Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Trainer forwards another casus belli.

"The Government's New Right to Track Your Every Move With GPS"


Anonymous said...

If that is how they want to play, a counter tactic is already available.

Dan III said...

How many of these usurpations are we going to take?
When is the Casus Belli satisfied?
What, exactly, do we consider a "Ft. Sumter" on their part?
How much longer do we have to ask such questions?

blackdog said...

If I saw a government vehicle parked on a public street, could I install some sort of surveilance device on it? Seems fair.

Sean said...

How will it make them feel, I wonder, when they encounter one of their compadres in the hospital, who has been doing this, and see that he has no eyes?

Anonymous said...

I always assume that any and all tech will be used. Just like always assuming your line is bugged. If the range goes hot, a lot will change in a hurry. They are not the only capable group.


Anonymous said...

Seems so odd the 9th circus seems so liberal and yet is so statist. Long ago these 2 positions were in apparent opposition (revisit the 60's)now they work hand in glove.

From the 9th's previous rulings it looks like they want thier police state as long as its a hedonestic one.

I won't live there.

wl moses

Defender said...

The Constitution and Bill of Rights? Yeah, they've HEARD of them, but never looked into them much.
Again, government agencies that shouldn't even exist doing things to create criminals where there aren't necessarily any.
Cause for war? Yep.

Temnota said...

Time to invest in a frequency counter, to sweep your vehicle for unwanted transmissions.

Plain old GPS units don't transmit anything (contrary to the flood of bad information on the internet, all the unit really does is receive precision time signals from multiple satellites and compare the delays to calculate position), but some in-car navigation systems may communicate with a host to get traffic updates and such. OnStar is the spawn of Satan. I won't buy a car with this feature until I can install a switch to completely deactivate it at will.

Use your frequency counter to discover what electronic noise your car generates in normal operation, and you'll be able to spot any new signals that enter the mix.

I'd be interested to know how these bugs communicate, is it just a plain old radio signal? Does it use the cellular network? Continuous transmission or burst?

Anonymous said...

Unrelated, except as yet another casus belli:

EPA open for public comment - let 'em have it!

BTW, they can have my lead ammo, but only in their cold, dead fingers...


Wayne Conrad said...

Governments don't have rights. They have powers.

That writer needs to retake civics.

Bad Cyborg said...

And with this move they only hasted the day of reckoning.

To Dan III I would say that this does not, in itself, constitute a Casus Belli. We are not looking for a "Ft Sumpter", Dan. We need a "Boston Massacre" if our cause is to retain any semblance of ligitimacy. No one has died from this act. While it IS an attack upon our liberties, it is NOT an attack on our persons. As such it does not constitute a "Boston Massacre". An attack by anyone of us upon any government forces anywhere - at least at this point in time - would constitute a "Ft. Sumter" type incident and thus would be the very worst thing any of us could possibly do.

This ruling and the policy it supports are not even a deliberate provocation - as Ft Sumter and the other coastal Fort the North left to threaten two CSA cities most definitely and unequivocally were.

Blackdog has the right idea. I would go further and suggest that anyone who has any reason to believe that the Feds might be interested in tracking their whereabouts periodically inspect the undercarriage of their car and remove anything they find suspicious. Further I would suggest that any devices so removed be covertly attached to some GOVERNMENT property - preferably a police car (or garbage truck?{evil grin}) - to give the feds something to track.


Repeat this mantra, fellow patriots:
"No Ft Sumters. No Ft Sumters. No Ft Sumters."

Bad Cyborg X

Chris K. said...

If they ban lead ammo, I'll be at their doorstep turning mine in. Very quickly.

Anonymous said...

For Temnota:

Understand the GPS bug DOES NOT HAVE TO TRANSMIT, other than the GPS signal to the satellites which will look the same as your cell phone signal to those satellites. The pigs can merely wait a while and come back, retrieve the unit, and find out where you've been.

And for everyone else:
Once again, this is not Obama, nor Reid, nor Pelosi, nor Holder, nor Napolitano. This IS the filthy maggot pigs. You know, those fine individuals who are sworn to "...preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution..." but who instead spit on it, bow and scrape before their Masters, and then do whatever they're told. NEVER be stupid enough to let one of them into your organization. Just like the Muslims, they have NO COMPUNCTION against lying if it furthers their purpose. The SMART position is to assume they are there to infiltrate, incite, and indict. May they rot for what they've done to this country!

Defender said...

Roland Haas, author of a controversial book about th CIA, found dead from an "ACCIDENTAL" gunshot wound in his upper thigh.
How convenient.

aughtsix said...

What Dan III said!!!



Defender said...

The War on Guns has an article about van-mobile scanners that see through vehicles and buildings.
All this, and the sheep still say "nobody's trying to take your guns" or your rights.
Remember, your cell phone still keeps a record of all the tower cells it accesses, even when it's off. If you have it with you and don't want to log your movements for future scrutiny, take the battery out.
Speaking of vehicles, Jeep Grand Cherokees are being recalled for gas tank designs that can explode in a crash, just like the Ford Pinto. Both vehicles courtesy of Lee Iacocca, role model for Big American Business. Cheaper to pay the lawsuits of next-of-kin than redesign.
In case you still had any illusions about the value of human life to the Elites.

Dan III said...

Additionally, at what point will a Peeping Tom be considered illegal?
If the outside of the house is fair game, according to the logic (hah) applied here, is looking in the window, if the curtains aren't drawn, permissible?

Temnota said...


Once again, there is no "GPS signal to the satellites". GPS does not work by satellites tracking your position, but by your receiver calculating where it is based on the known position of the satellites and the lightspeed delay of the signals from whichever of those satellites are over its horizon at the moment. GPS satellites are basically hyperaccurate cesium clocks with radio transmitters attached. The only signals they can receive are commands from their ground control station.

Learn the limitations of your enemy's technology. Drive around with a handheld Garmin or such unit and watch it gain and lose the very weak satellite signal as you pass under tree cover or around tall buildings. Unless you have a very good antenna or keep the thing on your dashboard where it can "see" a lot of clear sky, it will lose your position regularly. A bug under your vehicle is operating with a handicap: no sky view, and it is unlikely to have anything better than the tiny patch antenna that handheld receivers carry. Use those "blind spots" to your advantage, especially in concert with that aforementioned jammer, but be mindful; a jammer DOES transmit and can be tracked, if someone nearby has a receiver tuned to GPS frequencies.

Anonymous said...

And what if they don't give you a Boston Massacre? What if they just keep on removing one link at a time in your chains until you choke to death?


Seems to me it is working out pretty good so far.

Seriously ... what are you going to tell your children? Hold steady son until the new Boston Massacre? And they will say the same thing to their children at your teaching?

Just in case you have not noticed ... you will not awake one day and find yourselves to be slaves ... you already are. How that could possibly fly over your heads is beyond me.

Remember, you didn't go to the RTC Rally because you could ... but because THEY let you. Huh?

We all live in illusions ... don't we?

Mattexian said...

I was thinking similar to Bad Cyborg, if you found one of these devices on your vehicle, wait until the day before garbage day to remove it, then drop it into your can for pickup, and they can follow their tracker straight to the dump!

EJR914 said...

More 1984 Police State madness. When will we say enough is enough?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

GPS tracking units are passive. They are non-emitters, as has been stated previously.

The 2 problems being faced by the "trackers" are one, data retrieval and two, battery life of the unit.

Retrieval can be accomplished by encoded signal to the unit enabling the transmitter to dump the data and power down to passive.

Unless they install a solar array on the vehicle's sun exposed areas, they have to change the battery sometime....

The fact that we are talking about this at all, that agents can write and execute their own warrant, enjoin anyone from knowing of it's existence forever, and are accountable to no one, should be an indication of what is in store for our country and her people.

Your Constitution means nothing. Now. Today. It will only get worse and you only need read historical accounts to see how bad. This is over the line. It's no longer theoretical or hypothetical. It's is fact.

Done to "protect Americans against terrorists."

TPaine said...

Best advice - if you think you;re being set up, inspect your vehicle daily and remove anything "odd" you find. I'd probably take anything I found and take it to the range. I like to shoot things.

God help the person I find under my vehicle. "Honestly, officer, I never knew anyone was there until I felt the 'thump' and saw legs flailing around. What do you suppose he was doing under there, anyway?"

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention, the easiest place to install is in a public place, like a parking lot. Open area and great over-watch opportunities but secludes activities using vehicles as cover and concealment.

Your property could be a trap and is an unknown to them. Much easier and safer to do business off your ground. Think like them and then factor in their available assets.

Ed said...

Give no reason for anyone uninvited or without a warrant to enter your property. Fence your property, including gates on the walkway to your front door and to your driveway. Mount a mailbox and a newspaper delivery bin at your front gate. Install motion sensor activated lights and infrared monitoring cameras connected to recorders that at a minimum record triggered by an intervalometer. Post "Warning: Dangerous Dog", "No Trespassing", "No Soliciting" and "Get Off Of My Lawn" if you have a sense of humor. Instruct USPS, UPS and FEDEX to leave notice that you have a package and pick up the packages at the post office or at their distribution office. Get a doormat that does not say "WELCOME".

When someone decides to enter your property without a warrant, tell your dog that he has a new squeeky chew toy and tell him to go find it as you open your door to let him out. He loves this game.