Friday, August 27, 2010

Well, OK, then. . . "Massive solar storm to hit Earth in 2012 with 'force of 100 million hydrogen bombs'"

Got militia?


TPaine said...

Got my Bible, and IF this occurs, it would fit in very nicely with the Book of Revelation and the End Times.

Oh, yeah, I'm armed and well-stocked with provisions, and I know where the 'militia' is. But if something like this happens, all bets are off. And since I'm not a betting man to begin with, I'll just be looking forward gladly to meeting my Lord.

Anonymous said...

Imagine all this happening just before the 2012 election which relies on many electronic ballot boxes. Heck, they could even cancel the elections over something like this, if it should happen in late-Summer. Loss of power and/or communications to this degree would be a national emergency regardless of the timing.

We know the government will make contingency plans in advance of this event just in case it happens. Militias should do the same to take advantage of extremely rare opportunities during the confusion. With disruptions in both power and communications there would be a lot of room for creativity here.

Sedition said...

Sounds like the sun may be sending a little Clorox to clean up the gene pool.
You know how the human predators will act post power outages, and they need to know how we will respond.

Unknown said...

For Wake County, NC and surrounding counties... Yes.
And we're active. Whether you call it a "militia", a mutual aid society, or "Boy Scouts for Adults"... we don't care. It's what you do and who you know that is important.

Stay safe,

Unknown said...

One question... why would one be content "knowing where the militia is" and not participate now?
In many states (whether you know it or not) you already ARE a member of the militia by legal definition (most men within a certain age in NC).
Why not go ahead and build those relationships? Participate? Learn something? Contribute?
So... it might not be an all-or-nothing event. What then? You will need those relationships.
Just wondering.

Carl said...

Can anyone translate this to Kv per sq inch or sq meter? All EMP tests on electrical devices are measured this way. It would help us to have an idea what the effects of this storm will be on the grid etc.
On another note, I recently saw an article on the effects of such radiation on the human brain. Persons subjected to this type of radiation could not distinguish between moral choices and outcomes. So, a CME could produce a society with no moral restraints nearly instantly. Very interesting. Look for me with TPaine.

Anonymous said...

We can't even accurately predict weather on earth, let alone "climate change". How the hell does anybody think they can predict that the sun will do anything except come up in the morning? Sounds more like somebody wants to set up false flags blamed on the sun. Believe the media? As someone once said, "The truth is not in them".

Carl Bussjaeger said...

Gov types like Fisher have been pushing this wanna-be meme for months. The facts don't support any "prediction" of a solar driven catastrophe.

First off, how much energy is "a hundred million hydrogen bombs"? Is that 100M 10KT nukes, or 50MT? Inquiring minds want to know.

Next up, a typical flare that does little more than make for pretty light show around the poles runs well above the multi-gigaton range. And that assumes that out of the 3-D 360 degree range available, the flare happens to be aimed at Earth. Most aren't. Multiple CMEs per month aren't unusual; you just don't hear about them because nothing much happened.

Now an embarrassing factoid (if you're a gov panic-monger, that is): So far, the sun is still pretty much in the solar minimum. The new cycle has begun, but activity continues to be well below even the normal predictions. Even better, those who actually know say this is shaping up to be a below-normal activity solar cycle altogether. And even if this turned out to be a high activity cycle, 2012 would not be the peak activity year.

Do you really want to believe someone drawing a gov paycheck that a natural catastrophe requiring more gov is on the way? When one of these clowns makes a definite prediction about the sun like this, try asking them where those pesky (missing) predicted solar neutrinos are.

Powerful flares and huge coronal mass ejections can happen any time. No one really knows why and how yet. They can happen during a solar minimum, or any other time during the cycle.

Rhodes said...

Lot of interesting ideas being presented here by those of us in the peanut gallery. First effects on electronic balloting isn't even mentioned by the media yet here it is from a 3%er. Importance of face to face networking cannot be stressed enough as our access to electronic means are too vulnerable, ignored by the media, here its discussed. As for predictions the Sun's "weather" is much simpler than Earth's as well as being highly visible since the invention of the telescope and the first set of burned retinas from watching it.

Gentlemen, hats off to ya.

SiGraybeard said...

+10 to Carl Bussjaeger.

They beat his horse constantly. They said similar things for the last peak in 2003, and the one before that (which is as far back as I can remember). The sun is almost dead quiet right now (Solar Flux 73, A index 11 and K index 1) and we're just barely out of the deepest solar minimum in well over 100 years. Read those links Carl points to - there's nothing to support this Aussie's claim that this will be the biggest solar cycle.

Solar flares happen all the time. CMEs happen all the time. The "prediction" isn't anything like a weather forecast because there is way to predict flares or CMEs known to man. We know higher activity, and more sunspots correlates with more flares and CMEs, and that's all we know. All they're saying is that solar maximum is coming. Like it does every 11 years (average) for as long as we've been aware of them.

Is it possible for a solar CME to do the things they talk about? Absolutely. How likely? There has been one CME since 1900 that had any kind of effect on the grid and it was in the last peak of the 1990s (1996?). If you own a satellite, you shut it down when a big one is coming (and they can know days in advance).

These government goons are trying to show us how important they are so that they can raise funds. They're trying to get us to say, "Oh, no! Don't cut NASA's budget, cut something else!"

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the Y2K panic. I'm a software developer, I was around for it, and lots of us profited from the overblown hoopla. Sounds to me like NASA folks are lookin for funding. Brush up on your EMP protection skills and you can profit too.

But just in case, keep your powder dry and get good at gardening.