Monday, August 23, 2010

"Tea Party Crasher" crashes.

Oh, well.


Son of Sam Adams said...

I predict that he ends up up in a comfortable, if rather low-level, job in the Ă˜bama Administration.

Defender said...

Another research-challenged individual. So full of ignorant hate, precisely the thing he accuse the Tea Party of.
Let them crash the rallies. You can't stop the very wind from blowing, or the wave that is going to crash over Washington, which is, after all, at sea level. In a swamp.

Dennis308 said...

Lost his Job to bad. Could´t happen to a nicer guy. And since he quit, er resigned no unemployment insurance, Maybe not even through the Teachers Union.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should use his DOB,SSN, etc and see what kind of mayhem he doesn't like used against him. Tit for tat. Fuckin moron.