Sunday, August 22, 2010

More folks refusing to follow the NRA Judenrat into the camps.



Defender said...

Monkeys? Starving the 800-pound gorilla is a good idea too, until he sees reason. I just worry about the NRA lockstep members whose only liberty information channel IS the NRA newsletters and who think Wayne the Brain will fight their battles FOR them.
At this point, anyone but an incumbent seems like a good plan.

Defender said...

Some of you may have seen that not far north of Fairfax, Philadelphia wants to charge some resident bloggers an annual $300 business license fee.
It's possible that they were emboldened by the relatively easy passage of the DISCLOSE Act, brought to you in part by the NRA, which of course is and will be immune.
I can't wait to see how the city fathers backpedal when word of this gets out to the right people.
And if they mean what they say, how are they gonna enforce it, huh? Will there be arrests? That's as good an excuse for a party as I can think of.

A Texan said...

I joined the NRA in 1989 after "Poppy" Bush banned the importation of "assault rifles." I gave them a reasonable amount of money in addition to my dues for 18 years. I stopped in 2007 after a couple of that year's most notable f-ups, and have rejected every letter and phone call requesting my re-upping since then.

This bit with Harry Reid is the final straw - I, a former 18-year member of the NRA will NEVER rejoin.


The slate is swept clean of the appeasers, the "we're for reasonable gun control" crowd and the self-serving SOBs that simply want to suck as much money as possible out of their constituency by never killing (or even attempting to kill) gun control.


GOA and JPFO will get my money - after dealers in guns and ammo.

Anonymous said...

Amen and YEEHAW!

Anonymous said...

Where has Jackson been the last few years?? He won't contribute if they endorse Reid? What about all the actions like endorsing every fed bill since and including nfa in 1934, opposing Heller, ad infinitum? Wake up JJ, its the same old game they play.

Anonymous said...

Thats about what I said to Big Wayne,when I got in the middle of him three years or so, back at wanimackers gun show. The butt kissers looked as if moses parting the Red Sea.Then the look of fear and loathing upon their faces over the assailing of their idol.

Anonymous said...

I'm still a member (Life) but will not send further contributes. I am happy to continue receiving American Rifleman. Resigning doesn't benefit me and my continued membership costs them.

Dennis308 said...

Anon 10:28

like wise here.


Pat H. said...

Many folks simply don't understand.

The reason the late Neal Knox and friends were purged from the Board of the NRA was that Knox supported making the Executive Vice President answer to the Board.

Big Wayne, used NRA funds to oppose, successfully unfortunately, and eventually purge the NRA of anyone that would oppose LaPierre, et al; so now Big Wayne gets his $900 thousand per year salary and favors appeasement and collaboration with progressive fascists and Marxists and have for over 80 years.

This is unlikely to change, after all, the NRA was founded by Republican Union Army officers to support the US government in all its operations, including those denying freedom.