Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Once again, Firesign Theater is given an opportunity to sue the future for violation of copyright.

The diagram is here. The story is here.

This resembles greatly Firesign Theater's New Model Government in I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus, 1971.

What's next? Beat the Reaper?


Anonymous said...

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If a man was kicking himself in early 2009 for not stocking up sooner, here is his second chance.

J. Croft said...

QUOTING ARTICLE: Brady admits committee analysts could not fit the entire health care bill on one chart. “This portrays only about one-third of the complexity of the final bill. It’s actually worse than this.”

It's not a chart of our new health care system-it's a diagram of the CPU from a terminator!

Really this is an abomination. I cannot find a stronger word to describe it without going into a ten minute profane tirade. A lot of people are going to go apeshit.

Me? I got my ass out of the system. No money, no investments, no property, no licenses, debts, permits, insurance-what have you. And that's the answer for everyone else.

What was that biblical verse? "Come out of her my People lest you taste the wrath for Babylon's iniquities?"

J. Croft said...

No it's not Anon...

pdxr13 said...

Build the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, lose your company.

Fun with Democrats


drjim said...

Just remember....Everything You Know Is Wrong!

Anonymous said...

Who comes up with this shit?!

I mean, really.

I think I'm going to the range this weekend and make my precious Springfield M1A sing out with the "bark of authority".

Anonymous said...

Good God.

I think the administration is just HOPING that someone snaps over this.

Either that, or the administration is so arogant they they don't care what We the People think. Or just totally clueless.

Dr.D said...

I love FireSign theater it was a staple of my youth, it's just a shame their all Liberals who probably thing the current direction of the country is just fine.


Defender said...

So Republicans say this worms-on-a-tray mess was brought to you by Democrats. Were all the Republicans in Congress out of town over in Spain following Michelle Obama around her luxury hotel going "Tsk tsk, for shame!" or where were they?
So tired of the good cop/bad cop routine. I'm glad they're fooling fewer people all the time.
As for the chart showing the president at the TOP and the patients at the BOTTOM, go back nine years and you could just as easily label it "Homeland Security" and "PATRIOT Act," a Republican-majority production which was also passed "so you can find out what's in it."
If Congress is THAT damn busy, theyve certainly earned a long vacation.

Anonymous said...

I routinely--I mean at least three times a day--find myself double-checking the header of some page I'm looking at to make sure it isn't "The Onion" or some other parody site...only to find out that, yes, I am looking at actual "news."

Robert Heinlein once said this time would be known to history as "the Crazy Years." I wonder if even he could have anticipated just how crazy it would get.


Defender said...

The 10 planks of the Communist party agenda as written by Marx himself, with examples of American laws that fulfill them. Apparently published before Kelo, Rangel's mandatory government service bill, the auto industry takeover, the financial industry takeover and the healthcare industry takeover.

Anonymous said...

J. Croft said...
It's not a chart of our new health care system-it's a diagram of the CPU from a terminator!


J/K Good observation.

Making that same chart with this:

would take years!

It is the nature of government to expand ... while its people regress.

Anonymous said...

A mother was contemplating a dilemma. Normally, she assigned cleaning the toilets as a grungy chore for misbehavior. But none of her five children had misbehaved enough to be assigned the chore, and the toilets really needed to be scrubbed.

Then she had an idea. She took five large cookies from a tray of leftovers from her latest ladies meeting, put them and a ziplock bag, and called all of her children to her. "I need the toilets cleaned," she told her children, "and I will give the five cookies in this bag to the one who cleans them." She then offered the task to her children beginning with the oldest. Each made an excuse: "Sorry, Mom, I have too much homework." "I promised my friends I would play ball with them." "I told Becky that I would come by." "I need to finish my school project today." Finally, she came to the youngest. He thought about the last time that he had to clean the toilets, and how the smell had almost made him sick. Then he thought about how delicious those cookies would taste. "OK, I will do it," the youngest told his mother.

He gathered the cleaning supplies, and went to each of the three toilets in the house, scrubbing them thoroughly. By the time he came to the third toilet, he was against almost sick from the smell. But he forced himself to finish, them reported to his mother that he was done.

Mother inspected the toilets, expecting to have to point out some areas for rework. She was impressed that her youngest had done a thorough job, not rushing through the task just to get finished. "You have done an excellent job," she told her youngest, "and here is your reward!", handing him the bag of cookies.

The child opened the bag of cookies, the delicious smell wiping out the nausea from the odor of the toilets. He started to reach into the bag for the first cookie.

"Not so fast," his father spoke. The father had come in the door from work just before the mother handed the boy the cookies, and decided he needed to teach a valuable lesson. "What were you planning on doing with those five cookies?"

"Eating them?" the youngest replied.

"Don't you think it is greedy for you to eat all five cookies?" his father continued.

"Not really, since I earned them," the son answered. "All of my brothers and sisters were offered the opportunity to earn the cookies. I only got the job because they refused."

"Regardless of that, we need CHANGE in this household. I cannot continue to reward selfish and greedy behavior in my house. Give me the bag," the father demanded.

The boy reluctantly handed the bag of cookies to his father. The father took the bag, and distributed one cookie to each of the siblings, leaving the smallest cookie in the bag and returning it to his son, who was in tears.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need," the father quipped, repeating a quote he had heard from Barack Obama. He was so proud to live in a country that had elected Barack Obama as president, a country that valued fairness above all else, a country that would no longer excuse greed and selfishness, just because someone supposedly "earned" their money.


The lesson had been well learned. No child ever volunteered to do another task in the house, no matter how great the reward the mother offered. Once the oldest figured out that they could call human services if the parents ever did anything to punish them, and shared that secret with his siblings, they ignored the threats of their parents. No child ever did another chore, spending their days in idleness and fun. As each came of age, they proudly took their place in public housing and on the welfare rolls, continuing their idle existence. The father could not figure out where the mother had gone wrong with their upbringing

Anonymous said...

The little story about the 5 cookies was posted by me....not my material but 100% applicable. I look forward to these "Wankers" trying to enforce this Shite.........They are so up in our face it either scares me or just makes me laugh, I'm not sure which at this point. They act like they know something that we do not and what they know gives them so much confidence in the outcome that they do not care OR they are just PLAIN F&*KING STUPID.