Monday, October 19, 2015

"Who are you going to believe? Us, or your lying eyes?" Assurances that they're not out to seize our firearms comes with a promise to seize our firearms.

How these collectivist idiots can write this with a straight face is a wonder: "There is no plot to seize the guns of law-abiding citizens."
There's no shortage of politicians willing to fan the flames of fear and paranoia when it comes to gun control. What we need are public servants who are willing to discuss serious proposals that limit access to guns without infringing on citizens’ Second Amendment rights. That discussion should begin today, and it should include the proposed renewal of the assault-weapons ban that expired in 2004 and the long overdue closing of private-sale loopholes in the background-check law.
And this just in: "A federal appeals court on Monday upheld the core provisions of two gun control laws passed in New York and Connecticut after the 2012 mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School that banned possession of semiautomatic assault weapons. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York upheld the bans on semiautomatic weapons and large-capacity magazines."
No matter. The armed civil disobedience campaign goes on.


Anonymous said...

No one ever defines what "sensible gun control" is, or what it would look like. If the consensus is closing the "gun-show loop," then the goal posts will HAVE to be moved because the data doesn't support that is where criminals are getting guns. If it is any other definition that groups otherwise law-abiding citizens in a category that strips their right to bare arms......they will have to expand the aperture again: because they will never stop evil people by legislation.

Anonymous said...

This is so much BULLSHIT! How about making "gun free zones" illegal! There's something that will start working immediately and has no effect on gun ownership! Crazy bastards and criminals alike avoid places where somebody else may be armed.
Stop making responsibly armed citizens the bad guys! Has anybody ever heard of a shoot 'em up happening at a gun show or at a shooting match? (Son of a BITCH!)

Anonymous said...

Politicians say that we need more gun control in order to protect the public who are no longer able to protect themselves because of the gun control and anti-self defence law already on the books.

So they get the judges that they appointed to office, to say that it's all legal and constitutional because they say it is. It isn't but they don't care and so they as much as say "Fuck you America, we're in charge and we get to tell you what to do from now on.

America, we have a problem, and it isn't going to be settled with words.

And to think that all you wanted was to be left alone.

Anonymous said...

Well, Chris Kyle was assassinated at a gun range.....

As for "gun free zones" being "illegal" weeeelllllll, outside personally owned private property, the Second Amendment is a clear barrier to imposing such an infringement upon the right to keep and bear.

Indeed, it is "illegal", unlawful, to create a gun free zone in a public place because government doesn't have the authority delegated to it to impose that violation of individual, enumerated, inherent, rights.

This is why disobedience is the answer. Us refusing to obey just this kind of unconstitutional dictation is the answer. Indeed, the best way to defeat them is in the court of public opinion and the best example is for a person to BE carrying, IN DEFIANCE, and put a short but sweet end to a would be mass shooter by putting two center mass and one between the eyes - and then force all the gun grabbers to admit that violating the gun free zone demand was the RIGHT thing to do because it saved the lives of so many.

I Will Not Comply. I Will Not Die Disarmed.

Anonymous said...

All this proves is that in a tyranny ALL branches of gov't are corrupted. The Founders of this nation also exhausted every possible peaceful means to get the king & company to back off. We all know how that turned out. In Nazi Germany there were those who tried every peaceful means to stop what was happening. They got sent to "enhanced accommodations". Same thing in Red China, Cambodia, Soviet Union, etc. Let's stop kidding ourselves with the "give me liberty or I'll sue" routine. My State Assemblyman in NY was one of the few Democrats who voted against the Safe Act, but when a movement a short time back was afoot to push measures in the statehouse to repeal it, my e-mail discourses with him went to the tune of "our best chance is in the courts". I knew it was bullshit then. And the result was exactly where I knew it would be...As Americans, we were always the ones that had to get our blood spilled in order to liberate some foreign people from some foreign tyranny. Now we are under the thumb of tyrants and no foreign entity will be invading here to liberate us; it will be done by us or it won't be done at all. Just about every country on earth has fallen to banker ruled world Gov't and we are the last nation with even a remote semblance to a free sovereign people. We all have much to loose as we have been made comfortable (soft?) by consumerism over the last 6 or 7 decades. But the people who founded this nation had much to loose also. We either pucker up our assholes and prepare for what we know will eventually come, or get comfortable with the notion that being able to shop at Wal-Mart is one of the trade-offs for your slavery.

Anonymous said...

It takes more than just the corrupt justices to make that con work. Ya need an endless supply of legislators and executives to let those justices get away with it. The only way those supplies come to pass is if people are stupid enough to keep putting them there.

I disagree with the notion that words can't solve this. They can, it is more a matter of will they? Our founders saw fit to frame enumerated rights as they for good reason. They are in the order they are for good reason.

You are right friend that all we really want is for government to leave us alone. Instead of being divided by the things we all wish to do differently, we should all unite around that "just leave us alone" banner. This is why politicians "campaign on issues" - to make sure Americans are pitted against each other instead of United

The answer in words is really pretty simple. All we have to do is stay together saying "no, you can't!"