Friday, August 20, 2010

Signs, signs everywhere -- signs. Rep.Issa to provide targeting info; A sticker idea; "It’s time to stop clinging to the title 'law abiding citizen.'"

Senator Blutarsky is not the only one who is concerned about ARRA signs. Congressman Issa looks like he's going to provide the Senator's boys and girls with targeting information.

From World Net Daily's Jerome Corsi:

Report Obama 'propaganda' on trains, planes, highways. Congressman urges citizens to send in photographic evidence of 'stimulus' signs

Have you seen a "stimulus" sign in your neighborhood?

Take a photograph, and send the picture along with a description of the location to, urges Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., the ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Issa's congressional staff plans to assemble a prominent display of what Issa believes are ubiquitous stimulus signs praising the Obama administration and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, or ARRA, on transportation facilities across America.

Yesterday, Issa's Washington office issued a statement charging that the Department of Transportation is continuing to push recipients of Obama administration stimulus money to display signs crediting President Obama and stimulus spending with "economic recovery," even though DOT has responded to pressure and agreed to stop "requiring" that the signs be posted.

WND reported Monday that Issa's office issued a scathing Republican oversight report charging the Obama White House has "used the machinery of the Obama campaign to tout the President's agenda through inappropriate and sometimes unlawful public relations and propaganda initiatives."

Issa is convinced that despite the objections voiced by his office, the report and the DOT's apparent agreement to stop, the agency intends to plaster railroads, airports, highways and waterways throughout the country with Obama stimulus signs. The congressman says the signage campaign amounts to little more that a political message to re-elect the president.

Meanwhile, at Restore the Constitution, Daniel Almond rightly observes that "It’s time to stop clinging to the title 'law abiding citizen' and take a little risk."

Also, Alvie D. Zane at The Cliffs of Insanity has designed a sticker for Three Percenters who wish to participate in Senator Blutarsky's campaign. He thinks that "one other possibility for reprisal against ARRA signs is to simply hijack the image." You will find it at the top of the post. Well done, Alvie. Both COL Robert "Mad Bob" REDACTED and Senator Blutarsky send their kudos.


Defender said...

It is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid violating at least six of our myriad and conflicting laws even by sitting still in your own home. Not when the interpretation of the laws is so elastic that it can stretch to call ANY kind of behavior -- or refraining from behavior -- a "crime."
I'm thinking of those Fairfax County bartenders doing the same fire-breathing stunt floor show they've been doing for 13 years. Fire marshals charged them with felony intent to commit arson and enough other ridiculous charges to put them away for 45 YEARS.
Does the tavern owner have any say, I wonder, or is the report of an "alert citizen" enough to remove people from society? We've seen THAT before.

Rider said...

They make "there" rules!

We make "ours"

Only ours are black and white, clear as a bell!

PeaceableGuy said...

Though I've abandoned thinking of myself as a "law-abiding citizen" and instead as a "peaceable person", I've been reconsidering the matter of what, exactly, is meant by the former phrase.

Traditionally, I understand a "law-abiding citizen" to be someone who obeys all laws, period, or at least all laws that the person is familiar with. This is quickly becoming impossible, in particular for free individuals.

However, could it be that sometimes a law not a law? The Founders and folks on the US supreme court thought so: see the opinion in Marbury vs Madison, as well as in Norton vs Shelby County.

In short, the US supreme court has recognized that when a law is in conflict with the Constitution, the conflicting law legally does not exist.

With that in mind, it seems to me to be possible to still be a law-abiding citizen, although most people won't define the term as I now do.

Anonymous said...

thank you, I think the correct title should be outlaw patriot. BTW;
It would seem the Brits are having sign problems too.

Anonymous said...

I'm a law abiding citizen. I support the rule of law but not corrupt laws, made for me by corrupt men and women, who seek to destroy my Constitution, my bill of rights, and subject my liberties to their consideration and approval. Who then tell everyone, that they do these things for the safety of all, when it is clear that it has and will produce very much the opposite.

I only asked to be left alone. I am no longer asking because I can see that very few care to listen or fulfill their oaths. I will be free as will my children, or there will be consequences.

If you do not support, protect and defend my country and these documents and the rights codified therein, you are the enemy. Don't think for a moment, that just doing your job will excuse you. It won't. At some point you will step that final step and then there will be a catastrophe. Don't imagine that you can cover it up. That only works with those who still believe the lies. Fortunately, millions of us don't.

Just think. What if many of those millions didn't pay any attention to your laws? What if they hadn't for some time? What if I'm one of the "reasonable" ones?

Moe Death said...

After several drinks, it occurred to me that the acronym for Law Abiding Citizen is the first three letters in another word: LACkey...

Okay, I'll shut up now... it's hard to drink while talking, anyway...

Domino, get your furry butt out to the kitchen and make me another Bushmills!


ReverendFranz said...

i dont see a problem with the signs, around here i generally see them right before i pass a patch of torn up roadway, lots of signs to redirect traffic, and alot of men standing around, who should be working, but arent.

seems pretty accurate to me

Bad Cyborg said...

All these signs remind me of after a big typhoon hit the Philippines in summer of '79. Being the good hearted people they are, the American people - along with a bunch of G.I.s stationed in the RP - generously donated money and tons of supplies for the relief effort. While the pallets were waiting on the ramp at Clark AB, guys from the government ran around stencilling boxes in the pallet loads something like "Provided by the generosity of your president, Ferdinand Marcos".

How are the signs for ARRA projects any different?

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a before/after set of pics, with "III" painted across these lovely propaganda signs?

My state apparently refused to allow any of these signs. Yet another reason I love Arizona!


Anonymous said...

While they were not such fancy "new fangled" stickers, I did "see" numerous III-per stickers across Colorado and Kansas yesterday. Mostly rest areas and gas stations.

With any luck, they will be seen today across Missouri and Illinois....

Anonymous said...

The sticker is neat, but it needs a monkeywrench in the gearing

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The sticker is neat, but it needs a monkeywrench in the gearing

August 21, 2010 9:01 AM

That's a AR bolt face, not gears.

Shipping label size of these to begin appearing around these parts Monday!