Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maybe they should have called up the militia.

Because the cops sure can't shoot fer shit.


Anonymous said...

Hail 9mm!

People are no different than deer.

When stoked up on adrenaline - if you don't break a major bone, or put one in the noggin - they ain't going down

Anonymous said...

The story is even better than what's written there! Alvarez (the shooting "victim") was fighting with another man, who was killed. It was initially reported that Alvarez killed the man, Luis Soto, and police responding to that shooting then shot Alvarez after he fired on police.

It was later determined that Soto was NOT shot by Alvarez, but was fatally shot by the barrage unleashed by the NYPD!!! Two police officers were also shot, BY OTHER COPS, one in the hand and the other escaped serious injury when his bullet-resistant vest stopped a bullet.

The NYPD is a joke. They fired 46 times in this episode, so at least their hit percentage is improving, even if some of them are at unintended targets. As Josef Goebbels once said, "It is better to shoot the wrong man, than not to shoot at all".

Couple this episode with the Diallo shooting (41 rounds), Sean Bell et al (50 rounds)and this one (46) and you can see that these assholes keep the bullet manufacturers in business.

Walk the streets of New York, as I do, and you will see some of the sorriest sacks of shit in uniform possibly imaginable. Grossly, morbidly obese, rumpled looking and just generally unprofessional. What a disgrace. I saw one guy in Central Park in one of those little enclosed police scooters. He looked like Fred Flintstone with that big rack of brontosaurus ribs on the side of his car. I thought it was going to tip over.

The NYPD used to command respect, but now they are beyond pathetic and are poster-children for everything wrong in America.

John Richardson said...

Part of the problem could be those 12-lb triggers that the NYPD insists upon having in their service pistols.

And how often do most NYPD cops actually practice? I just heard a Harris Cty (TX) Sheriff's Dept firearms trainer state that the average IDPA competition beginner is a better shot than most cops.

Dennis308 said...

That´s one LUCK MOTHER F&#KER. Even if it was 9´s. 21 hits is a LOT of HITS. Damn FMJ´s I bet, yea it is New York.

You guys and girls with 9´s get ya some HP´s prefirably Hydra-Shock the terminal Balistics ARE GREATLY improved in any Caliber. Even better are the Glaser Safty Slug, Check your State and Local Laws(for disclaimer only)LOLOL


Defender said...

Location, location, location.
High-velocity, heavy, extremely hollow hollowpoints are also a good idea.
Typical NYC cops with their 9-pound triggers so they don't blow their toes off.
If this had happened in the city near me, an armed bystander could have dealt with it in two shots with no collateral damage.

rexxhead said...

Hell, nothin' wrong with 9mm if it's throwing the right pill. Don't use anything less than 147gr.

NYPD's firearms prowess was never good: Amadou Diallo: 43 shots, 19 hits, died. Too bad the guy was an innocent bystander, but, hey, the cops walked, so it all worked out OK :(


Anonymous said...

That's because they are trained to shoot the torso, not the head.

ParaPacem said...

Placement and consistency even in high pressure situations.
Precision fire, to the degree possible when the "S has HTF;
the Massad has scored a few dozen lethal hits with 22 and 22 mag, as well as suppressed 380s.
Gabe Suarez, who has done me the honor of assisting me on a number of occasions when others were too busy, wrote the following, and he has told the story of his operator friend ( with a dozen justified kills, if I recall ) He wrote,

"I have a colleague is South America who has been in High Risk Police Service for close to three decades. He has been in over three dozen verified gunfight . His weapon was originally a Browning Hi-Power and later a Glock 17.

"I was very interested in hearing more so I asked him about the load he used. He said he had always used military ball full metal jacket. Astounded I asked him why he chose that. "That is all we can get here. Hollow points are illegal" .

I shook my head and told him that there was a belief in the USA that 9mm was an anemic caliber, especially in the load he'd chosen. He shrugged and said that his adversaries must not have gotten the word. He said he fired a burst at the chest and if they didn't fall fast enough, he fired a burst at the face. He never needed to reload and had enough on board so if he missed a shot or two he could catch up in the fight. And before we hear the careful shooter versus the spraying prayer, this man is one of the best shots I have seen and competes on an international level. Even so, he knows the chaos in a gunfight can play havoc with even the most gifted marksman. Perhaps we need to take a lesson from him.

And speaking for myself, I have known first hand of a fellow who took two of the "Magic Terminator .45" slugs and drove off in a stolen car before being caught by the cops and taken to an ER.
Precision fire, every time... and if the range is too great, keep the pistol in the holster and break out the carbine, the slug-gun or the high powered rifle.

I'll tell you who was lucky in this deal - the dozens of citizens who were NOT hit by the randomly directed bullets loosed by a bunch of adrenaline-crazed Only Ones.
God help them!

Happy D said...

"Because the cops sure can't shoot fer shit."
And they can be very hard to teach!
Even when they want to learn.

Anonymous said...

A few months ago at the range, local deputies were undergoing recertification with their service pistols. I say undergoing because they almost uniformly hate it whereas I have never had to be coaxed to shoot a gun. When finished they put up the orange spray paint can on top of a target board roughly 35 feet away. One after another stepped up, took careful aim and missed. They kneeled, rested arms on the bench and no matter what, emptied mag after mag. Finally, when I could stand it no longer I asked their instructor (who knew me from garand shoots) if I could play too? I was training rifle that day and had to borrow a sig from a deputy. It took one shot and a lovely cloud of orange mist appeared. When I looked around in my after action drill I beheld a crowd of somber cop faces, I made no friends that day but maybe, just maybe this old man inspired them to get decent training.

Anonymous said...

I'll use a 9 if I have to, and be glad to have it, or anything else when I need it.
My preference however, is the .45 because it works. So well in fact, that one Navy Seal used one, to avoid capture at a crash site, killing enemy at ranges of 100 meters. It's proven winner.