Thursday, December 2, 2010

Even your own mother will think it is you (and it ain't).

The white robber who carried out six raids disguised as a black man (and very nearly got away with it)

Note: Back in the 90s, the scum-sucking Dennis Mahon, White Aryan Resistance leader and on the support fringes of the OKC bombing, told me that there was nothing anybody could do to stop a race war in this country. How is that? I asked.

"Because when the time is right, Aryans will dress up as niggers and do drive-bys in the white community and then go and do drive-bys without makeup in the ghetto. We'll have everybody killing each other and nobody can stop it."

Just a reminder of how your enemy thinks.


sofa said...

Same with any self-isolating group.
Same with gangs.
Same with tribes.
Same with ethnic groups.
Same with any group that isolates itself (identifies "others"), is vulnerable to this tactic; , unions, companies, religions, countries, sports teams.

The two groups pitted against one another are both weakened, and one may utterly lose whatever was at stake.

So it's usually a 3rd party helping two other groups decimate one another, and/or tie them up with this distraction, and also distract public attention away from themselves.

Who benefits?

Those willing to kill innocents, have many ways to to create crisis, to express their evil.

The left emphasizes racial distinctions and class dictinctions, because this tactic is allowed to work for them.

Soros media pits 'old left' against 'mythical right', as a distraction from extracting wealth, destroying law, destroying liberty.

History is full of examples of 3rd party initiation. Is this the second oldest strategy?
(first= smash club over head)

WarriorClass said...

Of course these idiots are working right into the plans of the Bankster Power Elite (BPE) doing that. After all, the BPE want all of us commoners fighting amoungst our selves so that they are safely out of the fight. That's why they import all the third worlders into the US as they can, and also support amnesty for illegal aliens. And it does appear the plan will work, given all the morons out there. We don't want a fight amoung the races, but we may not have any choice once they start shooting at us.

Just don't forget who our real enemy is once the shooting starts.


Dedicated_Dad said...

Might want to clarify what you think of Mahon - almost sounds like you consider him an ally. I know better, but...

That said, this is actually pretty funny.

New Fed law banning such lifelike masks (FOR THE CHILDREN!!!) in 3... 2...


Anonymous said...

Those masks would be facial identification software...too bad they are $600+. ;)

J. Croft said...

Theatrical makeup can be used to change:

*Hair type and style
*facial features such as noses, cheekbones, hair, etc.

These "aryans" are playing a very dangerous game, and thankfully are dumb enough to announce it.

SHTF it's obvious they cannot be allowed to make things worse than they already will be, it'll play in the enemy's hands.

Hell, I'd advocate someone penetrate them and snitch but racist groups are run by the feds. Hal Turner ring a bell?

Anonymous said...

You are off the mark.Mahon said a lot of things.He was not a leader of White Aryan Resistance only losely associated with a very vigorous imagination and a desire to impress people.

Dutchman6 said...

"You are off the mark.Mahon said a lot of things.He was not a leader of White Aryan Resistance only losely associated with a very vigorous imagination and a desire to impress people."

Mikey? Brescia ole buddy? Ist dat du? Or maybe its ole Metzger hisself.

Bullshit. Metzger claimed him, defended him at the time of the OKC bombing investigation, and Mahon sure was dead center in the middle of things at Elohim City and the Aryan Republican Army whenever he wanted to be in the 90s. See transcript Carol Howe trial. And he was pissing his pants one night when J.D. Cash told him what we then knew about Brescia and Strassmeir, roommates at EC -- one a federal snitch and the former Philadelphia choirboy, just exactly what was he anyway? Mahon was scared shitless of the ARA and Brescia. Not that he shouldn't have been. And who all of the neo-Nazi groups didn't get a piece of that bank robbery money back then? That was the whole point of the exercise.

BTW, Mahon is still a member in good standing of WAR and listed on their "P.O.W" page thusly:

DENNIS MAHON #30289-424
P.O. BOX 6300
Florence, AZ 85132

So sell your shit somewhere else where they don't know the racist scumbag players.