type"

Not a threat.


sofa said...

This is as clear a violation as has ever been seen.

The response is .. yawn ..

May the chains rest lightly.

Bad Cyborg said...

And so Big Brother gets even more intimately involved in the minutia of our lives. I have it but I do not see anything We The People can do about it.

I have said it before and I will continue to say it. Our Republic is well and truly FUBAR. It is BEYOND ANY REPAIR. The only solution now is to metaphorically wipe the hard disk and reload the operating system. I figure it's only gonna cost around 100 million relatively innocent lives.

Government of the people; by the bureaucrats; for the elites. As opposed to the British system which is said to be "of the masses; by the asses; for the classes".


Ah, sofa? What would you have us do, exactly? Hmmm?????

Bad Cyborg X
Land of the free and home of the brave - Says so right here on the label.

Concerned American said...

But comrades, why shouldn't our rulers use every tool at their disposal to keep each of us safe?

After all, if it saves the life of just one child....


Dennis308 said...

Nothing wrong with making purchases with cash,while ya still can. That is until they go to a Electronic payment system as being MANDATORY.

Anonymous said...

repeating my comment here, about this being very old news:
per private conversation w/VP of TRW back in the early 80's:

They have had the ability to monitor/record EVERY form of electronic comm internationally since the mid 60's and domestically since the early 70's. Long-term storage of transactions and conversations has increased with technology and their interest in subject.

(interesting 'word': frindous = find us?)

Anonymous said...

You can buy Amex or other brand credit cards /debit cards at drug stores and other places. Pay cash to load them up with a good balance, and then shop away. In these times, though, it is best to shop IN PERSON. Avoid IDs, shipping address records and other such things.

Anonymous said...

New update:

Just bought VISA at grocery store this P.M.
Had to show drivers license and then when registering online, would not accept P.O.Box # as address. Called in on phone and had to verify physical address, no more P.O. Boxes. We live in a very rural area where there is no mail delivery in town, you have to get mail at P.O. Box. So they now have to know exactly where you live, just in case they want to drop a present in on you for christmas.
Yup, we're fucked!


Sean said...

I say operate right out in the open, and stop worrying about the knock on the door. Leviathan and OPFOR are so screwed up, so vulnerable themselves, and have dug so many holes to fall into, they ain't got a chance in hell of going to work on us. By the time any of us are alerted and prepared to react to the bad stuff, they'll be up to their asses in crocodiles themselves, and yelling for help. How can they pursue the natives for collectivist pleasure, when King Kong is thundering through the village? I really don't have any fear of a group whose by words are, "Good enough for government work." Roman citizens and soldiers let Alaric in through the gates in 410AD.

Anonymous said...

You didn't even bother to actually read the DOJ document your self-proclaimed "security researcher" posted. It clearly states that such real time tracking can only take place with a subpoena, which directly contradicts what you and your "security researcher" Ms. Smith say.

Oh, those troublesome facts.

Doc Enigma said...

Remember...."our refusal".

Don't participate.

Anonymous said...

Did you buy the gift card with a credit card, a checkout coupon, or a loyalty card? If so, then the marketing databases can connect the dots between you, your credit card, the recipient, and their purchases just fine. Gift cards tend to expire and vanish anyway, give cash instead.

"But comrades, why shouldn't our rulers use every tool at their disposal to keep each of us safe? After all, if it saves the life of just one child...."

Tools to include constitutions, republics, ordered liberty, socialized roads and police, enough gun control to make the Whisky rebellion lose, etc.

Dedicated_Dad said...

0321: I've never had to do either when giving these for gifts. Online "reg" is only for protection in case you lose it or wish to avail yourself of the added "features" visa brings to the table.

It's those things which give us the incentive to allow them to track us.

Even cash is becoming harder and harder to use. Several banks used by friends and family have all served us notice of late that - in addition to single transactions - even separate cash withdrawals/transfers TOTALLING a certain figure within a defined time-period (ie: $2k/month) are now reported to the .gov.

We're getting closer and closer to the real goal of total surveillance in all aspects of our lives...


PS: I'd studiously avoided mentioning the obvious "will be unable to buy or sell without 'the mark'" parallels until I saw the WV: "theos".

God help us -- and God Save Our Republic!

Anonymous said...

CA and anon@7:58,
I bought the Visa giftcard with cash in Wyoming grocery store, having to still get some more web gear online. They wanted to see drivers license and wrote down info. When I got home, the card had to be activated online before you can use it. The card website has you fill in name, address,card #, etc. and would not complete the form. So I called the phone # and the operator told me she had to have a physical address, no P.O. Box allowed. You go buy a card today and see what happens. This has not happened to me in the past, just bought one last weekend.


Defender said...

IRS Form 1099 isn't going away. $600 in trade with one person over the course of a year, and businesses have to file. More connecting those financial dots.
If you're a big bank benefitting from TARP, though, no worries. You'll never need to tell where the billions went.

They're doing it WITHOUT subpoenas or warrants. Because they can. Oops, I captured data from 200 extra people. Oh well. Not going to let it go to waste...