Thursday, August 19, 2010

Senator John Blutarsky issues a Letter of Marque and Reprisal against ARRA signs.

The letter of marque and reprisal first arose in 1295, 50 years after wartime privateer licenses were first issued. According to Grotis, letters of marque and reprisal were akin to a "private war", a concept alien to modern sensibilities but perhaps understandable if one recalls a more muscular and self-reliant age when the ocean was lawless and all merchant vessels sailed armed for self defense. A reprisal involved seeking the sovereign's permission to exact private retribution against some foreign prince or subject. The earliest instance of a licensed reprisal recorded in England was in the year 1295 under the reign of Edward I. The notion of reprisal, and behind it that just war involved avenging a wrong, clung to the letter of marque until 1620 in England, where to apply for one a shipowner had to submit to the Admiralty Court an estimate of actual losses.

Licensing privateers during wartime became widespread by the 16th Century Europe, when most countries began to enact laws regulating the granting of letters of marque and reprisal.

Although privateering commissions and letters of marque were originally distinct legal concepts, distinctions became purely technical by the eighteenth century. The United States Constitution granted Congress the power to issue “Letters of marque and reprisal” without separately addressing privateer commissions. -- Wikipedia.

"We have an old saying in Delta House: don't get mad, get even." -- Daniel Simpson Day.
Senator John Blutarsky, President Pro Tem of the Delta Fraternity in Exile, has issued a letter of marque and reprisal, conveyed through his friend and college buddy Robert "Mad Bob" REDACTED, for the defacement of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act road signs. Senator Blutarsky's ire was raised by by this ABC story. And here is another broadcast segment on the same subject.

"Mad Bob" reports that when Senator Blutarski saw this segment about the shameless waste of taxpayer dollars on socialist propaganda, he threw his Coors at the television screen and declaimed "Obama can kiss my ass! Those signs are dead!"

But how to accomplish such a worthy task? As "Mad Bob" explains, "Bluto's right. Psychotic, but absolutely right. We gotta take these bastards. Now we could do it with conventional weapons that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part. And we're just the guys to do it. I mean, here we are training for asymmetrical warfare, why not get in a little practice while we're waiting?"

Militia action against road signs is not without precedent. True story: Back in the 90s, "Mad Bob" and his Dogtown Rangers were upset that Alabama was paying taxpayer money on kilometer marker road signs. They viewed this as not only a waste, but as an attempt to Europeanize Alabama -- a prospect that was about as popular as a federal liquor "revenooer" in Winston County. So, one of the Rangers procured a plumber's service truck with a large front bumper mounting two vises for use in threading and bending pipe on the job. Somebody else picked up a eight foot long piece of solid steel round bar about an inch and a half in diameter. They attached it to the front bumper of the service truck using the vises, with the excess length sticking out to the right. Then they went down I-65 at night, swerving to right every time they saw a kilometer sign. The steel bar knocked them flat. After about 100 of them had been taken out, the state highway department gave up and pulled the rest. Like I said, true story.

Of course, the destruction and defacement of speed limit signs has an ancient and honorable history going back much further than that. Here in Alabama, local municipalities and county sheriff's used to post a slow speed sign right after a reasonable speed sign just to be able to write tickets. After a few tickets, the locals would deface or destroy the signs with shotgun blasts, making it impossible for the tickets to stick in court. Eventually, some municipalities gave up, since the cost of replacing the signs over and over again was greater than the revenue from the tickets.

For those of you unfamiliar with Senator Blutarsky, here he is in the film that demonstrated his leadership ability, command presence and made him famous, Animal House:

Senator Blutarsky now hopes to rally his forces one more time for a campaign that I must say is exquisitely targeted.


1. The signs are nothing but "Praise Obama From Whom All Blessings Flow" socialist propaganda.

2. They are purchased with an estimated twenty million dollars of our stolen money, or worse, with money they print, devaluing the currency. Note that these signs no longer say, "Your tax dollars at work" as they used to, because the Obamanoids don't want to remind folks that this is their money.

3. These signs are the most visible and ubiquitous symbols of the "stimulus" propaganda campaign. They are everywhere and within reach of virtually everyone. Their defacement will likewise be noticed by everyone.

4. Attacks on such signs are purely attacks on property only -- and not private property, but REGIME property. Properly executed within strict rules of engagement, there is no danger of collateral damage to innocent (or even guilty) people. Also, if you are caught defacing one of them, it is a simple misdemeanor vandalism charge you are risking.

5. Attacks on these signs will strike directly at both their egos and their worldviews -- more so than The Window War against the "health care" bill targeted at local Democrat party headquarters in March of this year. It will make them crazy. Just as these signs make us honest taxpayers angry when we pass them, their defacement will drive the government religionists nuts. Attacking such signs is both heresy and treason to them.

6. As "Mad Bob" pointed out, such attacks are great practice for more serious work that we may be called upon to do in the future.

"Let's do it!" -- John Blutarsky.
COL Robert "Mad Bob" REDACTED has issued the following template for a tactical operations order:


1. Enemy: Physical assets of Regime Anti-Constitutional Propaganda Campaign designed to influence local, state and national election results.

a) Weather: Various. Consult local forecast. Some advantage can be had by operating in darkness, although it is not required.
b) Terrain: Enemy propaganda signs are usually located in unguarded areas, along the sides of roads, although occasionally suspended from overpasses. They are occasionally subject to security video camera surveillance.

c) Identification of Enemy Assets: Large green signs with white lettering, usually reading: "Project Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act."

d) Locations: Various.

e) Activity: Assets fixed in place. No regular security provisions.

f) Strength, Morale, and Capabilities: Weak and/or nonexistent.

g) Probable Course of Action: Stepped up security patrols by local police; removal of signs after defacement.

2. Friendly Forces: None you can count on.

a) Mission and content of next higher unit: Not applicable.

b) Location and planned action of adjacent units: Unpredictable. May experience duyplication of target lists.

c) Units providing Fire Support: None.

3. Attachments and Detachments: Local Commander's option consistent with mission.

Mission: Who, What, When, Where, Why (5-W’s): To deny propaganda venues to the enemies of the Constitution and the Founders' Republic by defacing ARRA signs where ever they are encountered by the modern day Sons of Liberty.

Execution: By any means necessary consistent with safety and operational security: birdshot, paint ball guns, other paint delivery systems, papering over with liberty messages.


a. Concept of Operation

1) Maneuver: Destruction of message from vehicle if possible, on foot if not.

2) Fires: To be determined by local commander.

b. Tasks to Maneuver Units: To be determined by local commander.

c. Tasks to Combat Support Units: To be determined by local commander.
d. Coordinating Instructions: To be determined by local commander.

1. Order of Movement, Formations, and Movement Technique: To be determined by local commander.
2. Actions at Halts (long and short): To be determined by local commander.

3. Routes (primary and alternate): To be determined by local commander.

4. Departure and Re-entry of Friendly Lines: To be determined by local commander.

5. Rally Points: To be determined by local commander.

6. Actions at Danger Areas: Strike and fade.

7. Actions on Contact with Security Forces: Escape and evade, if possible. Do not resist if not.

8. Reorganization and consolidation Instructions: Subject to local commander and forces available.

9. Fire Distribution Measures: To be determined by local commander.

10. Fire control Measures: To be determined by local commander.

11. MOPP Levels: Not applicable.

12. Troop Safety: Take care to avoid ricochet in rural areas.

13. Time Schedule: Local commander's option consistent with mission.

14. Primary Intelligence Requirements: Commander's reconnaissance of site; pre-operation study of police patrols, response times, etc.

15. Debriefing Requirements: To be determined by local commander.

16. Reports: By sterile cut-out, leaving no electronic fingerprints, to local media, and friendly web outlets.

17. Rules of Engagement: Shotguns with birdshot may be used in isolated rural areas away from all possibility of collateral human or animal casualties. Within suburban or urban areas, signs my be effaced by paintball gun, or various other paint delivery systems. Preferred color: red. No confrontation with law enforcement. If captured, admit nothing, make no statement, call legal counsel.

Uniform: Mufti is suggested.

Inclement Weather Contingency: Local commander's option.


Dennis308 said...


Oh, Hell YEA!


Anonymous said...


1) Advise caution to all teams due to high presence of "traffic surveillance" cameras, even in certain remote areas. Consider non-vehicular ingress/egress and use of facial camouflage as warranted by local conditions.

2) Re item #16, consistent with personal OPSEC/COMSEC and local conditions, all actions s/b documented with digital imagery and general site location (example: "I35 northbound at mm135 north of Des Moines), then transmitted to all mainstream/alternative media outlets consistent with maximizing consequent impact of actions.

Ramming speed!

Justin said...

None of those signs in my state. Probably not one within a thousand miles of me.

This is the right idea.


WarriorClass said...

Let's ride.


Phelps said...

Disablement is considered a mission success, rather than complete destruction? In that situation, a trip to the UPS store for styro peanuts and the local service station should cover the logistics. Or a trip to Sherman Williams.

If the operation continues long enough, repurposing should be a consideration rather than disablement.

Brock Townsend said...


Bad Cyborg said...

I worked a temp job for a contractor providing help desk support to stimulus funds recipients. It was disgusting. The regulations for what could be considered a job saved or created were/are ludicrous in the extreme. Plus if a specific grant/loan/etc "creates" 6ix jobs for a total of 6 months, by the government's wacky calculus that is a total of 36 jobs created.

In reality ARRA funds are just another payoff for big ticket Obama supporters. But then I suspect you already knew that.

Bad Cyborg X
"Proud 'Black Hat" - although my hat is really a medium brown leather."

Defender said...

How about cross-posting the articles about the cost to urban liberal web sites? The cost of one of these signs is probably near the total annual income of a single person at the poverty line, and certainly that of many below it.

Defender said...

Poverty level annual incomes, 2009:

Persons in family
1 $10,830
2 14,570
3 18,310
4 22,050
5 25,790
6 29,530
7 33,270
8 37,010

Anonymous said...

there's one of these on the 295 as it cuts down through D.C., just after leaving the BW Parkway. currently pristine and prominent.

Weaver said...

There is but one choice for these green targets:

III in bright red


sweettina2 said...

Blow em to kingdom come!

EJR914 said...


Atlas Shrug said...

Perhaps we need a common web site that lists all known locations of such signs. It can of course list their "status" as well.

Thus there would be a common clearing house of such material that would make the entire approach much more resource efficient. It could be expanded to other areas as needed. Think about the possibilities....

Someone out there with some time and know how could set it up and be sent photos of actual status, which could then be posted as the status of each sign is "updated."

Those running the site would of course just be reporting, so they should be free from official criticism of the legal sort. (Consult your own attorney, of course.)

Keep your powder dry,

Atlas Shrug

Anonymous said...

This is a good idea on many levels but is an especially welcome reprieve from the acrimonious white hat/black hat debate.

Man cannot subsist on sugar and cinnamon sprinkles but it makes for a welcome addition to oatmeal once in a while. So too, some activities occasionally lend themselves well to anarchism.

This is one example.

God speed,


Concerned American said...

The King is with us:

A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action

A little less conversation, a little more action please
All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me...


...Come on baby I'm tired of talking
Grab your coat and let's start walking
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
Don't procrastinate, don't articulate
Girl it's getting late, gettin' upset waitin' around...

Anonymous said...

We need a Google spreadsheet. I can not start an account on my current browser but it will allow us to provide target locations with Lat and Long and give a status. We can all access it and update it. If we keep it cryptic and not specifically call it the Sign Destruction Spreadsheet we should be able to keep it on the low down.
I will set it up if I get my normal laptop back today.


Wraith said...

"Project Funded by YOUR STOLEN MONEY."

Fixed. But only here, because I would never, ever deface government property, having all this respect for our Lords and Masters as I do.


Anonymous said...

With appropriate camo and fieldcraft to circumvent any traffic cameras consider the following:

Load yer paintball guns with permanent marker paint and let 'er rip. Heck, even the std water base would send a message...

They are stealthy quiet and can be triggered from inside a vehicle. No need to stick a muzzle out the window... Might be good to have a pass on foot to get an obvious camera. No vehicle description, no plates, etc.

Happy sign wacking.

Anonymous said...

for all of you that don't have a sign to prctice on:
have at it. I will be on the look out for these signs.

Anonymous said...

the first one seen here was at the county elections department.

i understand it is gone

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the sign snipers in the UK; where guns really aren't allowed. go figure.

Weaver said...

A "common web site" or "google spreadsheet"? NO. A list of targets not hit can be used by "everyone" and my guess is this has been enough of an embarrassment to them. They are likely going to spend a lot of YOUR money to stake out likely targets. Of course knowing how some of you think, my guess is we will start seeing paintball splattered unmarked Fed cruisers. Hey, that reminds me of American Graffiti for some reason.


Loren said...

Consider: these signs are generally made of good, thick aluminum. This aluminum, once the paint is removed, can be quite useful for a variety of purposes. Consider a small tax refund, rather than sending it down a hole, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

I will not try to rain on anyone's parade. Since Congress has the power to issue letters of Marque and Reprisal, what would stop them from issuing them against us? During the campaign, Barry addressed the possibility of an "Internal Security Force" independent of our military to enforce federal edicts nationwide. Now, take the vast numbers of black and hispanic gangbangers(modern-day pirates) who could be co-opted with the material enticements inherent in Letters of Marque and Reprisal. Identify the politically incorrect minions who are: "enemies of the forces of change and progressivism", etc., and then authorize these groups to strike. Think about it. You folks show up at a RTC rally and the next thing you know you're shot to pieces by Barry's inner-city operatives acting under full congressional authority. You think it can't happen? Just tune in to the History Channel's series called GANGLAND. Do a count on how many black and hispanic gangs there are in this country. Think how they could legitimize themselves and rid the country of those: "Three PerCenters, Oath Keepers, 2AD advocates, Pro-Lifers, Libertarians, etc. This could all happen with the constitutional magic of Barry and his Congress. I know this was the scenario at the beginning of that racist screed titled THE TURNER DIARIES. I do not advocate any part of that literary piece of crap. Just think a little bit between all of your back-slapping and chest-thumping. The Leviathan will not surrender one inch without some kind of retaliation. Plan accordingly. Good luck and Godspeed. I pray that I am dead wrong.

Ace said...

If you have time, a stepstool and a can of spray paint:


Words will be more effective than poking holes or simple paint splatter.

Anonymous said...

For those interested in the particulars of these lovely signs (perhaps to replace the circular recovery logo with one of our choosing) here is the link to the particulars.

Anonymous said...

There is one in the Tuskegee National Forest in Alabama, between Auburn and Montgomery. The coords are approximately N 32° 29.193 W 085° 36.265

Anonymous said...

Breaking News: Senator Blutarsky is the Aqua Budda. Or at least the inspiration for the Aqua Buda.