Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Lairds of Fairfax once more sell out to Longshanks. Screwing their members once again without logic or KY Jelly.

NRA endorses Chet Edwards.


Xenophon said...

I am one of Chet Edward's constituents. He locks up the local bigwigs with pork, he does good service for the vets, and as for the rest of us, he sells us out. He claims to be for us because he voted against health care and cap-and-trade. But he voted "Yes" every time to advance those bills to a vote and only on the day before the vote did he announce he was against them. But our observer did see him laugh and high five other Democrats when the Health Bill passed. I already checked on canceling my NRA membership and switching over to the GOA. I can't get my money back from the NRA, but will join the GOA because they know that when 9 of 10 of the Bill of Rights are gone, the 2nd will go too.

Defender said...

If the NRA wins they go out of business, and it's BIG business.
Most of us can only dream of the spacious modern office building, the half-million-dollar salaries, the applause at Friends of NRA dinners and national conventions.
The media, from which historians compile their books, recognize the NRA daily, as the "powerful gun lobby" but also as a fading extremist regime living on borrowed time. Victor AND victim. What could be better for fund-raising?

Anonymous said...

NRA board must change, and replace the frenchman and his gang of looters and quislings.

ScottJ said...

Your posts on this subject are starting to influence me.

Just placed an order with Midway and elected to NOT round up to the next whole dollar for an NRA contribution. Felt strange since I've always done that.

Am letting my NRA membership lapse and will be joining GOA soon.

Anonymous said...

The one-trick pony is dancing yet again. . . . .

B Woodman