Sunday, August 29, 2010

Outstanding mini-RTC in Atlanta.



Mickey Collins said...

Pic of the week:

Defender said...

Wonderful to see.
As I was sorting through the radio stations in the car today, I hear an NPR talk show. A woman believed all the racism propaganda about the Tea Party rallies and was very concerned. The host was aware that those were false accusations and urged listeners to find out for themselves! He said out of the many photos everyoine has of the rallies, if someone had a picture of a racist poster, please send it to him, because he doubted they exist.
We're rolling.

tjbbpgobIII said...

It's too bad that the laws won't let us do anything like that here in Alabama. Maybe we could do an empty holster protest instead.

EJR914 said...

To tjbbpgobIII. Got GeorgiaCarry.Org? Do ya'll have a state carry organization like GeorgiaCarry.Org? The only reason that we have what we do is because over the past 4 years GCO has changed out laws.

If you don't have a GCO type organization to get involved in, then I suggest you get together with a few friends and start one. I would then contact GCO and ask how they got started and exactly what path they took to get where we are to day. Two good gun bills have been passed in GA over two sessions of our legislature which has all but done away with most carry restrictions.

I suggest you follow their lead.

Also, wish I could have made this one guys. I got the phone call, but was sick as a dog.

I can't wait to make the next RTC in Little Five Points shortly.

Great job guys, and keep up the good work, Daniel! Wish I could have been there!

Skip said...

In Kalifornia if you send a letter to the editor against the regime, you get increased black and white drive bye's.
That is good with me.
Perimeter patrols for free.

Anonymous said...

Are you willing to do what it takes to restore the constitution?

NOPE! no one is until it gets ? humm who knows .

It will have to get much worse before those collectively will rise up, until then it is just a practice drill.

Anonymous said...

What I am trying to say is dodge the left jab again and again. Your voice right now means very little other than having a following which have neither the desire or capacity. Going to a rally aint .02 just chill let them think the lion is asleep. When the lion is asleep they will bee foolish and make really stupid mistakes. The art of war is no more simplistic.

Ok lets talk modern art over tea, shall we. Lets see whats next!