Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Apathetic USA

Pretty much sums it up, except for what the Three Percent will do to fight it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah...sadly a lot of people just don't care and never did.

Anonymous said...

Very powerful!!

Newark, Ohio

rexxhead said...

This spends a lot of time berating the Democrats as if the Republicans were somehow blameless.

Lemme 'splain dis to jou, Lucy:

For any of the 70 years preceeding the 2008 election (the period in which almost ALL of this bad stuff happened),

EITHER PARTY could have stopped it.

It only takes a majority in ONE house to halt a budget resolution, and the game is called on account of insufficient funds.

It only takes ONE president and 1/3 control of ONE house to sustain his veto to prevent an outrageous budget, and the game is called on account of insufficient funds.


The Republicans will not save you; the Republicans are co-conspirators. When they could have acted to make things better, they acted to make things worse.

At this point, there is no real Libertarian Party either, so write them off, too.

Now, you have only one choice: use jiu-jitsu to topple the whole structure. We're heading for economic armageddon? Good! The sooner, the better. Sign up for SS, go on welfare; if your arthritis is acting up, see if you can get disability benefits.

Burn it down from the inside. You're dead anyway. At least make sure your grandkids won't have to do what we should have done 60 years ago.

A Old Man Crying in His Wiskey said...

When, Please tell me when we can start The Restoration. Everyday that goes by we lose more and more Freedoms. In The White House, The Legislature, In our State Capitols and County Seats, the Police and The Courts. They all conspire against us. In the Media and in Public we are Insulted and Ridiculed. Even those that agree with us fear and don´t want to be associated with us. They also say the Government is out of control, but they think that the elections will set the nation back to it´s Founding Principles. But they dream
as we have been shown here,time and time again.

Republican, Democrat it makes no difference they only want to maintain their control. And they use our dreams and the fears that we have against us to maintain that control.

Do we wait till they come for us. They will do so One By One, quickly and quietly, There will be no more Waco's or if there is will be after we have been weakened beyond hope of any meaningful resistance. They learnt their lesson at Waco and will not repeat it. I don´t have a lifetime to wait, and can not give this coming war to my Grandchildren for their inheritance. I can not go to face my maker with that upon my conscious. So Please make the call I am but one and I am no General, no Leader. I will be 54 years of age in November and have chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, that is rapidly turning to enfisema. Maybe a year or two and I will be carrying my air with me so my time is short. These last few days have been difficult knowing the mess that I will leave behind me.

God Save The Republic, and our children.


Dan III said...

Excellent presentation of the situation we're faced with today.

The fight's comin'.

Anonymous said...

That is some powerful presentation. It's well worth sitting through and I am going to ask my wife to sit down and watch it, too. Americans need to wake up, but I despair, because I don't believe they ever will.

I have become more pessimistic as time goes by and I think the onslaught may be inevitable. I pray that the course will change, or that I will die knowing that I made every effort to change it.

Defender said...

Right, Rexx. At the very least, if legislators really disagreed about the really important stuff, they could wail on each other with their fists, like the Taiwanese lawmakers did one session. Sometimes they actually raise their voices a little against the foulest abuses -- when the cameras are running. Then they vote for their party's version of it.
No, there's one party wearing two uniforms. I'm going to vote Anyone Else.
The media are entertainment; they do not inform. People with the ear of millions wallow in trivia while Rome burns.

Justin said...


What would the Sons of Liberty do???


Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with everyone. Just exactly WHAT were the repukocrats DOING when THEY were the MAJORITY of the congress and senate?

Once ... again.

You all voted for the repukocrats and here we are.

You all voted for the dumbocrats and here we are.

Well ... here we are! Just imagine where we will be ... whether it is repukocrats or dumbocrats.

Same map. Same destination. Just different routes to the destination ... sometimes just a minor "detour".

And I am curious. Where is it enshrined in the constitution that there are only 2 parties and thou shalt only vote for one of the 2?

If you keep on voting for one of the two and keep ending up ... SCREWED ... why not vote for a different party? After all ... what IS IT you have to lose?


Ahab said...

Did you know that Glenn Beck gave that very same presentation 9 months ago? Nobody listened then, and nobody is paying attention now. We surely are in the midst of apathy, and indeed at the point of dependence. Bondage is next! And, will Americans wake up then? Probably not! Will they fight to take back their rights, their freedom? Probably not! We keep kidding ourselves that soon, soon, we will begin the restoration. Like the guy who suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, (COPD), so do I, and I'm way older than him. I don't have a lot of time left, period. I don't want to go to my grave having never fought them for our freedom, and I've prepared well. This restoration better begin soon, or I'll not get to take part in it.

Female III said...

I don't think we have any heroes waiting in the wings either. The best I can do is to starve them, bilk them, sabotage them, defy them and deny them even the slightest cooperation in all things. I intend to do my part to help them implode. I can impact them by being the most uncooperative, stupid, naive, helpless moron that I can manage. Maybe it will be they who start to have nightmares about having to go to work each day instead of me.

My new words are going to be "Gee, I don't know. Wish I could help. Sorry." or what I told the censustaker when he wanted help located some properties on our country road "Sorry, bud. If you were anybody but someone working for this lawless government I'd tell ya." He said "Well, I have to work." I replied, "If the only job was abortionist, would you take that too?" He was taken aback and we had a nice long talk about the evils of Communism.

I am not smart like you folks here at Sipsey Street. I come here for the education. But one thing I do know is that shit WILL flow uphill if you dam it up at the bottom.

Bad Cyborg said...

The presentation kept harping on the point that things can be corrected if "we" have the political power.


When a system is as far gone as this one you cannot use the system to fix the system. Besides, by this time the bureaucrats are running everything. Remember what happened when Regan tried to reduce the federal bureaucracy? Another bureaucracy was created to study/manage the problem. The result? MORE bureaucracy. And it can only increase. When bureaucrats make TWICE what private sector people do for the same type work (except the private sector people actually have to ACCOMPLISH something) most people are going to hop on board the gravy train.

There is only one solution now, so far as I can see. Wipe the metaphorical hard disk and reload the operating system. Totaly clean house and restore the republic to a pre-Marbury-v-Madison condition. And that isn't happening peacefully.

Bad Cyborg X
"People who jump to conclusions seldom stick the landing."

Sean said...

It ain't apathy I'm sufferin' from. It's that other thing.

Defender said...

Glenn Beck talked about the Cloward-Piven Strategy last night too. About letting no crisis go unexploited in passing new freedom-stifling laws. About how the Federal Reserve is a law unto itself with no accountability.
Good stuff, and really making the sitting Congress look bad (along with most previous ones).

Concerned American said...


Start this weekend at one of these sites:

8/14 Armed RTC Rallies

Then hold the weekend before Election day and watch these spaces...

Let's roll...