Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Guilford Court House rally got little press attention.

This CBS affiliate station's reporter interviewed just me for over almost 20 minutes. He also interviewed other folks. We ended up with a grand total of 39 seconds.


Anonymous said...

If the press, which is part of the problem, sees any kind of demonstration regardless of size that doesn't forward their leftist agenda, they won't cover it. Or, they'll bury any coverage they might give it under their leftist bullshit. I've seen it too many times before; a FairTax rally in Columbia, SC of over 8000 people that wasn't even mentioned but 16 anti-war college-age demonstrators were interviewed and given a story. Also, the Tea Party movement is huge, yet gets marginalized as kooks, racists, and troublemakers. I've never been to a more polite, orderly, and well-attended rally as a Tea Party rally I attended on tax day in my small hometown.

I'm not surprised it didn't get any press. The electronic media is looking for entertainment value, not important issues.

I don't see any of this as having the least chance of ending well.


Anonymous said...

What did her last comment have to do with the right to keep and bear arms "Even though the government has placed restrictions on concealed carry."? Also, not every state government has restrictions on concealed carry Vermont, Alaska, I believe Alabama! Guess they didn't fully check the facts or care to give an objective 29 seconds!

Anonymous said...

If you were Skinheads, Homosexuals or Illegals it would have had more coverage than Ded Ted's funeral. For the shit-eating media, you'll never be what's for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Obviously no one gave them anything, they could use against all of us, and the necessary points were covered. GOOD JOB!

Defender said...

No overall shot of all the attendees. That's telling. An overall shot is just basic photojournalism. They did the same with the Tea Party rally in DC, when we all saw photos taken by those who were there showing a SEA of people.
A recent Gallup poll says only 25% of the people surveyed trust the media, mostly under-20s who haven't experienced the real adult world yet.
I notice that, the urban legend verification people, said a large Ground Zero mosque protest in June was NOT censored, as claimed. It was just totally ignored by all media except bloggers. That IS different, but not by much.
That's why WE are HERE.

Bad Cyborg said...

Mike wrote "This CBS affiliate station's reporter interviewed just me for over almost 20 minutes. He also interviewed other folks. We ended up with a grand total of 39 seconds."

I hope no one is surprised by that. With something of that size happening they pretty much HAD to make at least SOME mention of the rally. I'm surprised you got as much air time as you did.

Bad Cyborg X
"People who jump to conclusions seldo stick the landing."

Defender said...

The media company I worked for laid off half its staff, about 350 people, with the executive editor telling each, face to face, word for word, "The company is in a dire situation. Positions are being eliminated. Yours is one of them."
When STOCKHOLDERS heard there was a "dire situation" and began getting nervous, the publisher sent out an official letter denying that anyone ever said that.
Funny thing: all the discarded employees were stockholders too.
Point is, they'll lie and throw their own under the bus for a few dollars more.
I've said before, also, that even the 20-year crime reporters don't know a full-auto from a revolver, and the political columnists don't recognize the Preamble to the Constitution when it's read to them.
Expect no aid from that direction.

Dennis308 said...

If we expected to be treated fairly there would be no Need to have Restore the Constitution Rallies or Tea Parties or Fair Tax Days or any kind of demonstration. We are not and WILL Not be treated Fairly until We Make Them Treat us with Respect. And if we can have Respect, Fear will have to do.


EJR914 said...

Hey, at least that is something.