Monday, August 16, 2010

Keeping an eye open: Our gift to the ATF in these times of turmoil.

The eye of a hurricane.
As announced previously, there is a big meeting of ATF brass coming up. What you, gentle readers, do not know is that this is the culmination of great turmoil at that troubled agency. There is a hurricane blowing through the Concrete Asshole of the Universe and whether it is a cleansing force or bodes future evil remains to be seen.

Thanks to our many sources within and without the agency, we have a pretty good understanding of what is happening as well as where the meeting is taking place.

This is what we planned to do: Greet the participants at the street with guerrilla theater -- characters dressed up as Waldo and Ramsey Bear -- handing out welcoming leaflets, singing songs and having a great time. At the same time, "We are everywhere" stickers would be placed in the public restrooms by Threeper saboteurs. Lawyers and camerafolk were lined up (for "Ramsey" and "Waldo" would certainly end up being bent over a cruiser trunk with their hands behind their backs). Preparations were well along on this when we learned some related details of things happening within (and nearby) the agency.

Thus, it has been decided for now that while the current hurricane is blowing, it might be better in the long term interest of liberty, justice and the American Republic, to observe the storm from the eye and wait and see if the rotten trees get uprooted by the force of it.

So the real Waldo and friends will continue to keep their eyes and ears open, but in the interests of the very real struggle now going on between the nominal reformers and the corrupt nemesis that is the Chief Counsel's Office, we will give the agency this little gift and not embarrass them at their big come-to-Jesus meeting.

Bob Wright, among others, can then put his $100 donation to the guerrilla theater into more concrete preparations rather than as a deposit on a bear costume.

So, have a nice meeting, gun cops.

We'll we watching with great interest.

Mike Vanderboegh
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters.

PS: We ARE everywhere.


Defender said...

I like what Bubba said at the Guilford Courthouse rally, about the "Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, Knives, Sticks and Rocks Not Suitable for Skipping":
"You want to be cops. Get a job in law enforcement."
Constitutional laws are fine with us. Making it up as you go is not.

EJR914 said...

I really regret not getting Bubba's speech on tape. It was one of my favorites of the early speakers. I really liked what he had to say. It was kind of put in that good ole' boy witty humor that I completely get.

Gaviota said...

From the linked British tabloid...

"Mr Seiber, who is now a fleet driver trainer, says he found one sign in Leicestershire that had been attacked with a high-velocity 23mm shell from a rifle."

Really? A high-velocity twenty-three millimeter rifle shell? Reeeeealy?

The gun-phobic British, who have collectively and deliberately divested themselves of all gun-related knowlege, have a truck driver who can look at a hole in a sheet of aluminum and identify the gun and cartridge used to make it. Amazing.

I'd really love to have a look at that "23 mm" cartridge AND the roughly 60 kg gun used to fire it. I wonder how they managed to cram THAT piece of ordnance into a Morris Mini with attracting attention.

Gaviota said...

Um... my previous post doesn't belong here... Sorry.

I hate it when I'm an idiot.

Pat H. said...

An illegitimate, unConstitutional agency can't be reformed, it can only be abolished.

I don't care what "reform minded" thugs exist within this thug agency, they're thugs, bums, criminals who use the color of government to practice their criminal activities.

Yes, I do mean ALL OF THEM.

aughtsix said...

Mike, as much as I admire you and what you have done with this blog and the whole concept of the Three Percent, and in as much as I understand that it began with the fight against this one running dog of tyranny, the BATFEces...

That is now largely a sideshow. What this rogue agency does, blatantly unConstitutional though it may be, and as representative of the larger problem as it surely is, the ATF is small potatoes compared to the grander excesses of Obomination.

Which is why we have heard so little about "Gun Control" from the Black Muslim House. They are "succeeding" in establishing their tyranny through other means.

If we wait for the flash point to be triggered by a "Battle of Sipsey Street," (although it certainly still could be) we will act much too late, if at all.

We have, and have had for at least a generation, sufficient evidence of Treason and Cause for Redress of Grievance by any means necessary.

The "majority" will never be awake and prepared, no matter how dire the circumstance. Indeed, the more dire, the more the sheep will clamor for government to "do something."

So why, again, do we wait? Or rather, for what?



Concerned American said...


Anyone who is waiting for a "go" signal does not understand.

Free men and women, acting as such with full acceptance of responsibility for the consequences of their actions, act freely.

IMHO, that is.

Anonymous said...

Concerned American said...


Anyone who is waiting for a "go" signal does not understand.


Which is why I keep asking here why Mike insists upon "no Ft Sumpters," by which I know he means that "they" must open the ball with yet another egregious assault on Liberty, morality and common sense.

They can string us along till it's too late without such precipitation unless, like the Sons of Liberty, we push them to make The Big Mistake.

How, is the question, though not to be entertained herein!