Saturday, December 4, 2010


Coming soon to an Internet near you.


Anonymous said...

It's just like when Lincoln threw any newpaper editors in jail that did not agree with his socialistic policies. (or anyone else for that matter, 13,000 total with NO writ of habeas corpus)

It's starting Comrad!

Anonymous said...

Time to get familiar with p2p dns
and Tor

sofa said...

'Diaspora' is a distributed P2P private network where separate computers connect to each other directly using secure protocols (PGP), without going through a central server of some sort.


Diaspora Website (for non-IE browser)


For browsers, consider bypassing ICANN

Promising Safari browser using TLDs

other options?

Gaviota said...

I can't tell if this was done at the behest, or by corporate fiat. Corporations which take action on purely ideological grounds are rare; the overwhelming majority are solely interested in money, profit, the bottom line, and little else.

It wouldn't surprise me to learn that the leaned on the ISP, but I don't know.

not nearly nerdy enough said...

thanks annon.

we need to get some lists of reliable proxy servers going too. (Including US based ones)

I used to use wattproxy, but it won't let me in these days.

In the present case, I think a number of servers are evicting wikileaks out of disgust and shame, hence the remaining servers have reduced band width. I don't think it is official censorship
- YET!

Times are getting interesting though, so download all you think you might ever need, and some more too, just incase...

Justin said...

It hasn't vanished, one merely needs to look in the right place.


Dennis308 said...

No, Justin that route don't work either. Go and see all the dead links at the RTC Wiki-Leak has been pulled from the Internet at least in the U.S. But Maybe if you try a ink through the U.K or Gemany ya still might be able to get something.


Radiowave said...

I second the suggestion to become familiar with TOR. It won't help once a site is truly taken down, but it will probably get you there in cases of regionally selective denial of access. It's easy to use. Just Google TOR.

Anonymous said...

"The Internet perceives censorship as damage and routes around it"
- I forget who said it.

Concerned American said...


For many non-tech users of the Intertubes (moi included), the slightest blip in access via the major search engines is enough to moot the inquiry.

I'd be happy to publish hard info showing that the FedGov is without a hand in the Wikileaks access degradation, or for that matter, any hard info in what/who is behind those access issues.

Anyone who has it, pls link it via comments over at WRSA.

In the meantime, I'll stick with the target of the leaks having the means, motive, and opportunity to restrict (overtly, covertly, explicitly or implicitly) access or attempt thereto.

A philosophical question: if someone takes a shot at you and misses, does that miss thereby erase their intent towards you when the hammer fell?

Bad Cyborg said...

Did anyone besides me read the comments at WRSA? Damn glad the only link I have to that s(h)ite is via Sipsey Street. Doesn't look like them folks think much of us'n here.

I don't give a shit.

I still believe that Bradley Manning is a traitor and ought to be shot. The asshole who runs Wikileaks ought to be next in lie behind him. Manning broke his oath and broke faith with his comrades in arms. Those two things alone are worthy of being fragged.

Yes there is a lot of harmless bravo sierra in the mix. But there is also a lot of stuff that will be valuable to our enemies. Opsec and Commsec exist for a reason and have nothing to do with the Kenyan-born rug-hugger-in-chief. I don't care if somebody in DOD DID screw the pooch and underclassify the documents, Manning didn't have to download them. Some bureaurocrat at DOD screwed up. Manning committed treason. Worse, he puts G.I. lives at risk.

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

But it simply can't happen here! That's crazytown!

Yeah I know but it and everything else is too.

Justin said...


I have no doubt concerning FedGov's hand in Wikileaks' troubles. I'm with you.

All I'm saying is that they failed to silence Wikileaks.


Defender said...

No "right-wing hate speech" Internet for US, but

Anonymous said...

Bad Cyborg,
Pay attention to the posters at WRSA most of us post there and here. We all do not have to have down the line thinking on all subjects. A number of us feel that Wikileaks is doing some of the work for us. I dont hold Assange at any fault. I dont think Manning should be shot. He did break his oath and needs to be prosecuted for that however I have yet to see any evidence that the material leaked will result in the death of Service men. It has by and large simply been a pulling back of the curtain.
I find the embarassment to serve our purposes of delegitamize the US government hollowing out the State even more than the debt crisis has. I am waiting for the release of material concerning BoA. I have a feeling that will be a tipping point. It could get our forces out in the streets and give us the elan to storm the Fed!


Anonymous said...

"For many non-tech users of the Intertubes (moi included), the slightest blip in access via the major search engines is enough to moot the inquiry."

CA, in the last decade you've learned about gun tech, 4GW battle tactics, true history of the US in the 1780's, long-term self-sufficiency preps, and many other things. Why not learn some computer tech too? Trying Linux is free in every sense, and many computer nerds are motivated like the Appleseed folks. I'm sure there's a Linux user group in your area. I urge everyone reading to make a New Year's resolution to attend three meetings of your local Linux users group.

jjet said...

My $.02?

Wikileaks is another false flag operation designed to give the G the public reason to control the internet which is the single biggest obstacle to the G's plans.

An informed populace can deftly sidestep the charging rhinocerous that is the FedGov.

The foolish (uninformed) cannot and suffer for it.

sofa said...

"Wikileaks is another false flag operation designed to give the G the public reason to control the internet which is the single biggest obstacle to the G's plans." -jjet


Anonymous said...

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