Friday, August 13, 2010

"I Want Your Money!"


Chuck Martel said...

I am confident that Ronald Reagan would not sit on the desk in the oval office.

WV -- dinger

Pat H. said...

Their use of Ronald Reagan, who talked a good game, but was a profligate spender himself, was a mistake.

Having the Lincoln Memorial in it, no matter how brief, was also a mistake, Lincoln was an advocate for the leviathan, centralized, state that we have today. He in fact, waged war on behalf of that idea.

Last, having the arch neocon gadfly, Newt Gingrich, in the movie is a colossal mistake and ruins the film completely.

Prediction: Utter failure.

Defender said...

The Gingrinch seems to be popping up lots of places these days. Disturbing.
And you're right, Chuck. Reagan would not sit on the desk, or put his feet on it as Obama has been shown doing.
I love these word verification things. This one is "roospect." Obama shows the reverence a kangaroo would for the People's House.
As for my money? They have almost all of it already, what with the taxes on my severance pay when I was summarily laid off, and when I had to cash out my 401k to pay the debts that I would have worked much harder to reduce if I had KNOWN I was going to be laid off from my job of 30 years -- and from which I fully expected to retire at age 70 --due to the corporate/government pooch-screw of our economy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Pat H. Truth is its own defense. I would like to find out which group of RINO NEOCONS financed this propaganda piece. But, I have too much preparation still to do. The time for shallow, bogus cartoons is long past. Alea iacta est.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, any of the the politicians being interviewed in it = FAIL. We all know they just want to be reelected.

Sean said...

And it will fail, Pat H., because it is just more talk, and no action.

Anonymous said...

Ronald Reagan spend on defense and he did it offensively, creating the greatest offense to our enemies, including the closet commies here at home. The soviets were scared of him and hated him just like our scumbag puke news media did. It made me love and revere him to this day.

It's a sad truth but if it weren't for the "war of northern aggression" we'd probably still have slavery. I don't think anyone here thinks that that's a good idea. There was going to be a fight over it and the south, lost it. I don't see how the problem would have been solved otherwise.

Now to Mt. Gingrich. I've stopped trying to understand him or support him because he tries too hard to "get along" with the enemy. They gut him every time and he keeps going back for more. He doesn't learn from it and I've come to the conclusion that this is a game for him. It isn't for me or the rest of the people in this country.
we won't even discuss his support of candidates which no one here would support.

Rhodes said...

There is a dogma that claims God can find fault with every person as we all fall short. Jefferson, Washington, Adams all had their own particular faults that would be looked on by many as making them unqualified to be held up as worthy of praise or office much less the demigod status assigned to them by many.

Judge the man for his contribution to your and others liberty not unattainable perfection.

MamaLiberty said...

They want my money?

Line forms to the left. And the right...

They'll all get the same thing - .45 - or whatever I'm packing at the time....

Anonymous said...

Right wing stuff for the kids to watch, remember, kids watch youtube.

Anonymous said...

speaking of mistakes...

Newt Gingrich is a closet globalist and rabidly anti-Constitution.

Mike Huckabee, also a globalist, picked Richard Haas for his foreign adviser during his run for President. Haas is the President of - "The council on foreign relations". Haas desires a reduction in US sovereignty in order that "their" globalist plans can come to "fruition".

Please research, otherwise you'll be just another sheared sheep.

The sentiment of this film is correct, but the linking to establishment/globalist politicians is proof that this is a propaganda piece designed to direct the Tea Party patriot.

Other than that, the film had a warm, fuzzy, professional and "big money" establishment feel to it.(roll eyes...)

Anonymous said...

Washington, Jefferson, Adams, even Lincoln, are not on any ballots today or tomorrow- they're has-beens.
There's a possibility that Gingrich will be on a ballot- and it's time to denigrate him every way we can as being counter-productive to any kind of freedom we may ever desire, unless it be at the end of a dotgov line.
Therefore, I will judge N.Gingrich as a failure to any cause of Liberty, now or in the future. His capitulation and concessions concur: he isn't worth spit.
Huckabee? What a traitor to every cause- chooses sides with the regularity of flipping a pancake to see if it's done.


Defender said...

Anonymous at 7:14, slavery was already on the way out, and was not included in the arguments for the war until well after it had begun. Farm machinery was coming into wider use, replacing slaves who had to be fed, housed and doctored with devices that could do the work of many men. If slave owners had no humanitarian basis for ending slavery, they had an economic one. African-Americans migrated from the agricultural states to the Northern (and Southern) manufacturing cities where they were ... guess what, EXPLOITED in factories and sweatshops. And that's why cities are majority-black today.
The War of 1861 was about taxation without representation and the right to secede, just like the FIRST revolution.
The winners get to write the history books, you know.
And thank you, Anon at 6:11, for mentioning the globalist club. Some younger readers here may not have been tipped off to that.
Remember the college student who got Tasered at a John Kerry speech when he asked if Kerry was a member of the Skull and Bones society. Kerry welcomed the arrest; it distracted the audience from the question. Bonesmen first, Republican or Democrat second.

Defender said...

Seen the list of Congresscritters who are members of the Democratic Socialist Party of the USA? Obama supporters Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel are on it, both being investigated for ethics violations, and Henry Waxman, who says if we're going to use our guns to defend our rights, he's uncomfortable with us having guns at all. No wonder.
On the other hand, a **conservative liberty website** invites me to join one-worlder Newt Gingrich in "taking back America from the left and assuring Republican victory."
It MIGHT be discouraging, if I didn't know that We the People have the final say.

Toastrider said...

Hint to nullies:

Listen to MBV when he says 'no Fort Sumters'. He's absolutely right. That's what boned the South in the initial 'unpleasantness'; kinda hard to take the moral high ground when you just launched an attack on a military base.

While we're at it, yeah, Reagan spent a shitload of money. Durr, really? He was picking up after the nonstop surrender-ology of Carter and others. He saw through the lie of communism, and he knew the American economy could take the stress where the Soviets would crumple. He put as much stress as he could in those places around the world where the Soviets were fomenting their filthy ideology. Think of it as war by economics.

And for those of you still pining for the good old days of the South: read up on some of the interesting things John C. Calhoun liked to talk about. Andrew Jackson could've saved us ALL a lot of trouble if he'd just shot the bastard.

Dennis308 said...

A couple of things I would like to point out

1. During the Reagan Years we had JOBS the economy was booming. Tax revenue was pouring into the Government coffers.

2. Reagan´s ¨Star Wars Program forced a already financially bankrupted Soviet Union into Unsustainable Debt to try to keep up in a Arms race that they did not have the technology to even be in, leading more quickly to their eventual demise. And thereby ending the ¨Cold War¨.

3. It was the Congress that approved of the Star Wars Program AND Many other projects that they wanted for Their Districts in order for the Star Wars Program to be passed.

4. Even though Reagan´s spending on Star Wars was very expensive it in effect Defeated the ¨Soviet Union¨without ANY cost of Life to U.S. Armed Forces, What price can someone put on that?

5.If after the Reagan Years Congress would have reigned in their spending the National debt would have practically been eliminated.

So over all I believe Reagan was a very good president, MUCH better that the Community Activist we have in the White House Now.


PS The one big thing that I did not like that Reagan did was the Presidential Amnesty for 4 Million Illegals. We see where that got us.

Toastrider said...

In Reagan's defense, Dennis, the amnesty was very much forced on him and he was led to believe it was a one-time deal.

Hindsight, 20-20, etc, etc.