Friday, August 20, 2010

"No Manchurian candidate would ever have been so incompetent." Are we entirely sure of that? And, did George Soros get his money's worth?

Well, the good news just keeps on rolling in. A tip of the boonie hat to Ranger Rick:

RedState reports: "Obama Appoints Maria del Carmen Aponte as Ambassador to El Salvador."

This is huge news coming on the heels of Barack Obama’s support for the Ground Zero Mosque.

He has appointed Maria del Carmen Aponte to be Ambassador to El Salvador.

Three United States Senators have a hold on her nomination. Why? Because she had a longterm relationship with a top Cuban spy. She withdrew as a Clinton appointee back in the 90’s because of it.

Senators questioned whether or not Aponte knew about her lover’s spying on the United States and had other serious concerns related to that relationship.

How will the American public react when they learn Barack Obama has bypassed Congress to put an avowed socialist in charge of health care and the lover of a communist spy in charge of our relationship with El Salvador?

On the other hand, this will hopefully convince people that Barack Obama really isn’t a foreign born Manchurian candidate. No Manchurian candidate would ever have been so incompetent.

If George Soros actually expected Obama to be anything other than an agent of chaos designed to destroy the power of the United States by wrecking it from without and within and inciting a civil war, he didn't get his money's worth.


Defender said...

The Aponte appointment will make it easier for Obama to have salvaged guns from the Salvadoran civil war shipped here in sealed diplomatic cargo containers for sale to criminals, in order to boost "gun crime" and calls for more gun control. Real military full-autos, like the Mexican border drug cartels are obtaining from down there, NOT from American gun shops and shows.
I wonder whether some of those M1s Korea has for sale will end up here the same way. It'd be great fodder for those who support the international small-arms treaty.
Didn't the Clinton administration try to bring in some Chinese-made AKs for the street gangs but got caught?
These days, they don't feel the need to even TRY to hide it. Janet Reno, the Butcher of Waco, lectures at colleges about ethics in government, $10,000 a speech.

Anonymous said...

The problem with absolute power, aside from its often-remarked tendency to corrupt absolutely, is that it doesn't matter whether the individual in power is corrupt, evil or incompetent--the end results are the same. Their power magnifies the effects of their corruption, evil or incompetence, so that the ultimate consequences are disastrous in either case.

Unfortunately, we are now facing a situation where most of the regime are corrupt, evil, AND incompetent.

Dave III

Dakota said...

Janet Reno, the Butcher of Waco, lectures at colleges about ethics in government, $10,000 a speech.

Wow who would want to listen to that shaky bitch?

Anonymous said...

When Obama is no longer the the masters, I wonder what group they will blame for his removal.

Kevin Patrick said...

Soros exhibiting some buyer's remorese, eh?

Serves him right.

Anonymous said...

If you ask me, all senators and a great deal of Representatives are all either Machurian Candidates, dupes, or running the show behind the scenes. Every President in both of our lifetimes was certainly that as well.

Given the amount of money it takes to be in CONgress, you will be taking money from the Boss sometime down the line.

Anonymous said...

I lost my "deer in the headlights" look a long time ago. This administtation is Marxist. Brought to you by a very Marxist media, who somehow still claim the image of objective moderation. They are exactly in position to create what has now happened and will in the follow-on.

They will not report this women's connections or ideology, just as they have supported everything Marxist, that any Marxist wanted to do, and attacked anything and anyone not useful to them.

Mark N. Thyme said...

And there was that idiot woman Obongo appointee - I forget her name ? - who listed Chairman Mao as one of her favorite inspirational writers, remember that?
Well - I would remind them of another of Uncle Mao's Pity Proverbs... he said, "All power proceeds from the barrel of a gun." So if the commie bastards now running the nation from their bunkers in DC want us to all be inspired by Marxit-Leninist / Communist examples, they might want to recall that WE posess enough barrels to change the balance of power in that particular way, if that is their preference.

Defender said...

Dakota, one of the colleges that welcomed Roastmaster Reno was Baylor University ... in Waco.
Say it with me, now. "No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up."