Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Obamanoids back-door gun control efforts and South Korea.

Go to David Codrea's Examiner column here, read his analysis and go to the links provided.


Anonymous said...


I WANT ONE (or two or three) 8-)

-Bubba Man (One of the Bubbas of the Apocalypse)

Defender said...

A legendary service rifle. Love to have one.
But we don't need them BACK from S. Korea, or from England, where the Lend-Lease progam helped Hitler, like Hirohito, understand the "You cannot invade Britain/the United States; there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass" concept. And where, instead of returning them, they dumped OUR guns into the Channel.
Let them continue thinking we are their idiot children.

Anonymous said...

I want one! argh!

tom said...

Hell, at least they are still intact. Clinton had a pile of Emmas of Fourteen MILLED INTO SCRAP rather than let ODCMP sell them and they were IN THE COUNTRY.

As for M1s, I've got a couple of them I got back when you could get minty matched numbers rifles for ~600 bucks. Those days are long gone and ODCMP is probably on it's way out too, unless you're into buying DEWAT parade rifles...

Sad but true.

Pericles said...

Do want!

Not surprised at all at the steps taken to prevent import. Time for a couple of friendly Congressmen to get a few sentences into a law that has to pass.....

Dennis308 said...

Not to worry my friends there will be surplus rifles on the battle field in a area near you soon enough. Maybe not as nice as the M1 Garand, but usable just the same. Just wash off the blood of the Federales, As blood will cause rust.


Anonymous said...

Get a financial backer, purchase the guns, sell to another party (a business partner who is not listed as a partner on paper) in some other country who the US does allow import of guns from, now that you are safely back in the US purchase the guns back from the 'partner' and voila you are the proud owner of 10,000 M1's. Problem solved! Thats what they plan on happening anyways since they know they cannot keep them out they figure they will do everything they can to drive up costs.

devildog said...

If ya want one--go order it. Go visit www.thecmp.org and you'll see that the M1 Garand is still there for sale.
I love my Garand. Makes me smile.
Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

Now remember kiddies, toys are nice to have, but not always practical.

Damn! I ran out of ammo! Dern it! These pukes ARE NOT carrying 30-06. I knew we should have made a LAW before this all started that 30-06 be the standard round!

Spend your money on the necessities.

Anonymous said...

Our enemies do not use the 30-06 or .30 Cal carbine round. You would be better off with a bolt-action Nagant-arsenal refurbished, excellent condition, and a couple of spam cans of the steel core 147grain ammo. You'd save a lot of $ to spend on other necessities and have enough firepower to light up the forces of darkness from a few hundred yards away. Then, you and yours could scavenge their weapons and equipment. Just a thought.

EJR914 said...

I'd love to have one.

Anonymous said...

John Garand's masterpiece gave the GI an undoubted advantage in dealing with kamikaze and blitzkrieg tactics.

The old warhorse is a grand reminder of America's achievements in the defense of liberty, a role now somewhat diminished. Every patriot should have an M-1 in his gun cabinet as a monument to what men who unite in opposition to tyranny can achieve.

May it please God to allow us the privilege of restoring our independent republic and may we have the wisdom to keep always ready such necessary tools as the Garand rifle as an instrument toward that end.


pdxr13 said...

Wooden stock and peep sights scares the anti-gunners? Shucks, it's just like Granpa's rifle that he carried across Europe and hunted whitetail with for 40 years.

Insert Oleg Volk graphic here.

They want all of your guns, and they want the idea that resistance is possible to be forgotten.