Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Time to control your boys before the shit hits the fan."

Well, it seems that miguelATgunfreezoneDOTnet has developed a bad attitude when it comes to Threepers.

Here is part one of his jeremiad.

Here is part two.

Some snippets:

It is no secret that I hold serious contempt for the 3% crowd. From what I have personally seen, most of them are one step removed from Internet Ninjas and those kids that dress all tactical to play with airsofts. No, I don’t know how the movement started or who did it and I couldn’t care less but one thing is certain: the founders of this thing will be facing a shit storm soon enough if they don’t have their kiddies tone down the rhetoric.

I know I am not the only one sick of the NO COMPROMISE hollering and then the sudden silence when one request proof their achievements. We are tired of the innuendos, accusations and falsehoods spread all over the interwebs just because or for whatever idiotic reasons they have to insult and belittle those who are actually are doing something but does not meet their stringent criteria of No Compromise, a criteria that besides impossible to realize, they designed from the comfort of their couches while typing warrior-like posts in their favorite forums. . .

I happen to be the target of a local ThreePer who believes I am the reincarnation of Uncle Joe Stalin. This particular Idjit and I have butted heads in a private forum I administer because I have dared to: 1) Challenge his bullshit and 2) Remove posts that are not in concordance with the forum mission statement (and that you must agree to belong) but he chooses to ignore and 3) Open hostility against any Law Enforcement personnel which is dumb when you realize that about one third of the membership is LEO from local, state and federal levels . Mr. Idjit is “preparing” for the “upcoming civil war” and I am guessing he is doing his sick version of Santa’s List and checking who is a patriot and who is not under his nutjobbery standards.

So far we have managed to avoid real life confrontations when we are at the range. Mostly I ignore the shit out of him, but the tension is palpable. If you look hard enough you might see a dribble of foam in the corner of his mouth whenever i pass by. I know that he has been issuing less than nice comments about me at the after matches reunions some shooters have at the local beers & wings establishment and some of the fellow shooters have informed me so. It was not the comments themselves (I’ve been called asshole once or twice before and sometimes with reason) but the level of hate and vitriol spewed has been such that people have felt the need to warn me. Initially I did not give too much care about that, but when I started to receive this messages, my view changed a tad:

you need to be removed. you are nothing more than a petty tyrant that uses his position to silence and obstruct opposition. when you go, take rob with you. understand that i will be sending a like message to him. love and kisses.

Another charming message went:

your days are numbered. do you not understand that the men i establish bonds with at (local eatery), (another local eatery) , and (another local eatery) far exceed your influence? i suspect that has a lot to do with it. you have no influence except for your petty tyranny. that and you being a socialist and all. you are a dry twig after the summer. winter will see you fall from the tree

And a third example:

again, your days are numbered. slowly but surely, day by day, deleted posts by deleted post, you dig your own grave. i have but one mission in life now, and that it to see you relieved. you are nothing more than a petty tyrant. *spit*

I am not worrying too much, but then again I am not turning my back when this asshole is around. We have already lost members because of this guy’s attitude and absurd verbal bellicosity. As one other threatened member has said “for all the talk about revolution, this is probably the kind of guy that will dig a deep hole and hide when the bullets start coming his way.”

So what is it to you? You are probably saying: “Dude this is your particular and very local problem. One crazy dude.” The problem is I am seeing more and more of the same blundering BS posted by other 3Pers in forums and blogs across our patch and in every state of the Union. The formula is usually I Hate LEOs-I Hate NRA-I Hate .Gov-I Hate You For Disagreeing with Me. They are visitors of certain No Compromise blogs and brand as traitor anyone who does not agree 1,000% with them. They see those who have a different view as rats against their version of the Cause for Freedom and I wouldn’t be surprised if some are having their own little Robespierre plans on how to deal with us. . .

So what are these Threepers after? They seem to make no bones about wanting a Civil War which leads me to believe that they have no fucking idea what a Civil War looks like. I am guessing in their minds all wars are clean affairs in which good guys win, all bad guys die and they get to schtump the blond with the prodigious frontal protuberances while sipping their favorite alcoholic beverage. Civil War must have the additional appeal of being a “neighborly” war where they can go home after 5 pm, soak in the jacuzzi with a beer firmly clutched in their hands while commenting on the points…er… body count they obtained during the day and the availability of fresh parking at the local mall after their raids.
Now, if you are reading this and you are the one trading insults and threats with this guy, do us all a favor and leave it alone. As willfully uninformed and wrong as he is about Three Percenters (and I can only assume it is willful for how much effort does it take to do a search and come up with Sipsey Street?), telling someone "your days are numbered" and "you need to be removed" (however you define that) is not worth it. Leave that to the experts like me. I know how to phrase the sentiment without become a police statistic.

The fellow who sent me these links did so with the comment, "This dwarf" (meaning Miguel) "better not meet Bob Wright." Well, yes. But then Bob doesn't make self-discrediting idle threats, either.

So, if it is to me that this Fudd is addressing the sentiment, "Time to control your boys before the shit hits the fan," this is my best attempt to do so. Please, whoever you are, quit threatening the moke (however mildly).



The Trainer said...

First...we (all of us, Threepers and other like-minded patriotic Americans who may or may not subscribe to the Threeper philosophy) don't need this shit between ourselves.

Second, this '3per' smells like, oh...I don't know....a provocateur maybe?

Third, folks need to realize that while various groups and/or movements (Threepers included) all have the same goal, ie, restoration of the Constitution, we're not all going to get along and be best friends. So, it'd be wise to remember you don't have to like the guys you are allied with, you just have to work with them. And working with them means you don't chest thump and talk about how you're going to 'kick his ass' when/if the SHTF. That can, and should, be viewed as a direct threat to life and limb.

I'll finish up with this: In the 'merry little band' of Threepers that I hang with, we pray for peaceful restoration....nobody sane wants a war, and we are doing everything we can to avert anything like it, short of abandoning the Constitution.

It's SOP with us that if one of our associates were found to be talking shit to someone as described, we'd discipline them 'most ricky- tick', even if it was to tell him to 'cease and desist', and if that didn't do the job, his ass would be out because he hurts every other Threeper in the movement by his continuance.

Chest thumping is not going to do anything but splinter relations among all the 'like-minded' and then, once splintered, we're that much more easily out-everything'd.

Rifleman said...

The Only thing I can Say is I do agree that the 3 %'rs Rhetoric is a bit harsh on LEO's collectively rather than individually This coming from a dedicated Oath Keeper LEO who has always considered himself a 3%

Anonymous said...

LEO, collectively and individually, has already proven to be a willing tool of those who strive for absolute control. The Oath Keeper nonsense isn't fooling anyone.

Promising not to enforce "unconstitutional" laws during some future scenario while LEO today conducts random Stop & Frisks is the definition of hypocricy. Every time LEO charges a free American with a gun charge it is a violation of the spirit and letter of the Second Amendment.

Every LEO out there violates the spirit of the Founders and Framers every week in the routine course of their "job" of "making the citizens safe".

The Political Class decrees that X is bad. LEO enforces the decree because "it's the law". LEO is a tool.

Sorry, but in a world of Us versus Them, LEO is Them.

Anonymous said...

The Internet does bring out the psychos and nut cases...

Heavy sigh.

If this crazy is a plant/provocateur he should read the news and see what happened to his fellow "Patriot CI" Hal Turner. Maybe they can swap war stories at Lewisburg.

neal said...

I left this post for him to read...

I think you have the threepers wrong. From what I have read they are not trying to incite a civil war, they are trying to prevent one. However, just as our founders were pushed into a corner where the only choices they had were to fight for their liberty, or become slaves to an oppressive government, the modern day threepers are only stating what their line in the sand is. Our government has pushed and pushed and whittled away at our liberties while the vast majority of Americans sit around with their heads up their backside. They don't understand their rights, and they honestly don't care. The threepers only want government off their backs and are willing to fight to ensure that their remaining liberties are not taken from them.

Damn man, you gotta take a stand at some point in time or else you may as well just drop your drawers, bend over, and let anyone have their way with you.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you or what kind of person you are. I have had many LEO friends over the years, 2 roomates at gunsmithing school were LEOs.
What most of us see today is the brutality of the LEO community against civilians and it's really wearing thin with a lot of people. When WW2 ended, the Gestapo were rounded up, all of them, even if you only mopped the floor, you were still Gestapo. It's sort of getting like that today. Even if you're one of the good guys, your union buddies already shit the bed for you. Sorry, but that's how many of us see things now.

ParaPacem said...

Hmmm... first, The Trainer must have heard his Daddy use that phrase - 'most ricky tick' - 'cause he CAN'T be in the same age group as geezers like me! Then again, maybe the phrase made a comeback! A golden oldie!

Second - I would also think 'agent provocateur' , but I also wonder - could the guy who wrote all this stuff, have 'invented' the belligerent threat maker? I mean, MBV could easily create a left-wing commie faux persona and write death and dismemberment threats to himself, then post them, to show how intrepid he was to stand his ground... when in fact, his antagonist existed only in his own mind... so, do ya think this is all a hoax?
See, my own experience with people in almost ANY of the assorted patriotic groups, has never exposed me to any man who was so brain dead as to post, or even email, explicit or implicit death threats, so I can't figure this one out.

Finally, about the general attitude toward more and more LEOs - assuming that they are hostile until proven otherwise - this sort of opinion did not simply spring forth without cause; the incredible increase of cases of LEOs openly abusing, beating, intimidating or killing citizens who represent various views - pro lifers, Constitutionalists, RKBA people and so on - the terrorist tactics of various SWAT types, killing pets, terrorizing toddlers, etc. - is the primary factor, PLUS the fact taht the 'good' LEOs, rather than policing themselves and firign these assclowns, covers for them and stonewalls, with the collusion of way too many attorneys-general, myors and commissioners. So rightly or not, THAT is why the general opinion of LEOs has gone in the crapper over the alst year or two.
No offense intended to any LEO threepers.

Brock Townsend said...

Last three comments.
Aug 18, 2010 at 11:41 pm

I got a link for this, and wondered why the layout looked familiar. Scrolled back a few pages and there it was: your previous screed attacking anyone who thinks the NRA is less than perfect.

At that point the Light shone and the Angels sang.

1) Your antagonist is not a Threeper despite his claims.
2) His douchiness outweighs yours by only a little bit.
3) The pair of you probably deserve each other.
4) You’ve absorbed enough of the elisions and half-truths of the gun control crowd to be able to use the same kind of technique on others.
Aug 19, 2010 at 12:07 am

Methinks this lad doth protest too much. I agree with George - this blogger obviously likes to over-generalize, and appears to be incapable (or simply chooses not to) of seeing the forest for the trees.
3 Aug 19, 2010 at 12:16 am

I think you have the threepers wrong. From what I have read they are not trying to incite a civil war, they are trying to prevent one. However, just as our founders were pushed into a corner where the only choices they had were to fight for their liberty, or become slaves to an oppressive government, the modern day threepers are only stating what their line in the sand is. Our government has pushed and pushed and whittled away at our liberties while the vast majority of Americans sit around with their heads up their backside. They don’t understand their rights, and they honestly don’t care. The threepers only want government off their backs and are willing to fight to ensure that their remaining liberties are not taken from them.

Damn man, you gotta take a stand at some point in time or else you may as well just drop your drawers, bend over, and let anyone have their way with you.

Anonymous said...


I'm somewhat harsh on cops. I also know there are ... despite the "laws" they KNOW they should not enforce ... "fair" cops. I happen to know one of those guys pretty high up there in copdom. Now, he and I don't always see eye to eye ... but I tell you what ... this guy DOES watch my back ... despite my "rhetoric". I know it is "tough" being a cop. And I know that there are some "laws" that some cops don't like to enforce or participate in ... but do so anyways ... because ... well ... some cops get their eyes opened ON THE JOB. But when your eyes are open half way to your retirement ... it is kind of hard to just ... stop and find another job. You do have to admit though, that you probably have arrested people for mundane things that would make our Founders a little ... upset. And you do have to admit that a lot of cops are crawling all over the Homeland Security and Fusion Center partnership a little bit to ... overjoyed in it all. You have to understand, from someone who almost spent 40 years in prison for punching a cop several years ago almost 8 months out of my enlistment who desperately needed it (sorry about the reconstructive nose surgery), in which they decided to "PLEA BARGAIN" to 6 months county ... 3 months good time (YOU know how that is!) ... it is not to hard to see a badge ... rather than a HUMAN BEING. Now, I don't know you personally, but I'm going to tell you what I expect of you ... after all ... YOU work for ME. I expect you to take a serious posture when you see some POLICE STATE TACTICS being used on a citizen and open your mouth in objection ... and ... if need be ... to get physically involved, which might mean putting yourself between the citizen and the cop thug. Otherwise, you are just another badge of STATE sponsored authority. And ... when you are sitting in one of those pre-action get-togethers ... open your mouth when your conscience tells you to ... rather than liking the job to much.

Other than the obvious ... one thing is correct. There is to much talk among some people, and I myself have ran into some of them ... of relishing a confrontation. I don't relish it, I just accept it as ... hell ... human history. It sucks, but there it is. It is an unfortunate fact that violence, throughout history, has been the ultimate arbitrator between freedom and slavery.

Patrick Henry in his speech did NOT relish it ... he just accepted the obvious. He didn't go around bragging about killing people.

EJR914 said...

Rifleman, as a threeper, I know that there are plenty of Oathkeeping LEO out there. Meaning LEO that would never infringe on someone's civil or constitutionally held rights. Say a 4th or 2nd amendment violation. However, there are some complete jerk LEO out there, that make it their life mission to do whatever it takes to get what they want, Constitution be damned, even though they did take a the oath, it means nothing to them.

With that said, thank you for being an Oath Keeping LEO. Keep doing what you do, and if the time ever comes, I'll be happy for you to be on our side.

Anonymous said...

""Please, whoever you are, quit threatening the moke """

Becareful, the M word, like beef Brah? Bad word for Hawaiian.

Wait till mililani trask finds out.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me there is a time honored way to handle situations like these within "units". The leader speaks his piece and if that doesn't settle things down the antagonists can step up and act like MEN, go behind the woodshed and settle things. Personally, I have no time for "my vagina hurts" cause johnny was mean to me crappola. I will be posting the same response on the other side of this hairball.

LFMayor said...

Most Ricky Tick is still alive and well, and I'm near certain that Joe Shit the Ragman is still serving faithfully in our Armed Forces.

About this provacateur... keep your groups small guys. People you know, have known and can trust. Know who the other (small) groups are, check them out enough to make sure their all "in one sock", but keep your cards close to your vest.

Hollywood said...

Hmmm... So there is a guy some where who is a Threeper and a jerk. OK, so what....

I've meet cops, teachers, nuns, ministers, dog walkers and bums who are jerks....

Instead of crying about this guy, go deal with it. There is something more to this issues, or something less. But, I doubt it has anything to do with the believe that we are getting steam rolled by the government.

Dedicated_Dad said...

First, I don't think the moke-in-question is a true threeper, no matter what he may claim or even think. He may well be a provocateur as suspected...

That said, I think the writer probably has a va-jay-jay big enough to park a truck. The "threats" seem - even out of context - to pretty clearly refer to his "ousting" as a mod of whatever forum he's referring to...

Bottom line: We don't need this BS, any more than we need to alienate others we've recently discussed...



PS: WV = "trollist"... ROFL!

Defender said...

It's becoming really obvious that the time to choose sides is here, and possibly past. The cooperators, appeasers and incrementalists have the right to be those things, and will suffer enough in the world they themselves are helping to create, when they finally realize it, without any additional help from us.
Just like in the Middle East, you can't free people who don't desire to be free.

Anonymous said...

Well, the first paragraph tells me that they are a youngster and obviously without much life experience. I would suspect that they have too much "self esteem" to admit being wrong. Leading of course to all those other problems down the road and a propensity to blame others for your own intellectual failures and actions.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, giving this guy any virtual ink is a waste and by addressing him you give him undue importance.

He doesn't understand what a Threeper is because he is ignorant - apparently uneducated about the first American Revolution and the fact that we have already had a Civil War here. I thought immigrants were supposed to achieve some level of understanding about the U.S. before become citizens?

I do think he raises an excellent issue which should be mentally resolved in everyone (especially the enemies to the Constitution). Any armed conflict in our collective future is going to be horrible, bloody and terrible - just as it was for our forefathers.

However, simply giving up and giving in would be horrible, bloody and terrible - for everyone but those who back the tyranny.

Anonymous said...

I began to post a reply on his little blog but then I thought why bother he has already made his position clear and his mind will not be swayed. As long as he supports freedom and liberty and not just NRA membership then we can fight on the same side. He just needs to keep to his lane of fire and we can keep to ours.
All that aside this guy is a High Order Douchebag. I am leaning toward this being a "sexed up" encounter. Maybe the guy who he is pissed at really exists maybe he is all a construct so that he can autoflagelate his own chest and get his BTDT stats on paper. Bottom line its wasting Mikes time because he has to make the post asking this phantom 3per asshole to stop being so scarry.


Anonymous said...

Miquel's use of Robert Capa's "iconic photo of the Spanish Civil War" is unhelpful to his argument.

"Recent research indeed suggests that the picture was staged. It was definitely not taken at the battle site of Cerro Muriano, but at Espejo, some thirty miles away."

A man like Miguel who is fooled by a fraudulent picture is someone who can not readily be trusted to sort fact from fiction and his alarmist depiction of 3%ers is not one I recognize.


Anonymous said...

The one on the left has a Mosin Nagant 91/30 the guy on the right has a Enfield .303

Anonymous said...

sorry, but they are both No.4 Mk1 Enfields. M/N's don't have a nosecap like that.

Defender said...

Speaking of "Time to control your boys before..."

Fire marshals wearing jackboots now.
Well, we've been aware for some time that they participate in "code enforcement" along with the police and building inspectors to facilitate warrantless searches.
I understand better now why urban tribals sometimes snipe at firefighters, whom we always thought of as the good guys in everybody's book.

TPaine said...

Definitely an agent provocateur, someone trying to make Threepers look bad. But he's in the wrong territory. And if you read the last sentence in the screed, it's awfully close to the creed of the Threepers, eh?

Every group has wanna-bes out there, and this guy is obvious.

Concerned American said...

I want to know more about Joe Shit the Ragman.


Dennis308 said...

Boy´s what Boys,

Let the Guys settle their differences all by their lonsomes Grown Men don´t need no referees.

Don´t know why someone would need to call somebody´s Daddy to tellĂ©m to watch their kids. WTF


Anonymous said...

Posted @ Miguel's blog

So……..Miguel, Have you REALLY read at Sipsey in depth? To use your Civil War Analogy, what part about MVB’s “no Ft. Sumpter’s” did you not understand?