Friday, August 27, 2010

Casus wimpy. EPA blinks on lead ammo ban.

NRA gets credit.


Chuck Martel said...

They'll pick it back up after the November elections but before the new Congressmen are sworn-in in January.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the NRA ! And I'm a life member of theirs. What a waste of money. THERE's some hardcore gun rights guys. Those Jews are what the rest of American Jews need to be like.

Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership. Those boys put their money where their mouth is !


Defender said...

Aye, they'll be back, but so will we.
We may have lots of different "lines in the sand," but I think most of us share this particular one.
Remember the chant in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome? Two men enter, one man leaves...
Not one bullet
Not one ounce (of powder)
Not one cartridge
Not one case
Not one primer
Not one ball.

Anonymous said...

bigg F on NRA, they kinda suck as an agenda machine.

Anonymous said...

Guess they received enough responses from gun owners. Maybe 3% or so?!

But, naturally, they give the NRA credit.

Pat H. said...

We all know how it is, the rooster causes the sun to rise.

Same with the NRA.

Bad Cyborg said...

The EPA did the right thing. Whooda thunk?

Bad Cyborg X

Alan W. Mullenax said...

i would like to think they received more than a few responses that promised a very nasty reaction. they backed down as a result of enough of us promising that very nasty reaction. if we stand, even if we are few, we can give leviathan pause.

Anonymous said...

Guess they received enough responses from gun owners. Maybe 3% or so?!

But, naturally, they give the NRA credit.

EJR914 said...

I agree, Dan. Also check out the SAF. (Second Amendment Foundation)

They are involved in some good litgations.

Also, if you live in Georgia and care about our 2nd Amendment rights, you will not find a more effective and powerful state organization than GeorgiaCarry.Org. (GCO) They helped to pass HB89 and SB308. We can drink in restaurants that serve alcohol and bars (bars with owner permission), we can drink and carry now, they did away with the parking lot ban, the huge public gathering ban, the stupid 1,000 foot rule for schools, ect. Go check them out. Its the best fifteen dollars you will ever spend.

pdxr13 said...

Let the tired old National Rifle Association grab at some glory while they can. We know that it was SSI, Survivalblog, and WRSA throwing the dust that caused the blinking.

Lotta stuff can get done if we don't care who takes credit.


Shawn said...

The EPA admitted that they didn't have the authority...

Has that ever happened? And what are the future implications of them saying such a thing?

Hollywood said...

1) The EPA did the right thing, any group can submit a a request to the EPA, the lead thing was not their idea, and rejected it like they should have.

2) Do you want to live in a country like Russia, China or India that does not have an EPA, and factories just pour out poison into the rivers and land?

3) There has to be some room for government to protect my rights to a non-posioned environment, just so some corporation can make a bigger profit.

Lastly, to be careful not to promote anarchy, there is a legitimate role of government.

Anonymous said...


(2) The reason Russia has all those environmental disasters is PRECISELY because there was no citizen feedback allowed. The PTB in all tyrannical situations regard the great unwashed as beneath notice and totally unable to understand "public policy needs" as defined by the enlightened leaders.

(3) Government, that is the ACCOUNTABLE legislatures, should set standards, but not say how to achieve the standards. For me, as long as it doesn't involve human sacrifice (and I could make exceptions in a bunch of cases), let the market sort out the best methods.

As Mike pointed out in his "Casus Bellum" comment, the government has limits and needs to remain inside those limits. When they exceed those limits, those in government need to be reminded of those limits.


Anonymous said...

Where do we get lead?
From the Earth.
Where do the fired bullets go?
Sometimes back into the Earth
Just faster
Paul in Texas