Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crazed Sex Poodle Chronicles: 'Der Krieg ist verloren!' declares confused, angry, trembly-handed Al Gore in bunker conference call

Very funny. It's funnier actually than this Hitler send-up.


Pat H. said...

That Agore shore is a caution, ain't he?

Mebbe the Tipster should reconsider.

Defender said...

The rhetoric of the socialists is so far out, it's getting hard to tell parodies from actual quotes.
The climate bill would probably be the last nail in the republic's coffin. We don't have the tech to make alternative energy sources practical and affordable for at least another 70 years, to the point of reducing fossil fuel consumption by any significant amount. Again, it's about control. Your nonpolluting electric car will never haul all your gear and will only go 100 miles on an overnight charge. Try to bug out in a Barbie jeep...

Eric 'Scrote' Holder said...

No, let's give the boy a break; after all, he has been in a state of constant depression after losing all three events at the Second Annual Michael Moore Bloat-A-Thon. He came in last place in the Projectile Vomiting Distance Event, third place in the Find Your Own Ass With Both Hands Event, ( He kept grabbing Jeremiah Wright, and calling him "Brown Sugar") and did not even qualify in the Hilary Clinton Cross Dressing Dominatrix competition. That one went to Janet Reno.

sweettina2 said...

AHAHAHAHAAAA!!! Sex poodle! I wouldnt have thought he had the appropriate parts.

Anonymous said...

Global "warming" is not what the hype says it is. It is a matter of time-scale; on a billions of years time-scale the earth is cooler than normal, on a millions of years time-scale it is warmer, but that is not what is worrying scientists. What worries scientists is the fact that the earth has not gone through the usual warm-then-cool-then-warm-then-cool-etc cycle in the past hundred or so years, the temperatures have stayed relatively the same.

Jimmy the Saint said...

Not to worry. Steiner and Wenck will attack in a giant pincer maneuver, and all will be saved.

Anonymous said...

My goodness! So much to comment on the linked article! Lions and tigers and bears oh my!

"a shaken Al Gore " But obviously not stirred.

A biased MSM? Goodness mercy! Who'd a thunk it!

"Gore claimed the Wall Street Journal published 30 editorial and news articles about Climategate and “not a single one presented [his] side of the science.”"
Science?? What science? The AlGore-ites don't need no steenkin' science! Why? Because they wouldn't know science it if came up and bit them on the ass. As has been and is continually being proven by the continued findings of out-and-out falsehood, lies, assumptions and spinning of data to get the results the EnviroWeenieNazi's want to be able to control your lives.

B Woodman

Toastrider said...

Ever wonder how Greenland got its name?

Or how hot it was in the summer of the American Revolution?

Yeah. I like my environment too, but I'll be damned if I'm going to screw the economy on anything less than a mountain of hard scientific evidence.