Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanks for the tip, you death cult asshole.

"There will always be wars. The conflict will continue always. I think it's a matter of time before another 9/11 takes place and another 7/7 (London bombings) . . . I think we are on the brink of many more operations in the West. This is going to be very, very nasty ... The Muslims engaged in jihad are not going to stop. People will declare jihad in Britain and America. I don't think you can stomach something like that." -- Anjem Choudary

'It's a mathematical certainty there will be a successful attack ... at some point.'


The Packetman said...

Here's what I think we should do ...

And get the troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Brock Townsend said...

Any man who fails to fight, he warns, will face difficulty when the "angel of death" arrives.
I'm sure this can be arranged.

Carl said...

If our enemies don't get cracking and attack us first, our loving government will beat them to it "for our own good" so they can implement greater controls over the population.
Not that I don't trust our glorious leaders.


Jimmy the Saint said...

Wonder how the Islamic community will hold up in the face of counter-terror? Sure as the muzzies will have more jihadi successes, sooner or later, people will start culling their numbers in retaliation. If that happens, look for a fatwa saying that Allah no longer requireds beards, or distinctive dress.

Jimmy2Times said...

The less we kill now, the more we'll kill later.

Uncle Lar said...

It's why I've always said let them go ahead and build their Mosque at Ground Zero. Comes the day they kick things off it will be a very target rich environment.
Don't get me wrong. I want no harm to come to innocents. But like so many other fools in this world, they mistake slow to anger for lack of will. And every one who has made that mistake against the US has learned the hard way just how wrong they are.

Allen said...

because when you have a figurehead like that it's much more productive to monitor his communications and eliminate any "weeds" that pop up around him.

Shy Wolf said...

The comment about 'arming themselves to fight the war' is interesting- I think a LOT of Brits are shitting their panties knowing they have no means of defending themselves since Nanny State stripped them even of their walking sticks and kitchen knives. Of course, the Mooslumps will have no problem whatever getting armed.
And all the more reason for Americans to amass arms and ammunition. And start profiling.

Anonymous said...

Cowboys and Muslims. Bring it.

Mark Matis said...

For Jimmy the Saint:
Understand that this country's pigs will be glad to protect the Mooslims since they are a Preferred Species. If you're a white male heterosexual, however, you're shit outta luck!

Nor Cal Rick III said...

Indeed...Cowboys and Muslims.
Bring it Achmed. I can't wait till you're pleading with Uncle Sam to stop the killing and Uncle Sam will have no say in it. It will not be him you will have to deal with. It will be Americans who have had quite enough of your Jihad BS, and they will show you no mercy whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of pigs. . . .
Pork the mosques. Easy targets. A small investment with large results.

B Woodman

Dennis308 said...

Death to islam.
Death to socialism.
Root and branch, and salt the ground.
It's that simple.

Rodger Wilco


please excuse the Cap locks Mike.

Sedition said...

I wonder how my icon pic would look taking place all over the middle east?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone ever wonder why ... WHY ... our borders are wide open and we import these people by the thousands and give them green cards?


Because they are useful tools.

Never let a good crisis go to waste?

In order to save you, they must control you? In order to control you, they must ... save you?

These people are here because your "government" lets them here.

Any fresh idea's on why?

Justin said...

I'll see your Jihad...
and raise you one Crusade.

Quit talking and bring it.

The real heroes of your faith are dying in A-stan and Iraq, you fat, lazy, hypocritical coward.

Stop warning and get to blowing yourself up.

You'll find it a bit harder in my neck of the woods than in Mumbai. Up here in the frozen North, we don't have to beg big brother to allow us to pack and/or conceal.

I admire the malnourished jihadis in a-stan more than this puke. At least they're dying and fighting for their beliefs.

All of us kuffars eagerly await your jihad. Stand and deliver.

So, brothers, will you be ready at lunch tomorrow when mohammed pulls out his AK??? What about at dinner time when an AK lights up your neighborhood? Are you ready, NOW???

Every time you step out of your home unarmed, stop, breath deeply, and say, "baaa".


Justin said...


'Nuff said.


Jensko said...

"Don't get me wrong. I want no harm to come to innocents. But like so many other fools in this world, they mistake slow to anger for lack of will. And every one who has made that mistake against the US has learned the hard way just how wrong they are".

Well said Uncle Lar. And worth repeating.

Anonymous said...

Make a list,
check it twice . . .


Defender said...

The Netherlands appears ready to let Muslim immigrant thugs dictate who gets to live there.

We're going to find out, sooner or later
If Abdul will pray to a smoking crater.

I don't know who wrote that, but I think of him or her every day now.

Defender said...

Several things to get the blood pumping.

Report of Iranian Shahab missiles in VENEZUELA capable of reaching the U.S.

Muslim youth bomber sting in Baltimore this time.

Anonymous said...

I'm rubbing cartridges in pig sh*t right now and I've added that new compensator. It goes OINK! instead of bang.

Really, I don't think they understand just what we are capable of when push comes to shove. I not easy to piss off but I shove hard and won't shed a tear and I am not alone. Piss me off and you deserve what you get. I don't wear huggies, I am not the government and there won't be any negotiations. I Sh*t thee not.

Defender said...

Fedgov has analyzed the world situation and sees a real possibility of the Muslim World Caliphate becoming a reality. They don't want to totally alienate the potential winning side, just like any former power broker turned just-plain-broke.

Defender said...

The radio show caller has some interesting ideas that seem familiar. Throw the surveillance/security state out, BUT... Muslims attack a Western target, and a cruise missile goes to the Kaaba in Mecca. They attack another, and the Holy City of Qom goes KWOOM. And so on.
THAT, they would respect.