Sunday, August 29, 2010

Somebody thinks there's a Middle East war coming.

Either that or they want to lay in as much as possible before Obama puts an embargo on them.

NOTE: I am uninterested in stale arguments over Zionism here. I post this as a bit of military intel to prod your own preparations for when gasoline goes to $15.00 a gallon and Hezbollah and Iranian sleeper cells become active in the continental U.S.


Pat H. said...

I won't complain about "sleeper cells" doing certain work us.

Why should we complain?

Do y'all get it, the US government is our enemy.

Dakota said...

Thanks for the indicator Mike, I too am tired of hearing from the Jew haters in the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. Another thing that folks should think about are protective masks, Tyvek suits and sealing off a room in the home like the Israeli citizens do. If you live in a metropolitan area you face the possibility of chemical plant fires, train derailments and dirty bombs. You may be trapped and unable to evacuate. Just a thought.

MamaLiberty said...

at an estimated cost of $2 billion.

Hmmm, I wonder if they are actually paying for this fuel themselves, or if it's just a shuffle of the funds already stolen from American taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

A Middle East war has been a constant since I can remember. Mostly due to US and UN intervention.

Defender said...

A natural reaction to Obama saying that #1 ally the United States is a Muslim country, must have prompted some sphincter-tightening in Tel Aviv. His selling lots of hi-tech fighter planes to the Wahabist Saudis, too.
Then there's Ahmadinejad running wild.

Anonymous said...

There is always a war coming. It is mankind's finest achievement! And we are always at its mercy ... or not. All due to mankind's various "opinions" of the day.

pdxr13 said...

$15/gal gasoline will not be a reflection on gasoline, it will be from a collapse of the value/desirability of the US FRN, and the lack of legitimacy of the US Federal Government.

Betcha that the same 2 or 3 silver dimes buy the same gallon of fuel in Vancouver BC, as they ever did. The additional cost of getting gasoline to Portland Oregon will be that various municipalities and highjackers will decide to assess a toll on the fuel passing through via truck or pipeline and the EarthFirst! folks generally destroying anything that transmits or stores BTU's except woodpiles.

Got a Canadian passport? Got militia?


Anonymous said...

Bwah hah ha "Iranian sleeper cells."

Just like the hundreds of Al-Qaeda sleeper cells that we were promised are poised at this very instant- like coiled snakes - ready to shoot up our malls each weekend, attack our wimminfolk, and possess our precious bolidy fluids.


I suppose you still think they hate us for our freedom?

Anonymous said...

Why dont we spend any time talking about Ten Percenters, and what they can be focusing on in terms of preparing to support the Three Percent? We are not gonna make it with just what we can provide.

And they are already countering the sign vandalism. They just remove them.

Anonymous said...

Quite interesting...

thedweeze said...

According to the article, the last order was placed 25, almost 26 months ago.

As much as I like the prospect of Israel going out and smiting the deserved, this might be nothing more than replenishing her strategic reserve.

Although I'm still rooting for the Iranian Revolutionary Council getting a nuclear enema. Heh.

Anonymous said...

So the Israelis are doing what we should be doing -- preparing for an inevitable conflict.

It does not mean that they are planning on an offensive war (starting one) but we all know the best defense is a good offense AND you want to hit the bastards where they live and keep hitting them all the way to the battlefield. So you get lots of JP8 and turn the Israeli AF (better than ours ... though smaller) loose to do its thing.

Anonymous said...

Off subject but here is an interesting article:

Anonymous said...

If the Israeli government is not concerned with Pakistan which:
A. Has nukes
B. Has ballistic missles
C. Could be overthrown by the taliban...
then they should have no problem with Iran, which has Bio and Chem weapons that it has yet to give to Hezbullshit.

Just further evidence that we need to be off oil so we can wash our hands of ALL of the middle east.

Anyways war is still a long way off, remember that .gov econ theory is this:

1. Throw money at it
2. Create make work jobs
3. Start a war

I have yet to see 2 in substantial form. I know that there is evidence that this is planned, but the legislation passed has been a joke (ED Kennedy Serve America Act, passed in 2009).

Anonymous said...

"I won't complain about "sleeper cells" doing certain work (for) us."

I expect they'll be hitting shopping malls and schools, NOT Federal buildings/offices or military bases.

They'll want to inflict enormous amounts of terror before they face down the guns of SWAT Teams, although armed citizens will hopefully help stem the bloodshed.

"Just like the hundreds of Al-Qaeda sleeper cells that we were promised are poised at this very instant.."

There was a great Onion article that reported that terrorist sleeper cells were more obsessed with American Idol than their duties.

Perhaps that is closer to the truth that we can imagine?

Four young Arabs in the US, with 100 grand "to buy weapons", who then decide to take the money and run. I could see that happening very easily..

Or one killing the other three and taking the money.

As an aside, THAT is why their leaders hate our culture.

EJR914 said...

I'm sure not looking forward to the 15 dollar gallon gas, but heck, Israel has to do what it has to do to survive.

Also, the government and the rich elite in our country will never let us get off of oil in America, or let us drill our own vast oil reserves around the U.S. and our coast. Face it, oil is here to stay because those in power will not allow us to get off our dependency.

We're screwed when it comes to oil.

Ominous Cowherd said...

Pat H, I agree with what you are saying, except ...

So far, the moose-limbs have been attacking us, not the feral government, and the feral government has been using those attacks as an excuse to strengthen its power over us.

Those hypothetical Iranian sleeper cells are sure a handy way to justify expanding the surveillance state, and if they turn out to be real, they will justify still more outrages. If they turn out to be real (and they might!), I bet the feds will be more surprised than we are.

The mohammedans are against us all, and the elected heads of our feral government see the mohammedans as allies or fellow travelers. If anyone doubts that, just look at the elite's reaction to the opposition to the ground zero mosque. The enemy of our enemy probably isn't our friend, and the feds don't see the moose-limbs as their enemy, anyway.

Chuck Martel said...

Wrong, Pat H. The government of the United States is not our enemy.

Chris K. said...

Wrong Chuck Martel. The biggest threat to freedom in the WORLD is the FEDGOV.

I'm much more afraid of them locking me up for the numerous laws that I will not follow (deathcare). Than I am of any moon god worshipper.

Dedicated_Dad said...

I said it after 9/11 -- I'm far more afraid of the tyrants in Sodom-on-the-Potomac than I am of any death-cult.

That opinion has since been validated daily...