Monday, November 15, 2010

Liberty Internationale: stripping down in Germany to protest government-paid airport perverts.

Courtesy of Alvie.

You know this reminds me of an old friend of mine named Roy Postel. We went to different high schools, so the incident I'm about to relate took place before we met at the OSU Marion campus our freshman year.

To the best of my recollection, it went like this:

His senior year, 1969, Harding High School decreed that its students could not wear military surplus clothing and that after a certain date anyone caught with GI gear would have it confiscated. Now Roy wasn't political. He was just a free man. A libertarian before libertarian was cool. But in regulating his choice of clothing, Roy reckoned that the school had crossed his particular Rubicon.

The date that the policy was to go into effect, most of the student body decided to defy it. No one took it as far as Roy did, though.

Snitches in high school being every bit as commonplace as everywhere else, the administration was prepared to seize every bit of GI clothing before the students entered the building.

As Roy neared the door, the principal demanded that he surrender his OD M-65 field jacket. Roy replied, "I don't think you want me to do that." Yes, the principal insisted, he did. "OK," Roy replied, and he removed the jacket to reveal his naked torso with this sentiment written on his body in huge letters in black Magic Marker, front and back, and I quote: "FUCK THE STATE!" The crowd of students backed up to get in went wild, cheering.

The principal changed his mind, gave Roy back the jacket and sent him home with the order to return appropriately attired. As I recall, he skipped school the rest of the day.

We need more Roy Postels these days -- People who know they are free and act like it. This TSA business isn't about safety, its about how much tyranny we will tolerate so they can move us to the next level.

Resist. Refuse. Make them crazy with our defiance.

LATER: On a less guerrilla theater note: "Full Frontal Nudity Doesn’t Make Us Safer: Abolish the TSA."


David III said...

I have stopped flying all-together, no-one in my immediate family will fly while the "Tits N Ass" is in charge of security. We will drive as necessary.. If enough people skip the airlines it may have an impact... then again maybe we will just bail them out... AGAIN. This type of tyranny will not stop until the lead starts to fly.

DC Handgun Info said...

I would absolutely consider doing the public stripdown myself, but I'm refusing to fly for now. Maybe if people wrote Congress AND the TSA and the airlines to say: "We're not flying until you figure out how to screen people without exposing them to TSA groping or X-ray porn."

Does TSA use back-scatter X-ray machines on children? Then maybe the TSA should be prosecuted for producing child pornography...

Dedicated_Dad said...

High School had no AC, and we had a "no shorts" dress code.

In the spring, temps inside routinely topped 90 with 100% humidity to boot.

Naturally, the ladies wore skirts - most with shorts under them.

A bunch of us guys decided to do the same - though some of us also decided to be TRUE Scotsmen...

One must consider that this was a time when corporal punishment still reigned, and *NO* male would dare "cross-dress"...

First they ordered. Then they threatened... We stood firm.

We got 3-day "vacatio..." er... "Suspensions" - but returned dressed for the weather when they were over.

Then - finally - they begged. It seemed they had no rule specifically banning the wearing of skirts... er... KILTS(!) -- by males.

Though I wasn't around to enjoy it, the dress-code finally got changed to allow shorts on days when the outside temps were forecast to top (IIRC) 85.

As to the current fiasco, I'm of the opinion it will take some minor violence to shut it down.

One too many perverts touching the wrong persons in the wrong way and getting DECKED for their trouble will do more than any protest.

All we need is for enough TSA-monkeys to refuse to do the groping - for fear of being decked - and the problem will solve itself.

PS: Given the ubiquitous rough, unpleasant treatment given those who "opt out" of the porno-scanner, I seriously wonder if they haven't been ORDERED to do this.

"MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF THEM! Make it so unpleasant that anyone watching will gladly stand for the scanner rather than get the same treatment themselves!"


WV="detere" -- the goal of the rough treatment is to "deter(e)" people from "opting out"...

Pat H. said...

I just heard Senator Jim Imhofe, on the neocon Mike Gallagher's radio program, state that those refusing the porn scanner's or sexual assault pat-downs are those who won't accept legitimate authority.

In other words, we're hoodlums and scofflaws.

That makes Imhofe a thug and thus ripe to be added to "the list".

John H. said...

Today, the school security guards would have tackled him and held him down until the police showed up to arrest him and beat the shit out of him while the cell cameras mysteriously malfunctioned.

Happy D said...

If you paint metal powder on your self tn the shape of weapons it might fool the machine.
Some makeup may be modified if this works.

Or better yet embed the powder shapes into fabric. Over your Happy bits perhaps?
Use Stainless powder others would be more likely cause skin reactions.

Just an idea I do not know if this would work or be safe.

Anonymous said...

Starve the BEAST.

Refuse to fly and let them know why.

Congress should lead by example and install/walk through the pr0n0-scanners at Capitol Hill with no opt outs allow for anyone elected.

Anonymous said...

HappyD -
Might be worth trying a make-up that uses a zinc oxide base; Merle Norman brand cosmetics use that as the base of their make-up products I believe.
I'll have to borrow the wife's base and draw an upraised finger on my belly the next time I HAVE to fly, heh, heh, heh.

Anonymous said...

Gee....where do I turn in my combat modified SAIGA-12 with SAW pistol grip, folding stock and 20 round drum magazine ? I certainly wouldn't want to violate some bullshit regulations created by an unconstitutional federal entity.

How I wish I were King. On my long list of Federal agencies to be abolished the BATFE would be at the very top.


Christian Patriot III said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying the sentiment here but today I had a disturbing thought (one among legion.)

In fact a few of you have hit on the same thought - could this be a very purposeful push to make us accept tyranny or push us out of air travel? Why? What does the government have to gain? Well, we become less mobile for one. For most people, that's not a big deal but it definitely puts screws to the economy. Think of all the business meetings that no longer will take place behind closed doors because flying is too much of a farce and hassle. How many of those meetings will now use tele- and video conferencing. What were once closed door private meetings are now much more easily perused by the NSA.

I don't think we'll see a strong defense or attempt to make this more friendly. I think HLS and TSA are operating under direction to make us hostile to our normal way of life and them... putting us in a bottle and cranking up the pressure to force people to crack or pop. The old air-frame shock analogy applies. Apply sudden forceful shock and look for cracks. Fix cracks, tweak methods, re-engineer and shock again. Repeat until no more cracks appear.

Makes you think, eh?

Bad Cyborg said...

Ain't gonna be doin' any flying till this bullshite is stopped - period. I don't HAVE to go through metal detectors because of my pacemaker. Wonder what the TSA weenies'd make of the little package just below my left collar bone? More to the point, I wonder how the device'd react to the x-rays or the millimeter wave EMR that some scanners use? My luck it'd reset the thing to factory defaults - i.e. using about 10 times as much energy per minute than needed. Batteries aren't infinite, y'know.

How long is this shite going to go on?

One good note on the vid at COI - that brunette handing out fliers was HOT!

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember the e-mail picture of a couple in their underwear in clear plastic raincapes? IIRC the caption was something like "The new approved dress code for flying".

Suppose you hung a large sausage in the front of your shorts? Just wondering...


CowboyDan said...

There's a movement afoot to shut down airports on 1DEC.

Here's a link to their main page: ""

I really like the ideas about using zinc oxide to draw pictures on one's flesh.

I have suggested stripping to a lot of friends. Some, who can't avoid flying, don't want to strip and put their names on a list somewhere. I'll suggest the idea to them.

Defender said...

I think CPIII has stated the reason behind the reason. Orwell was an optimist.

Anonymous said...

I actually had a similar idea a few weeks ago. I'll be flying back to my family's residence for Thanksgiving, and I had planned on opting out of the body scanners if the airport had them. During the frisk, I had planned on "enjoying" it too much, letting out several suggestive, but not over the top, noises, making direct, sensual eye contact with whoever was frisking me (male or female), smiling creepily, and maybe saying some things under my breath like "oh...oh yeah...that's nice". I've still got a few weeks, so maybe I can grow a nice pedo-style mustache. I haven't made up my mind yet as to whether I should give up showering for the few days prior or not. I think it would add a key element, but it wouldn't be fair to whoever is sitting next to me on the plane.

Anonymous said...

#1 - Why isn't anyone in charge doing the obvious? Taking airport security lessons from the Israelis'? Ohhh . . . that's right. It's SO obvious that it would require intelligence - - and profiling.

#2 - As with many other comments above, find a paint that would show up on the scanners, and paint on yourself or your clothes "FUCK THE TSA" (or other similar sentiments). Then you and a friend watch and film the reactions.

#3 - Eat a hearty gas-inducing meal before going to the airport. Opt out of the scanner. Wait until the TSA groper is in the proper position. Cut loose with said gas. 'Nuff said.

In the meantime, I will not be flying anywhere (as if I had the money anyway).
B Woodman