Saturday, August 21, 2010

Phone line, broadband, whole sack of ATT crap is non-functional at home.

Has been since 3PM yesterday. They're supposed to send a repairman today. Anyway, if they're worth anything when they get there, I'll have some more posts today. If not, I won't. Sorry.



Oldfart said...

That's what you get for pissing off Big Brother.

Good luck!

sofa said...

That FBI repairman will make sure every comm device is in perfect working order.

A problem of our age, and a vulnerability inside the OODA loop.

Anonymous said...

Not a local problem? How strange.ementil

Anonymous said...

I put out the call here and now, no matter what the 'emergency', if the elections are called off, before it is too late to do anything, before we are tired and cold and hungry, starving in some camp somewhere, herded like emaciated sheep unable to fight, that, we declare the fight, openly and in public.

Who and how do we fight, you might ask? If we decide, here and now, and spread the word through the III community, that we must all take on a symbol, a uniform, a badge of honor, a color, then we will know each other, and it will be a symbol of resistance to those in power. We can start wearing this now, before the fight starts, so that we can know each other at a glance, but the PTB will take a bit to catch on. We will know them by their fruits, and if they decide to wear a badge, and try to 'talk us down', then they too, are the enemy.

We can argue about such things until the cows come home, but I like simple. A simple white armband, the color of purity, the purity of the Constitution, the purity of God's country he founded, the color of right, against the black of the enemy. As in Ireland, there is a political and a military component to their resistance of the Crown, we now have an Imperial Crown Prince, who thinks he is a god. Let the Tea Parties be political, let the III be their arm. All those who understand our situation, knows, violence will come at some point, and none of us wants it. We would prefer to be left alone, in peace to do commerce, but that will not be possible soon, for without stable money, there can be no commerce, and the money is dying under a cloud of debts.

If a revolution comes, let it be the first revolution in history not against political forces, but against the money forces. The politicians are moot, without their money power, they become irrelevant, easily dealt with after the battle is won, and WIN we CAN. All we have to do, is think it, believe it, and make the decision, we are American's. Let the banking towers of Manhattan turn into torches of Liberty. Let Mystery Babylon burn, and be gone in 'one hour', so that his Remnant may rebuild, with lessons learned.

Let us emulate Christ, who over turned the tables of the money changers. Let the demand be for JUBILEE, let the bankers be known for what they truly are, the powers of evil, the destroyers, usurpers of Constitutional money and the powers of our government they truly annulled. Some will go down, some will die, some will go to jail, my only regret, is that I have but one life to give for my PEOPLE, my grandchildren, and their children.

Ghandi, is not our model, it will never work in an evil system that cares not about public opinion which is what drove the Brit's in the 1940's, as has been demonstrated repeatedly, we are, 'AstroTurf', remember?

So, don a symbol, wear a badge, an armband of war declared yet not engaged, this is the next step beyond political, beyond breaking of windows, a visible rallying device above and beyond control of the meisters of public opinion. Wear the armband of declaration, and make a public statement, WE ARE EVERYWHERE, WE WILL NOT SUBMIT TO TYRANNY, we are waiting for November. Then show up with it on at the voting booth, if we get that chance, and let people ask, "Whats that for?"

What say you all?

The Piper.


I work for the multinational global giant AT&T...and I agree with you COMPLETLY! We the Tech's in the field have a saying...."At AT&T we're not happy till you're not happy!". It's almost unbearable here since being taken over by SBC. They spend more money monitoring their employees and less on cust service every year. We are currently in the process of shutting down almost all the "offices" in California and Nevada and moving them to more business friendly states, Alabama being one of the major recipients of jobs.
Thus causing an added major workload to Alabama employee's who are in turn NOT being trained to handle their new California and Nevada based workloads. So dispatchers who would have normally taken care of just a portion of Alabama are now taking calls from Tech's in California and Nevada.
From what I understand this is happening in all 22 states at the same time. It's FUBAR. Sorry for the trouble. Matt III

Defender said...

Piper, I like the idea. Particularly, I want to explain to a voting precinct official who browbeat a woman who was TURNING OFF her cell phone because phones would violate the dignity of the polling place. (She had just noticed the no-phones signs, which were obscured by the crowd.) And his authortarian tirade didn't?
A bandage for a wounded republic, and a badge of courage.

Defender said...

About the comm issue and unemployment, customer service and the economy:
WASHINGTON (AP)- A six-month ban on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico would directly put more than 9,000 people out of work and indirectly affect another 14,000 jobs, according to a memo from the nation's top drilling regulator.
And, check out the unemployment plague vector map at Western Rifle Shooters/YouTube. Notice particularly how D.C. never darkens, among all the East Coast.

Carl said...

If you ever need technical help from ATT, the first person that you talk to will be in Bombay. So, when they answer, say "I'd like to talk to tier 2 support, please." This will get you someone who
1. speaks English.
2. Knows how to fix your problem.

Of course, you can spend 3 hours with Hadji and his elephant if you want to. I'm an ATT technician for their optical transport division and I get treated as poorly as you when the service is out. Tier 2 support is the only way to get service from these idiots. Their god is a dollar bill and they don't give a damn about customer service.

DC Wright said...

I like what the Piper had to say, but my choice of color would be green for the Astro-Turf we are supposed to be. And green is also the color of my Marine Corps, which has a very large number of Patriots and III-pers for its "diminutive" size. Maybe, as an "in-your-face" to Nancy Pel-Lousy, we could wear an actual Astro-Turf armband...

Pat H. said...

The elections will not be called off, why would they be? Those in power love elections, they rationalize their positions. Stalin never called off an election, Hussein never called off an election, Castro hasn't either.

The elections in November will not mean a thing, just like 1994, 2000, and 2008.

Remember, Obama didn't propose the No Child Left Behind Act, the Drug Welfare Program, and the first of the huge Bailouts of the Bankers; Bush II did those things. Obama is Bush II on steroids. A repeat of the real Hoover/Roosevelt history.

Anonymous said...

The old boy scout salute... three fingers.

Posing for a picture? Tuck your thumb and little finger into your shirt or jacket, over your heart, leaving the III showing.

I have a ball cap with III on the front. Arm bands with III would work well.

That said, it wouldn't take long at all for the opfor to recognize any ID you choose, and to exploit it.

EJR914 said...

Pat H,

"The elections will not be called off, why would they be? Those in power love elections, they rationalize their positions. Stalin never called off an election, Hussein never called off an election, Castro hasn't either.

The elections in November will not mean a thing, just like 1994, 2000, and 2008."

My thoughts exactly. Of course they will hold the elections, because they know elections mean nothing, especially in the grand scheme of things. This election means nothing. Let's say the Liberal Fascist Republican's do take back the House, SO F'in WHAT? Big F'in Deal! They are but one side of the same authoritarian coin! This exact same thing happened during the Clinton presidency (Reps took back the House and Senate after two years) Then when time for re-election came around, they blamed all the problems on the Republicans and America re-elected Clinton! The exact same thing will happen time to Obama. He will be re-elected. I can't wait to see what kind of F'd up policies he's going to come up with in his second term, ohh I just can't wait!

Wake up and realize that the Reps. and Dems are both of the same thing! They lead to authoritarianism and eventually the death of all of our freedoms and liberties.

If you don't stop voting Republican, and start voting Libertarian or Constitutionalist, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR VOTE!

Also, I agree with this. I hate to put on the tinfoil here, but this could be a big chance for more surveillance on you, Mike. Not that you give a damn, but I'm almost for sure that's what this has to do with. Also we all know that everything that we do on the internet or over the phone is sent directly to the NSA, I'm sure most of us have files on us somewhere, FBI, NSA, DHS, ect.

Tread lightly my friends. Keep your powder dry, and be read for the oncoming financial crash. It may be years from now, but be ready.

I'll wear the white armband... I'll start tomorrow.

Who else will join me?

Justin said...

We have a symbol.

I think anything displaying a "III" would be appropriate. Armbands, patches, hats, whatever. The "three percent" name and idea is spreading. Whatever the media (and the doddering philanderer-in-chief) may say to the contrary, we are growing (exponentially, in my observation), and we ARE everywhere. Even at the bottom of the gulf!

Heck, you can even score a three cent nickle off ebay for 10-15 bucks, with a "III" right on it. Voila, a three percenter challenge coin!

Raven's Wood Enterprises makes a great Nyberg "III" Flag patch.

Whatever the particulars turn out to be, I think it is time to kick things up a notch and implement some type of symbol or insignia, if nothing else to instigate curiosity and questions.

Just my overvalued $.02.

I agree that elections will be held. Even the worst dictators don't usually cancel elections. If they were canceled, it would be an obvious cassus beli. That's exactly why they won't be. The other side is intent on boiling us slowly, not sparking a war. Not that that will, in the end, prevent one.


Anonymous said...

FBI=Fone Box Intruders

Mike, I know it's an additional expense, but is it worth considering a cell phone data link and dropping other hard wire internet service? Some of us who travel a lot, have gone this very route...

Bob Katt

Anonymous said...

as an actual at&t repairman, I am curious as to what the problem was. I am in the original southwestern bell territory, so I cannot help out as much as I would like.

btw you might want to bookmark as a way around the stupid phone tree

Armil@att phone said...

I think there is something problem on it, that's why it is quite delayed.