Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So much for the "Master Race" -- Hitler found to have had African and Jewish ancestors. Will Stormfront dump him and Nation of Islam claim him?

So now we find that the Austrian homosexual male prostitute wasn't exactly as racially pure as he represented himself to be. Pretty funny.


Dr.D said...

Were all a bunch of mongrels, there ant no one who is pure, as humans like to have sex with other "exotic" humans. Lets hear it for "sport" fucking!!
OK Nazis... get over it


Pat H. said...

Discovering that isn't new, I first heard it at least 30 years ago.

Jewish fascist thugs aren't new either. The current thug government running Israel has a medal for the members of the Stern Gang (aka Lehi Group), a gang who murdered thousands of Palestinians for decades.

Presidential chief of staff, and Israeli citizen, Rahm Emanuel's father was a member of Irgun.

The late Rabbi Meir Kahane was an American born, Israeli fascist who advocated deportation or murdering all non-Jewish Palestinians still in Israel.

Menachem Begin was a member of the team that blew up the King David hotel, killing hundreds of British soldiers.

Collectivists all.

Anonymous said...

To quote Spider Robinson "God is an Iron".

This is just funny beyond belief.

More proof that creator of the universe has a tremendous sense of humor.

As if the platypus, or me looking in a mirror were not proof enough.


-Just another funny looking fat guy

PioneerPreppy said...

Not to defend Hitler or his psychotic acts but how does this make him any different from any number of self absorbed maniacs?

Didn't Malcolm X himself admit to having some European blood, which he condemned in his writings while complaining of his straight hair?

We seem to openly accept when some renounce a portion of their heritage and even sometimes cheer when they attack that portion. Yet it seems when a White man has done it it becomes a point of divine retribution or something. Not that Hitler even knew and he certainly deserves divine retribution.

I think we all know a leader or two today who will routinely deny or belittle a part of their heritage while embracing the other part.

Happy D said...

Anyone suprised?
I did not think so.

Pat H.
How about you read that WHOLE! Wikipedia article you linked to. Among other things you wold learn that they were socialists that negotiated with the Nazi vermin.

At least they were not Axis Allies like the South Eastern Mediterranean Arab Muslim population, identified by the misnomer of Palestinian.
Please go back to the racial collectivist cesspit you slithered out of.

Sean said...

Well, Pat H., it depends whose side you're on. Me, I'm on the Jews side, so I guess I'm a thug sympathizer, or something. See you at the ball.

Anonymous said...

I am proud to be an American. I am of Scottish descent. My dad is from Glasgow. He emigrated to the USA in the early twenties. The Ellis island documents state his country of origin as Ireland because his father was an Irish citizen living in Scotland.I believe that the Irish and Scottish have been co-mingling since they climbed out of the primordial muck.That is just one side of the family. Mom's side has English,Welsh,Scandinavian. I am truely a Mutt!Dad was Catholic,Mom was Protestant.I married a Jewish gal. This is the way things work. Anyone who tells you that they are 100% pure anything is full of shit! Hitler wasn't full of shit,Hitler was shit.We must come up with a more current Bogeyman than Hitler so the young people of today can recognize evil in its simplest and most appparent form.I firmly believe that we have enough homegrown ,shitbag wannabe Hitler types around to come up with a new candidate for scumbag of the year. Knuck

Defender said...

Racial purity is one of the STUPIDEST reasons ever seized on for considering oneself superior. They never heard of hybrid vigor, in which an organism of diverse mingled DNA strains inherits the advantages of each. It's why inbreeding is bad, duh.
But in politics, image has always been everything.

Ed said...

A study of mitochondrial DNA, which we inherit only from our mothers, indicates that we all derive from seven females from 50,000 to 500,000 tears ago.

So, if you go back far enough, we are all cousins of African descent.

Anonymous said...

"We must come up with a more current Bogeyman than Hitler so the young people of today can recognize evil in its simplest and most appparent form.I firmly believe that we have enough homegrown ,shitbag wannabe Hitler types around to come up with a new candidate for scumbag of the year."

I hereby nominate Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

EJR914 said...

And Obama is half white, yet hates white people. He and his wife are racist.

Ten percent tax on tanning to help pay for his socialist plans, well hell, you don't think people of color go to tanning beds, do you? That is a damn white people tax!

Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

Paging Mel Brooks... Paging Mel Brooks...

"Vat did he zay?"

"I sink he zaid der Fuhrer ist near."

Dakota said...

Be careful Pat H .... your inner Jew hater is showing again.

I think that all nations and races have things in their past that are.... not real pure.

Israel is trying to survive and is surrounded by enemies who want to eradicate them from the face of the Earth. They don't have time for nice "sand box playtime" .... their situation is precarious at best.

I despise racism and it usually is counter-productive. Had Hitler left the Jews alone and not tied up so many resources trying to eradicate them he might have gotten away with it.

If you want to hate someone, hate the Muslims who are trying to kill America. We are going to end up fighting them .... realize it ... right here in America. I only ask 2 questions when I have a conversation about the "religion of peace"
"Do you reject "sharia law"?

"Do you condemn Hamas and others like them"?

If they refuse .... I know who they are.