Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Mexico RTC Rally coverage.



Dennis308 said...

Excellent Picture are there any Links to Vidios or Speaches that you can point us to, Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Little disappointed that more people did not show up-----but you know what?---if we can grow this RTC to all 50 states the rally will go exponential---and I would certainly like to help make that happen-----ravenwolf1776

devildog said...

OPSEC be damned! Anyone know where I can get one of those decals for the back of my pickup truck window?
devildog in CO
Semper Fi

Defender said...

A commenter pointed out that Pearce "walked away from the Constitution" as he criticized other politicians for doing, when he voted for the PATRIOT Act.
No matter how pretty they talk, always check their record.
AP says the ACLU is upset with Massachusetts airport authorities for now allowing palm-of-the-hand gropings -- excuse me, "patdowns" -- in addition to the back-of-the-hand basic search. Every flight is a cattle flight, thanks to PATRIOT Act. Maybe the ACLU IS starting to feel the heat to the feet from the burning Bill of Rights. Welcome to the party, pal.
Other commenters are very uneasy about armed but peaceful people gathering. The concept of a RIGHT eludes them.

EJR914 said...

I really liked the artwork on the back window. haha

Man, their rally was bigger than ours! Crap! ha

Also, what is with having it in private property? Doesn't that completely do away with the principle of a demonstration? I guess you don't have the ATV ninjas with M4's there. That's a plus.

Ohh well, I really enjoyed the one in NC. I had a great time. I can't wait to go to another one.

Bad Cyborg said...

"Governments are always going to grow until they take away the rights of the people,"
Of course everyone knows what to do when a plant grows too far or a tree limb gets in the way of something . . .


Wish I'd have been able to make that one. Too poor. Next time I expect to go to the Land of Entrapment is for my grandson's HS graduation next May. Unless we have to bug out for the hidey-hole to ride out the storm first.

Bad Cyborg X

Strongwind said...

I heard Eric Lovely of the Watchman Radio, Say there were over 1000 plus folks at the New Mexico open carry meet. Can You link to where some pictures are of the event, and the crowd? Or video? Thanks!