Friday, August 20, 2010

This is what you get when you let an "authorized journalist" into your training sessions.

Johnny Cochran helps the media tell "the 'truth' behind America's civilian militias."

And only a moron would do so.


Anonymous said...

My experience has been that even a letter to the editor gets chopped up enough that your point is not made or worse turned into a point you did not make. There are no ethics in journalism and facts rarely enter into the finished product.

However, there are more than several "morons" who have allowed "journalists" into their training areas with the result of a pretty darn fair news article. Several state militias come to mind. Texas is not one of them.

I think the problem with a reporter who can't bring himself to report the truth without slanting it or twisting it into lies is cowardice. Fear of reporting truthfully and honestly as a real journalist would because he would stand out too glaringly amongst the crowd of truth haters. In other words...He would be the only turd in the punchbowl that floats.

Anonymous said...

Why don't european journalist ever interview the bloods, creeps or the new black party? Or Al queda? Or la raza?

Defender said...

The big smear campaign we foresaw is beginning for real. The author's main source is the Southern Poverty Law Center, highly-paid professional liars.
I had no idea Timothy McVeigh used plastic explosives in Oklahoma City. Much ado was made about his ammonium nitrate and fuel oil mixture (ANFO)in plastic BARRELS in a rental truck, and now large purchases of common fertilizer draw attention. I thought the FBI and ATF didn't make mistakes.
Is there a pistol model called the "Kimber 45", or does the author not know about the decimal point in caliber designations? It would not at all surprise me.
A commenter says his world-traveling daughter feels most uneasy in the United States, not Cambodia, etc., because of our guns and the willingness to use them.
Yeah, kneeling at the edge of a mass grave waiting for the shot is so much safer.

Defender said...

Anonymous 11:45, you are exactly right. The reporters and editors I know know what they don't know, and don't care. Sensationalism sells papers, commercials and web ads. That paycheck and that byline are what matters.
Crime beat reporters don't know a full auto from a revolver, and political writers can't identify "When in the course of human events..." Yet still they win awards.
The local paper had a conservative Pulitzer Prize nominee writing for them who told them how off-track they are. He works elsewhere now.
Great analogy, that punchbowl.

Anonymous said...

I dismiss articles that are rife with errors.


Ironwill said...

"Timothy McVeigh ... would use plastic explosives to blow up the Federal Murrah building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people."

This reporter wasn't credible from his first sentence ('In heavy camouflage gear...'), but to say McVeigh used plastic explosives to bring down the Murrah building shows he doesn't know a bazooka from a baseball bat and should probably stick to reporting bake sales.

GunRights4US said...

What the hell was Johnny thinking?

Toaster 802 said...

Is that an air soft AR?

Another hit piece. Surprise!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it took the author eight paragraphs to start referencing the SPLC. And, as anyone would expect, after that the article became a veritable orgy of conflation.

Sometimes I wonder if what goes on in a typical school of journalism is reminiscent of the scene from "A Clockwork Orange" where Alix the Droog is having his brain rewired by the minions of the state. I can hardly think of any other way someone could acquire the ability (?) to imagine a link between Theodore "Unabomber" Kaczynski and the militia movement...

I suppose as a reminder to NEVER talk to the collectivist media this fiasco was not a total loss. I hope others will benefit from Mr. Cochran's experience.

Dave III

Anonymous said...

the report of ole Johnny C. going commando for the reporter, has to be a crock of shit. Granted he might be the real deal, but from the report, or of his picture I'd basically give him the "poseur" label. As bad as the guy that was decked out in Ranger tabs and CIBs last week.

First off, the Black T-shirt under the ACU speed vest is just crap. As far as camo makes you stand out as well as Highway worker Hi-vis green. The ACUs are so uncommon around here, that you would stand out big time, with the local folk thinking you are a fed. the black stripe in the boonie lid, well just aim right below it...

Then anyone that allows a "Journo" into their camp is stupid, or a publicity hound, seeking to be the next "Colonel" Norm Olson. All the high speed comments about bone and flesh scream wannabe.

I really do not think the world has much to fear from Johnny Cochran and his band. If the "journo" wanted to get the story right, he'd would interview the guy that is wearing a mix of real-tree and jeans, that rolls with his well prepared family. He hunts, fishes and splits his own firewood. His wife and kids tend a garden and keep a neat house. They raise the flag, the stars and stripes and revere the stars and bars. He camps with a family that is comfortable in the woods, and they can go a week without electricity. If he brings out a rifle, it might be an old M1 or something that he hunts with. If he has any high speed gear or arms, it is laid up in a locker....and reluctantly he will pull it out to defend himself, family or community.

This journo does understand that when the balloon goes up, death will come from the least expected places, and from folk that you would have never expected.

Frank 3%

root@localhost.localdomain said...

Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some assembly required.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they interview New Black Panters, Bloods or Crips?

Silly Anonymous - because they kill people! Everyone knows American militia nuts are all talk, no action.

Fellow Anonyminian

PS: If so, then why all the fear and loathing????

Dakota said...

I'd like to know who, what, when and where a journalist ever wrote about a militia FTX and didn't sensationalize it. I don't think you can do it. They are not to be trusted first of all. Second they are not to be trusted .... get it.

Justin said...

Again, Potok and his ill-gotten "hate group" numbers, which, incidentally, count the John Birch society fifty times, once per state chapter.

Potok is a liar. The SPLC is the ULTIMATE fear monger.

Why would anyone expect any sympathy, or at least truth, from a Brit reporter? Those ladies over there are scared of the very mention of "gun" or "bullet". (Remember, they have an NRA too.)

They must be still smarting over what what our militias did to them when they tried trampling on us. Damn right. Fear the militia. All that checks a government is the fear of an armed populace forcefully saying "no".

Judging from some of the comments, some of those people (commentors) are absolutely ignorant of the last hundred years of history.

Yeah, Public affairs rule #1 should be "Don't put training videos on YouTube".

Rule #2 should be "Don't invite the media to training. Especially not from THAT source."

Rule #3? Spread philosophy. You teach tactics to trusted people, not freaking newspeople. People, for the most part, don't want to hear about killing techniques, whether they're being practiced by the US Army, the Crips, or the local militia.


Anonymous said...

You know, for a Bloomin' Limey paper that waren't a half bad article.

I've worked in media for many years, and as a general rule, keeping the media at arms length is a great rule.
That said, our Founding Fathers used the power of the press to great effect.

Anonymous said...

Didn't put me off. I was glad to see all the patriot comments.

Lamb said...

Quote from article:
" Timothy McVeigh was one of those unhinged people who visited Mount Carmel during the weeks following the battle between cult members and officers of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Two years later, he would use plastic explosives to blow up the Federal Murrah building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people. "

What happened to turn the so-called "fertilizer" bomb into "plastic explosives"?
Maybe there was a miracle...I mean Jesus did the water into wine thing...perhaps he showed up at the Murrah building and turned fertilizer into plastique?
Of course, maybe he was talking about the two bombs that were removed from the Murrah building long after the first explosion...oh yeah...they don't report on that. Sorry. I accidentally threw in a fact the news media doesn't want to spread around.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Cochran's never heard of "OPSEC" before...

and Texas does have the formal State Guard - check out


Anonymous said...

The comments are money. Read them. There are some well articulated points being made by our side.

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something? This article seems fair enough to me.


Anonymous said...

OTH, it should send a reinforcing message to the PTB that folks are fed up with the corruption of the Constitution and despite folks saying NO, don't do that, PTB rams it through.

PTB will fire the first shot. Our obligation will be to bat clean-up. And it won't just be full on militia groups...

Anon E Mouse

Dennis308 said...


Do You Understand ¨PRESS CORPS¨
The other arm of the Tyrant/s that would be the Propaganda Machine!

They will turn around ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that YOU SAY, Or DO!
and ESPECIALLY if they see Training. Win will some people learn.

If You Think that You NEED to have something to do with ¨THE PRESS CORPS¨ Do an Interview LIVE on Predetermined Material,and then stick to that Material, Do NOT Get Sidetracked, and if they try to steer the Interview into Another Direction or Intimedate you or Pressure You Stop the Interview and say that You WILL NOT PLAY THEIR STUPID GAME. Point out that they have broken the Agreement of the Terms of the Interview just like you were sure that they would and THEY CAN NOT be Trusted. Do it calmly but firmly then stop and leave.

Or better yet if you don´t Already Have Experience with the
¨PRESS CORPS¨(do you understand yet) leave them alone. You Will Only Make Yourself and ALL other Patriot Groups look like Idiots.


TPaine said...

These reporters think they're getting a true picture of "American militias," and in a way, that's okay. Because the scenario is so ridiculous and far out that only the moronic left will fear it. Nazi Pelosi is a good sample candidate for this propaganda.

All the while, the morons are gleefully sopping this stuff up like a sponge, and those who believe in defending this country go about their business preparing and staying well below the radar.

Every time this happens, the militias just hunker down a little tighter and laugh among themselves.

I thought it was a humorous piece.

Pericles said...

The first rule in avoiding traps is not to take the bait.

Alex Hannaford
04/27/2010 03:45 PM Subject media enquiry

Hi there
I'm a British journalist based here in Texas and I'm writing a feature for the Telegraph newspaper in London on the rise in patriot groups in the U.S. I'm a features writer - not a news journalist - and so I'm not looking for just a brief quote over the telephone. This will be a lengthy article and I would love to really understand why there has been a rise in these groups and what your concerns are. I'd also want to come along to a training exercise and bring along my photographer (although we completely appreciate if faces need to be obscured from published shots). I'd be grateful if you could email or call me if you would be happy to talk.
best wishes and I look forward to speaking to you soon,
Alex Hannaford

Anonymous said...

The press is not our friend. I have doubts about Cochran too.

Anonymous said...

OPSEC. Need I say more ?


Christian Patriot III said...

My understanding was that OKC was diesel and fertilizer in drums in a truck. Plastic explosives? He must mean the ones that were reportedly cached by the FBI on site... those which actually took down the concrete and steel holding the front of the building up. C2 or C4 from a truck at curbside cuts steel and concrete at a distance how? Maybe there's some narrative I'm not familiar with wherein OKC was done by a demo expert who walked up and placed shaped charges on the building to make it fall in on itself?

Sorry to sound like I'm cracking off on a small technical error, but this "journalist" clearly has both bad info and a left hand lean so bad he'd fall over without his imagination to prop him up... that and the SPLC to legitimize his world view.

Anonymous said...

Face it: Europe/UK are lost until their people wise up to what is happening to them and realize that they cannot appease the monsters of the world. Refusing to defend their principles does not make them "tolerant" and will not convince the monster to leave them in peace any more than it convinced Hitler to stand down. On the contrary, it encouraged Hitler (and now the Islamofascists) to up the ante. They are exactly where they were in 1938, so horrified by the deaths of wars that they refuse to face such things again. As in 1938, they will eventually learn they have no choice and appeasement leads only to even more horrifying ends.

Bill Whittle explains the psychology behind this very well in his piece on PJTV, Surrender and Self-Loathing in America: The Ground Zero Mosque Reality Check

He calls it moral cowardice. He's right.

As for us, we cannot spend time trying to convince such people of the righteousness of our cause. If they did acknowledge it, they might have to reassess their own cowardice. That, to them, is a psyche-shattering proposal. Their self-image would be destroyed.


Defender said...

Journalists love gun-packin' granny stories in which an elderly widow routs an intruder. Everybody else with a gun -- besides the Authoritahs, of course -- to them, is either a murderer in waiting or a wild-eyed revolutionary, usually right-wing, because in journalism, there IS no "Left," only smart people who know what's best for everyone else.
Talking to them or the police is usually counterproductive. They wouldn't know the Bill of Rights if they smoked something rolled up in it.
And talking to a BRITISH journalist is slightly less constructive than sticking your fighting knife in your OWN neck.

Anonymous said...

They are very very stupid for inviting some bed-wetting liberal into their training camp. That's just about the most stupid thing you can do. Those guys must be incredibly stupid to do something like that.

Anonymous said...

That reporter was an idiot.
I can't believe that he thought that "Johnny Cochran" was not the OJ Simpson lawyer. I know he is from the UK Police/Sharia State (which do you think will happen there Fascism? Sharia? or the vaunted GWB Islamofascism?) but this guy really should have googled his source.

Kerodin said...

Can we say OpSec?

Not so much...

Lamb said...

And completely off topic...HEADS UP!
John Melvin Davis, aka 'GunKid', BOP# 84034-012 will be released from the Forrest City FCI in Arkansas on October 26, 2010

Anonymous said...

[Potok] also says it’s entirely possible the US could see another ‘Oklahoma’, but when, and how, is impossible to predict. For the moment, that same ‘spark’ hasn’t happened. But it could – any day. And America needs to be ready.

America *is* ready. Why do you think we bought up all that ammo after November 2008, for balloon ballast?


pdxr13 said...

Why don't european journalist ever interview the bloods, creeps or the new black party? Or Al queda? Or la raza?
August 20, 2010 12:13 PM

You know the answer to this question already. Thanks for asking, though.

The groups mentioned above are doing the proper work and are PC-thinking, according to Euroland/Canadia hate-speech codes.

Sharia-compliant yet? Got Dhimmitude?

Tim McVeigh had that much plastic explosive? Why did he bother with a truck loaded with inferior fertilizer/Diesel? How did those steel supports and reenforced bits of concrete shear so neatly?

MV is right on: Restrict observation and talking about training to those involved. The first rule of FightClub is....


yukon065 said...

I agree with everything that Cochran stands for, but I do question why in God's name he'd let this liberal moron into his confidence. Anytime the Southern Poverty Law Center is referenced you've got problems.

Unknown said...

In reference to the statement:
"This will be a lengthy article and I would love to really understand why there has been a rise in these groups and what your concerns are."

It is my belief, anyone who does not already understand why there is a rise in militia groups, will most likely never understand why. Not everyone has eyes to see, or ears to hear.


Defender said...

Hannaford never mentions the FEDERAL ENTRAPMENT of white SEPARATIST (not racial hater) Randy Weaver in an attempt to coerce him into informing on the nearby Aryan Brotherhood community, of which he was NOT a member. Those arbitrary gun-length laws... Plus how they changed the court date on him, giving them the failure-to-appear excuse for the raid.
That's just basic stuff. Leaving it out explains why journalists are trusted by 20% of their audience.
A debt is still owed for the assault on Patricia Konie in New Orleans, and those like her, by those protect-and-serve CHP types. Protect WHAT? Serve WHOM?.
Journalists go into the business to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, goes the old saw. To make the world a better place. However, "better" is relative. 86% of journalists self-identify as liberal, progressive, whatever the euphemism is today.

Anonymous said...

azcIII -


I will leave it at that.

Doc Enigma said...

Dennis 308 said:


Do You Understand ¨PRESS CORPS¨
The other arm of the Tyrant/s that would be the Propaganda Machine!

They will turn around ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that YOU SAY, Or DO!
TRUST THE PRESS CORPSTraining. Win will some people learn."

Eggsactly right! The only thing I could possibly add to those groups out there who fall prey to 'journalists' wanting to 'get your story out' is this:

Why do you want to show people how to kill you? As others have said, OPSEC is the only way you have a chance of living....

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Did he say Tim McVeigh used plastic explosives? What does he know that the FBI doesn't know. He also seemed to imply that McVeigh did not act alone. Again the FBI disagrees. Of course we all know that AMFO could not do that kind of damage to a reinforced concrete structure especially in a parked truck 15 feet or more from the front of the building. I have always wondered why no reporter pursues the truth about OKC. I suppose it is because the official version fits a liberal mould whereas the likely truth would be way to "messy".