Monday, August 23, 2010

More Hollywood stupidity: Aldo the Apache (Brad Pitt) wants death penalty for BP executives.

Is he going to scalp them before or after the execution?

How about the death penalty for bad acting?

Or for Hollywood arrogance beyond belief?

Felonious collectivist cultural depravity, perhaps?

Now for THAT the malefactors ought to be scalped BEFORE execution, or, perhaps, just beaten to death by the "Jew Bear."


Rhodes said...

Or Perhaps the same penalty for the real tragedy of this spill, the drilling ban.

As if the spill wasn't hard enough on us down here we are losing thousands of jobs at this critical time due to a completely insane government edict made by those with no more sense than BP (both of them).

Defender said...

Great comments from readers, including Obama's campaign contributions from BP making him sort of one of their big stockholders, and the Bhopal India gas disaster which Union Carbide skated away from.
I remember when Brad Arm-Pitt and Jennifer Anus-ton criticized Bush -- for many of the wrong reasons.
They just need the publicity.
As for Inglourious Basterds... It has some great scenes, but Tarantino is SO self-indulgent. There's a difference between hightening tension by showing the banality of evil and just loving the pages and pages of dialogue you wrote.

Dennis308 said...

HOLLYWOOD! Well what can ya say?
I found this in the comments section of the article.

I think all of these Hollywood weirdos and their opinions are more aggrivating than the spill itself. This spill was a tragic accident and could have been avoided, but it was an accident. Asking for the death penalty for those who caused this is just ridiculous. Brad, go back to Hollywood, make movies and shut the hell up. That goes for all the rest of you Hollywood idiots too. We in Louisiana are doing just fine without you.

I think that would just about sum it up about Hollywood.

But here is something that has been floating around in my warped mind for awhile,, What if and it is possible although I´ve not seen any thing to suggest that this did happen, but what if the person/s responsible for the ¨Deep Water Horizon¨ explosion was one of the Environmental Nuts that intentionally caused the explosion that ended up being bigger than intended. It would not be above some of the ECO-NUTS to cause a incident like that and I doubt that there has been much evidence found about what caused the original Explosion. Due to the wreckage being in water that is nearly a mile deep and the extensive damage that was caused to the dilling rig.

OK, call me Paranoid or what ever.
But I think it is possible, it would not be to difficult to arrange a fire or explosion on a dilling rig,all the necessary tools and matierials would be there and available.

Wonder if Ol Bad would still concider the death penalty for that person.


ParaPacem said...

Well, tow things come to mind. One - let us all recall that as a matter of record, BP was a major contributor to the Obama campaign; that Obama instructed all the DC agencies to give BP permission, carte blanche, to do what they wanted, without those inconvenient backup plan requirements made of non-Obama supporters ; that Hollywood wet its collective panties to get the Kenyan bastard elected. So now, watching a Hollywood type attacking his political bedfellows, is rather like watching a dog chase its tail.
As Uncle Walter would say, Screw 'em all.

Second, on the subject of Hollywood - have you seen the promos for the movie "Machete"? Do you know who the villains are? American political figures who are deporting illegals. The 'good guys'? A group of illegals who strike back at the evil American imperialists so that the poor oppressed illegals can flood the land.
Quite a Hollywood leap, from, say, The Longest Day.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Pitt - as with the rest of his ilk - is a skidmark in the drawers of humanity.

I couldn't help perusing the site, and the pure banality was simply STAGGERING.

I can't tell you how many times I've been told - in a voice bordering on pride - "I can't keep up with all that (political) stuff!" by the same people who spend their lunch-hours talking about the smallest details of the lives of folks on that site.

This - more than anything else - is what spells death to our society.

You don't have the mental-cpu-cycles to spend on the politicians who are destroying our Republic, but you know the details of every hollywood tattoo, who's screwing who this week...

Sorry guys - but the same goes for you who memorize sports stats and the like. How much better would your time be spent memorizing the procedures to strip various weapons?

Example: I've never owned an AR, but I know I can field-strip, clean and re-assemble it nearly as fast as any of you.

How about studying the art of gunsmithing?

Primitive medicine?

I could list dozens of things that will make you valuable to the rest of us after the inevitable collapse - it's going to be hard talking your way into a group with your skills of "kardashian-watching" or "celebrity-tattoo identification."

OTOH, these morons will be the first to starve, so maybe it's not such a bad thing after all...


Anonymous said...

+1 What Dakota said.

Moe Death said...

Phuque Hellywood!

I need a drink... and maybe some spelling lessons...


Anonymous said...

Did he drive his SUV or take a corporate jet to the press conference? I'm not sure if BP did something horribly wrong and caused the blowout or if they simply followed common practices and excessive pressures (which some experts believe) caused the blowout. I do know that hindsight is 20/20 and with it we can find everyone/anyone guilty. I assume when the Hollywoond elite aren't working or in front of a crowd of reporters that they are flying or driving to yet another energy guzzling vacation. Are they blind to the irony?