Monday, August 23, 2010

Tea Party vs. K Street GOP

This ain't just inside baseball.


Rhodes said...

Here is the thing K Street has yet to understand, if we don't start seeing big changes in the way government operates(assuming massive R victories in Nov) then all this support from the Tea Party is going to vanish and they will be facing viable third party candidates. In essence the general consensus in the TPM is to give the Repubs one last try. If removing support from the Repubs elects Dems at first so be it since it doesn't matter who is destroying the Republic only that it is being done from both sides of that aisle. So far the only energy being displayed in politics today is coming from the TP yet K St. still clings to the Progressive mindset hoping for power.
To hell with all of them. We can fight Dems easier anyway since the lines are much more clear.

Defender said...

Bob Dole, Republican, conservative -- AND member of the non-goverenmental organiation Council on Foreign Relations?

A conservative somewhere online recently said Condoleezza Rice should run for president. She's one, too.

They've hedged their bets and covered their bases. The true political spectrum of the insiders runs the gamut from A to B.

Anonymous said...

The choice is simple. The "democrats' are now completely controlled by Marxists. The "republicans" have been penetrated by those that seized power within the "democratic" party, and are succeeding in moving the "republicans" to the left. None of it happened by accident, nor will it continue by accident. It is a plan, which you can see, used throughout the rest of the world. It is being used here because it worked there.

I have logical suspicions about who, what, when, where, why and how but those things don't matter, as much as the what will be done or not done to combat the parties involved. Media obviously being the primary culprit because none of this would be possible without their assistance and promotion and of course those activities would have to be voluntary and intentional, on their part because truth, would eventually intrude.

Make no mistake, accountability is the issue, as is truthfulness. They know what they are doing, and it is a plan.
Either exceptionally good things happen within the "republican" party, or a 3rd party will emerge but it is only a matter of time, before that 3rd party is infiltrated and corrupted and turned as well. This is full blown subversion and there are people to blame.

fireplaceguy said...

The article mentions Ken Buck's upset primary victory here in Colorado. Read it. Jane Norton's a long-serving cog in the Republican wheel of the machine, and lent her own voice to an ad attacking Buck for malfeasance as a prosecutor.


I don't follow this crap with any kind of passion, so my understanding's a bit fuzzy, but apparently Buck, while serving as a junior prosecutor, provided some exculpatory evidence to a defense lawyer! This vile act helped clear some poor guy the ATF was trying to railroad.

The horror!

Under the rules, helping to clear an innocent man was an ethics violation, and Buck was forced to attend ethics classes by the either the Bar or the prosecutor's office on his way out the door.

This happened ten or fifteen years ago, and the case was plead down from 30 or 40 felonies to one misdemeanor, with a sentence of one day probation. ONE DAY! There's a guy who was obviously not guilty of a damn thing, who was quite lucky to trip over a smidge of honesty left in the system. (A smidge of honesty the machine promptly "corrected"...)

Norton's apparent problem with Buck is that he was (at least once) honest. What the article doesn't say is that since he won the primary, Buck has been the victim of all sorts of ugly attacks from Republican operatives - some of whom we haven't heard from for years. (Must have been some hurried taxidermy involved...) Whether any of it is true, I don't know or care. I can tell you it's some of the nastiest character assassination I've seen since Clinton was soiling blue dresses.

Same kind of treatment was heaped on my friend Pat Miller when she ran for US Congress in Colorado's second district years ago - although the PEOPLE put her on the ballot, she could barely get the time of day from the PARTY.

I recently attended a Republican dinner, just for the chance to tell my Republican congresscritter the lay of the land. I told him that the opportunity the Republicans have this fall is one they haven't earned, and one they do not deserve. I told him that in many ways, I'd prefer the Democrats kept control of everything. That way, at least the good guys would keep waking up.

I also told him that one more betrayal of conservatives is probably all they'll get, so they should make the most of it.

I would bet, from the look on his face, that he didn't hear me at all. It seems that these reptiles have some sort of intellectual exoskeleton that's impervious to any truth.

Face it: the Republican Party has been horrified by true conservatism since long before Reagan.

None of this matters. Even if there was a Republican sweep, all they could do (and I'm not saying they actually would) is repeal a bunch of Obamacrap. We'd still be all these trillions further in the hole, and our only way out would still be forward through a collapse.

This is all by design. There may be a right wing and a left wing, but it's a false dichotomy. Those wings are attached to the same bird, and it's the bird that's shitting on us.

Forget the feathers. Aim for the body.



Anonymous said...

"There may be a right wing and a left wing, but it's a false dichotomy. Those wings are attached to the same bird, and it's the bird that's shitting on us."

FPR, A-Friggin-Men brother!! A-Friggen-Men!!