Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Your tax dollars at work.

Flying imams around the world to fund raise for the Cordoba mosque at Ground Zero.


Anonymous said...


Dennis308 said...

A future TARGET. Hopefully with a full house. That way we can show them the same tolerance that they show Missionary´s.


Defender said...

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley.
Any relation to Aleister?

Yes, as he says, Muslims are moderate -- until they are the majority. See "dhimmi." Also see "Great Britain and shari'a."
It's been pointed out that the southern end of Manhattan is the most expensive real estate in the country. I would think that with so many private businesses and government offices setting aside rooms for the many-times-daily Muslim prayers, a mosque would not be needed. Looks like they want it all. Looks like they want a trophy.

Anonymous said...

A mosque at ground zero?

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Timing will be key......

Pericles said...

What would be the odds of the State Department flying me to Switzerland to improve relations with the Swiss military and learn from their militia system?

Dedicated_Dad said...

Another day, another outrage.

We're paying this guy to travel - on our dime - and raise $ for his trophy-mosque to be planted on our "sacred ground".

Why does this not surprise me one bit?

Is it time YET??!!

W W Woodward said...

To paraphrase, Tom Kratman; "We should stop disgracing ourselves by tolerating intolerance."


Anonymous said...

Have you seen where Greg Gutfeld wants to open a gay muslim bar next to that new mosque? Excellent!

And if those plans fall through, perhaps some enterprising entrepreneur could open up a barbeque joint just upwind of that mosque. Get some HUGE barbeque grills with fans to blow the aroma of roasting pork towards the mosque!


Anonymous said...

P.J. Crowley

Member of the Center For American Progress.

A Marxist in other words.

Funny how the left embraces and promotes everything that hurts our country and her people. All the while, pretending that they don't.

Anonymous said...

If they build it, we will come. This Nation is going to Hell in a handbasket. I'm tired of it's "In your Face and Like it" Bullcrap!