Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rehearsals for the Big Die-Off

This time in Atlanta.


Anonymous said...

What we are seeing are people who have become addicted to the government teat and have failed to learn any humanity.

Specifically, this ilk of US citizen is not ready to stoically ride out rough times-and shoulder the dreadful weight of bad the Oakies. No-this brand of entitled citizen will cut your throat and steal what isn't theirs.

This is a product of governmental largess gone haywire. God save us from these entitled savages-and give us the strength to take our country back from the abyss!

Chuck Martel said...

Time to get ready for the food riots.

Anonymous said...

"Time to get ready for the food riots."

Getting ready means: a) having your own food and that which you can produce/harvest before what you have runs out; and b) being very, very far from those to whom "a" doesn't apply.

I'll bet that in the event of a serious food shortage, when people like those in the article start rioting/storm whatever federal facility because they don't get what they need or want, that the feds will machine gun the crowd. Once it happens the first time, it'll happen everywhere there's a food crisis, and there will be martial law declared in those areas.

I wouldn't want to be one of those in said federal facilities when/if they get overrun. That will happen at least once, because at some point the guns either run out of ammo or overheat, or else someone in the crowd gets off a shot that finds its mark.

Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

George Washington

Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.

Thomas Paine

Anonymous said...

As the Lemmings gather to stampede over the cliff once the Gubbment well runs dry. . . .

To expand on CM:
Have enough ammo to defend what's yours.

B Woodman

Defender said...

If you look at photos of cities 100 years ago and now, you will see: THEN -- NEIGHBORhoods of aging but tidy homes with porches, and families on those porches. NOW: barracks in identical rows, populated by single parents because being married cuts benefits. The governments tore down those homes to build their crime concentration camps, to encourage dependency in order to control.
It's creeping out of the urban areas, too. Former Yuppie apartment complexes are now wretched hives of scum and villainy.
All according to the government plan that has brought us here, to the edge of the abyss.
Watch our leaders feign shock and amazement.

Anonymous said...

Time for a small rant.

I make my living working at a desk and I have done so for more than 20 years. However, I have recently started on a project to become licensed to work as an armed private security professional. Interestingly enough, my podunk little state has some of the most stringent requirements in the nation for licensed private security officers, so this is taking me some time.

I have several reasons for this. One of the primary ones is that after reading about the gun confiscations in New Orleans after Katrina, it appeared that ‘professional security’ did not get their weapons confiscated. So it seems to me that I will have a better time keeping and traveling around my AO in a uniform with ID than otherwise. It also seems to me that private security is going to be a booming business in the next few years while other things deteriorate. Also, in the event that something does go down in my area, I can get some legal standing with a dolor in hand and a signed contract that I will conveniently have a few of the 'fill in the blank' variety stashed in my gear bag.

It will also give me some access to armor and other items that are restricted to civilians in so many areas.

My state has also recently passed some “unauthorized militia recruiting” laws, but a lightly funded LLC security service that has some contractors on retainer does not in any way constitute an illegal militia now does it?

-One Paranoid SOB

Anonymous said...

I live in Atlanta and I see hundreds of these kinds of people every single day...

I need more ammo. When it hits, these people will kill you over "my free housing."

Anonymous said...


TypicalClinger said...

Funny, I just sent a link to this story to one of my friends this morning. It struck me the same way. I saw a story on the news in Indianapolis a week ago about a similar group of people lining up for hours to get "free" vaccinations for their kids. Another story here in Ft. Wayne lining up for "free" school supplies. Must come from "Obama's stash". They are zombies. Instead of "brains!brains!" it's "gimme!gimme!"

Anonymous said...

After those that are in power decide that they can no longer keep up the charade, and the masses finally realize that the jig is up, and that the government can no longer provide for them, they will come.

They will come like locusts, flooding away from urban areas due to lack of water, food, police and fire protection, electricity, sanitation, housing and medical attention.

They will burn whatever they can find for warmth. They will eat and drink everything they come across. And they will kill anyone that stands between them and another day of life.

Be ready.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of obumble voters there. Hope they learned how much their support was appreciated by their masters...NOT!!!

Dennis308 said...

People Please, Get out of the city. Sell your homes, change your jobs, whatever it takes. All the Ammunition and food storage in the world will do no good when the fires start. The City is a lose lose situation.


Defender said...

"when people like those in the article start rioting/storm whatever federal facility because they don't get what they need or want, that the feds will machine gun the crowd."
Like the warlords hijacking the food shipment in the beginning of "Black Hawk Down."
I also thought of the scene in "Doctor Zhivago" when Yuri comes home to find his family's townhouse crammed with poor people. The housing commissar has decided to reallocate living space and private property no longer exists. Even as they burn his books for heat, they eye him with contempt.

Anonymous said...

Wow,with that many people,glad I bought enough ammo.

Pat H. said...

Standing in line for hours for admittance to the plantation.

OpsView said...

"Reherarsals for the Big Die-Off"

Man, Mike you have me howlin' tonight! Funny as shit, well the title at least!


Bayrack & Michelle Coprophage said...

Hey, don't everybody panic. The Kenyan King has a plan to feed everyone with a high protein food which will cost them nothing.
I heard about it from a mole in the Human Services Department.
The project's code name is "Soylent Green" So cheer up, Uncle O is gonna take care of you!

Anonymous said...

Just post a "Help Wanted" sign and that crowd will disperse like...

Wow - hours in the hot sun waiting in line but no mutherfuc_ker can get a mutherfuc_in job.

Anonymous said...

crap - next web site is cabelas for some additional ammo. A couple of hundred rounds doesn't seem like enough.

Concerned American said...

Awesome headline, Mike.

Anonymous said...

I live north of Atlanta and saw this last night on the local news. I have to say I was disgusted not surprised at all just fed up. Now ponder this for your own area. Atlanta has demolished the majority of its public housing projects over the last 10 years. These zombies are being spread out among normal apartment buildings and houses that are required to provide a specific amount of housing to section 8. Now what do you think is going to happen when so many people show up that they run out of available housing? The East Point HA took 2 years to process 2400 applications. 13000 showed up for this zombie munch fest.
Well there are all those foreclosed properties setting around that the government owns via Fanny and Fredie right? Look for these zombies to be arriving in a neighborhood near you!


Anonymous said...

Listen to Dennis 308. As a former cop from SoCal, my family and I egressed the area for a small town out-of-state. Go to Amazon and buy the book: WHEN ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. It has inexpensive, practical tips on survival. The Golden Horde may be a mindless mob, but leaders will emerge. They will figure out how to seize power stations and transportation hubs to hold goods for ransom. Do not just stock up on ammo and food. Medication will be crucial for any family member that has health issues. Watch out for snitches and well-heeled evacuees who will infiltrate your AO ahead of the mobs. These, most likely, will be the same leftist fellow-travelers who put the politicians in power that caused this catasrophe.

Anonymous said...

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, I was working as a temporary FEMA employee (which turned out to be glorified social work) at a recovery center that was co-located with a Red Cross shelter. Two days before we arrived on site, word went around that the Red Cross was giving out free food vouchers. They had a mob of about 3000 people show up the next morning. Local sheriff had the mounted patrol out for crowd control as thing got a little ugly when they found out it was not true. And this was in a small town on the gulf coast. What would happen in a big city is scary…

-Bubba Man (One of the Bubbas of the Apocalypse)

Sean said...

Dear Mike: Now that I have cleaned off my screen and resumed normal breathing(interrupted by a choking spell), I simply must clock your headline as "spot on", and congratulate you on your astute witticisms. Having only personally seen about 100 dead at any one time, It is hard to imagine 30,000+ dead in one area.

Anonymous said...

This is actually a Rolling Stones concert. Don't believe me? Lookit that umbrella in the middle of the photograph. It's there to keep the party-goers dry because rain is on the way.

Oh, a storm is threat'ning
My very life today
If I don't get some shelter
(Ooh yeah) I'm gonna fade away.

- Gimme Shelter, The Rolling Stones

Of course, Brown Sugar's shelter is gonna be provided via a very generous tax subsidy.;^)


Anonymous said...

Hey, WTF has VPOTUS Joe Biden been doing? He is way smarter than BOTUS and yet we hear NOTHING from this TURD. He is Damned Sure up-to something not nice people!


ETA: It's off topic but needed to be brought up, Mike.

J. Croft said...

Know where the government food storehouses are at-or someplace that needs to be called a government food storehouse for the starving to ransack.

Anonymous said...

"My state has also recently passed some “unauthorized militia recruiting” laws"

What state is that? Oklahoma?

Anonymous said...

Dangle the idea of "something for nothing" and the rats come out of their holes in droves. I live in metro ATL., and these wretches will tear apart anything and anyone who stands between them and what they claim society "owes" them. IF only a hellfire missile or a couple of 500 pounders could have been dropped amongst them... not only would the welfare rolls have been cleaned out but the crime rate in South Atl. would drop by 90%...

Anonymous said...

Last night we had a report on the process of turning in the applications that this horde scarfed up. The process went orderly however during the report it was revealed that the Housing Authority only has 240 vouchers that can be given out. So 13K applied for only 240 possible locations. Somewhere someone is thinking that since they cant get a home using money from Obamas stash they will just take one of these empty homes just sitting around. How long will it take an absentee owner to find out some deadbeat is squatting in his foreclosed home? How loud will the race pimps scream when they try and evict some aspiring rapper from his squat? All these questions will be answered soon.


Anonymous said...

ANON 2010-08-12-22:23
>What state is that? Oklahoma?

I see I said way too much for OPSEC.

Yep, Oklahoma, Where the Counsel on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) does have some of the most stringent training and certification standards for private security and private investigators in the nation.

But a LLC can obtain a license as a security agency and hire independent contractors (a-la starving the monkeys) as long as they hold a CLEET license. In the state where police departments are having layoffs and a number of veterans are getting CLEET certified to supplement their income in a completely legal on noncontroversial manor.

Certainly nothing as nefarious as a 'militia' you understand.

If I sound like I'm making a suggestion, take it for what it's worth.

-Anon 2010-08-11-12:27

Goodcomdeadcom said...

Greetings, and God bless.

"Hey, don't everybody panic. The Kenyan King has a plan to feed everyone with a high protein food which will cost them nothing.
I heard about it from a mole in the Human Services Department.
The project's code name is "Soylent Green" So cheer up, Uncle O is gonna take care of you!"

Yea, Bayrack @amp, I hope you're wrong, but it ain't beyond the realm of possibility. Once a government has learned to rationalize one atrocity, it can rationalize any atrocity.

I can see Charlton Heston thrusting his arm into the air in despair and crying into the night, "Soylent Green is sheeple!!"