Monday, August 9, 2010

Praxis: M34 Tactical (ARMT) Assault Rifle Multi-tool for AR platforms.

John Coctosin, armorer for the fabled Dogtown Rangers Militia, recommends this multi-tool as the cure for all the ills of AR sufferers. Here's a review of this handy but pricey little tool.


MikeH. said...

I dunno Mike. It has sharp points and edges but no fine Corinthian leather, or crude horse hide, sheath to protect it, or the troop carrying it.

The most common battle borne issue for an AR is carbon build up. This tool seems to have forgotten about that.

The (what appear to be) rubber O-rings, that hold the driver tips in their stowed away positions, will eventually dry-rot and leave those tips to hide in the tall grass and rust back into the earth.

Most of it's functions are the actions best preformed by an armorer... not a grunt.

To tell ya the truth, I think I'd rather save the $43.00 + S&H for another box leftest birth control.


Rhodes said...

Great little tool. My Saiga 308(AK) has a multi-function tool, pictures at this link:

I also get to pack a spare...

Anonymous said...

Get an 03-A3, strip the bolt with your fingers. Reach way out past Fort Mudge.

Mountain rifleman

Justin said...

AR platform in the hands of someone who respects and knows it.

Bare bones basic Cleaning kit.

Leatherman Wave.

All you need.

Plus, the leatherman has a can opener. Bonus.

Fully half of the functions that tool is supposed to serve (as depicted on mfg's site) can be done with the fingers and or the fingernails. The rest can be done with the Leatherman.

It is a neat idea, but not necessary.


Anonymous said...

Try making repairs when its warm after firing it. Thats mainly what it for.
Quick List of Some of the things the ARMT can do...

3 common Allen keys to add, remove, or snug accessories,
Allen keys double for a pin punch,
10mm screwdriver for the buttstock screws, scraping, and prying
Remove or Tighten Notched Flash Hiders,
Push out Takedown pins,
Remove Firing Pin,
Remove bolt cam,
Remove bolt assembly from carrier,
Tighten or loosen bolt carrier key,
Tighten or loosen Castle Nut,
Carbon scraper,
Phillips P2 hex bit driver,
SQ2 hex bit driver,
Last resort self defense tool,
At 7 1/4 in long and 2 1/4 in tall, still small enough to fit in your pocket to carry everyday for all sorts of other projects.