Sunday, August 22, 2010

It really is all about him.

Few Americans consider themselves bigger than the presidency but Obama might be one of them. The man in the Oval Office, argues Toby Harnden, may already be preparing for a role as a post-president in a post-American world.

Obama may not WANT to be re-elected. Rather, Soros may have him in mind for the role of Anti-Christ of the World. On the observable evidence, this makes more sense than Obama as a typical American politician. Which means his party and his country are disposable things to be destroyed in order to make HIS next great leap.


Anonymous said...

If he really was a James Bond mastermind villain, then he would be able to make a coherent speech after his teleprompter broke down. He is only a hired pitchman and figurehead, like Reagan. He doesn't make the plans, he only reads the speeches on the TV. HE is not the power, the power is elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

This certainly explains his "global" tours and his efforts to subordinate America to everyone else in the world. Man is majorly insecure and easily manipulated i would imagine.

Sean said...

As far as I am concerned, he is dog-shit wearing a suit.

Anonymous said...

Jesus and Mohamed.

This is a pro Obama European Newspaper saying Obama wants to become a supra national anti America.

"""But he might well be calculating that a embarking post-presidential role as the leading global thinker in the post-American world as a Republican successor enters office is more attractive than being sullied by the political compromises and manoeuvrings necessary to win. """"

And he could make more trouble and further his agenda outside the oval office then in.

drjim said...

I always thought it strange that his term ends in 2012, and all the "Doom and Gloom" people are hooked on 2012 as the year the world is supposed to end.

Kerodin said...

This article may be close to the point. Any "King of the World" would need at least one term as American President in his resume. A President who "chooses" to leave office after one term would gain even more international street cred with the rest of the world, especially after imposing a mountain of socialism on America.

It is important to recognise the true power in America that must be defeated. LEO and bureaucrats and the Political Class are only tools and symbols of the problem. The true rot in America is Liberals. It is your Liberal neighbor who votes for these people who enter office and impose Liberalism on the republic. It is your Liberal neighbor who must be chastised - he is the man behind the curtain, he is the Wizard.


Anonymous said...

War is a team sport, and the colder war called politics is no different. Consider the team roles of the state party kingmakers, the rich party faithfuls who bankroll campaigns, the advertising specialists who craft message, the outsider developer who makes a campaign contribution seeking a declaration of monopoly in his favor. These are no less crucial of team roles than the candidate who "appears" from out of "the grassroots" to be the assigned focus of the press/PR/promotional attention. Reagan, Ventura, and Arnold are actors. Their skill is following a script while making it look genuine. Reagan and Arnold have many moneymaking movies to their credit, wherein they prove this skill. They didn't suddenly stop being an actor and become a philosopher, an economist, a foreign policy gamesmaster, a war general, or a legal theoretician.

Maybe somebody could issue a collectable card game, with baseball cards for the real people in the team slots of a national party's machine in one major market. Might be fifty positions to fill to make up a fantasy team, but only three of them are "politicians" you see on TV. Instead of "Magic, the Gathering" call it "Democracy, the Redistribution". In the book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the Galactic president is a photogenic flake, a narcissistic publicity hound who is always doing outrageous things and basking in the limelight. Half the time he's an outlaw, on the run doing a bank robber thing, living an exciting life that ordinary people desperately want to live vicariously through. In the book, the real power behind the throne admits that the purpose of a galactic president is to deflect attention from actual power.

Brock Townsend said...

Good comment on Vox Popoli
Sunday, August 22, 2010
No wonder there are no jobs
I was a little surprised to discover that there are 43 million more people in the USA in 2010 than there were in 1997. 3.3 million more people per year is non-trivial. It seems to me that the people who are most concerned about the environment should be more militantly anti-immigration than anyone. And yet, you can pretty much count on a rabid tree-hugger to be enthusiastic about the ongoing third-world migration.

Comments (19)
No wonder there are no jobs
Plain ole Bob
8/22/10 10:40 AM
To have a "rabid tree hugger" to show a bit of common sense is like expecting Obama not to lie when he is awake.

Scott J said...

You're the 2nd commentor I've seen musing about this recently. Beck was talking about it on his radio show last week.

If it's true it does scare me quite a bit.

I can't decide if he simply doesn't care about re-election of if he's so arrogant to think that he can be while so blatantly ignoring the will of the people.

Defender said...

He should resign now and get on with his UN career or whatever, where he'll be just another little fish in a huge pond. It's not like the big-gov juggernaut won't roll on without him.

fireplaceguy said...

If one accepts the oft stated globalist agenda at face value, and if one considers the boy king's stated willingness to be "a really effective one-term president" then this conclusion is unavoidable.

If that's not enough evidence, then actions, as usual, speak louder than words. All his actions point to a desire to destroy America. We're far past the point where any thinking person could consider all this an unfortunate chain of accidental events.

Prepare accordingly.



Dennis308 said...

In Two Words;

Fuck Obass!


Dedicated_Dad said...

More grist for the "antichrist" rumor-mill...

I was struck by the way the piece seemed to alternate utter BS with basically correct info.

",,,Governing has been altogether more difficult for him and there are signs he is already tiring of it.,,"


"...Islamic Community Center..."

"...a former constitutional law professor..."


"...his words lacked ...any real empathy with what Americans felt and practical considerations,,,"

"...attending church and taking "regular" holidays..."

And so on...

Sign of Lefty reporter having a breakdown? Unable to deny the WHOLE truth, but still clinging to "the party line"?

Anonymous said...

Duly noted the counter homage of not calling Zero "President" on Mike's Sipsey Street posts -- as his natural born citizenship has never been legally presented, and all the evidence points to a foreign birth in Mombasa, modern day Kenya, which will come out in time.

We know he has admitted as such as Senator (as has those around him with said knowledge), with witnesses who signed affidavits presented in court;

We know from a registered birth certificate copy fitting the time line as provenance issued for the Obama Sr./Stanley Ann Dunham divorce record in 1964;

We know from past and current statements made by Kenyan officials in Parliament:

We know from witness accounts of 2 missionaries who verified and remembered a young pregnant white girl named Stanley (unique name) Ann Dunham in Kenya 1961 being denied boarding an international flight back home (one said missionary and director were then killed 2007 after being told to contact FBI);

We know from witnesses like Susan Blake testimony that Stanley Ann Dunham arrived in Seattle, WA without knowledge of changing Barry's diaper;

We know that Barry's posted online short form is a forgery by responses from Hawaii Dept of Health concerning receipts/invoices, which confirmed Obama's long form birth certificate was amended in 2006, with no such amendment stated on his online short form forgery;

We know that Barry's posted online short form is a forgery by comparisons to other birth certificates filed with Barry’s having an impossible as date filed and/or certificate number falsified as his short form has a later number than other BC’s found;

We know Barry's posted online short form is a forgery by not being presented in court with an evidentiary affidavit as proof, instead paying millions in lawyer fees on nearly 70 cases concerning his eligibility;

We know Hawaii Dept of Health has confirmed no UIPA requests of Obama's birth record by Nancy Pelosi or many other Hawaiian officials from Jan 2008 to Feb 2010, and that Pelosi perjured herself certifying Barry is eligible;

We know Barry's stooge former CIA John Brennan firm scrubbed his passport record, accessing John/Hillary's to muddy tracks, no doubt also scrubbing Obama Sr./Dunham divorce papers with page 11 scrubbed from microfiche, in addition FOIA requests made for Stanley Ann show no passport usuage before 1980?, likewise Lt. Quarles Harris working with Feds with info on Brennan's firm killed.

Goes on and on folks...

III more than them said...

He may be pushing through some things with the help of the leaders of both houses, but he has little cred elsewhere in the world. Other country's newspapers laugh at the man, and he hasn't had one single serious foreign policy win yet.

He talks big, and uses what power was given him here, but you have to notice, he has been given NONE elsewhere. I don't see it happening. He's just the bully of the semester with a big friggin hall pass. Off campus, he's just another PUNK.

Anonymous said...

Why do they insist on always calling him a "constitutional law professor"? He's an idiot with a degree in law who taught on the side his and the Ivoy Tower's own incredibly warped concept of the Constitution. The term "professor" means you had tenure, and there hasn't been a sitting member of the Supreme Court, except maybe Clarence Thomas, in the last 100-ish years that I would consider someone actually knowledgable of the Constitution, so a degree in law doesn't make you an expert on it.

Blue said...

In an October 2008 interview with Barbara Walters, candidate obama stated (hesitantly) in response to Ms. Walters' question regarding Our Constitution that "The Constitution is an outdated document. It states only what the government is not allowed to do to the people. It does not tell what the government is obligated to do for the people". Honestly, I nearly shit myself when I heard this interview on television. It passed with no notice among the populace. The Constitution very clearly states what the government is obligated to do for the people, such as provide for the national defense, collect taxes for the common good, etc. It says something about the people of this country when a man with no experience, no verifiable background, and no qualifications can be elected POTUS. It says something when half the population still worships the man after all he has(n't) done in the past 2 years. Are we really that stupid? What are we going to do to correct it? Can we correct it?