Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Media’s Potemkin Village Starts to Topple

Bashing the media may not be a policy platform, but it’s nourishment and sustenance to a long-suffering conservative constituency which doesn’t much care whom or what is being bashed so long as somebody or something is being bashed. They’re tired of being punching bags, and especially tired of getting smacked around by folks like Reince Priebus (who approved the CNBC debacle), who are ostensibly on their side. And which is also why the cracks around the foundations of MSM hegemony are a bigger story than most realize.


Unclezip said...

RNC suspended its partnership with NBC for the Feb 26th debate. The backlash is happening already.

Anonymous said...

Many are not paying attention, that is for sure. We gun folks already know this. Regardless, what happened at that "debate" is serious and not without serious consequence. While many aren't paying attention - heck even a large majority aren't, enough people are and did and know what happened (and why it did) and have indeed absolutely had enough of it.

With the internet, there is no escaping what happened, not by the media hacks who did it or by those who arranged it. Make no mistake, Rented Prius played his part in arranging it. Some make the Charlie Brown reference but that is only accurate if one admits Rence Prebius is Lucy, not Charlie. That fool knew what was going to happen and set up the debacle on purpose. In his world, that was a great event.

But the revolt has already started. He will soon be ousted - and good riddance.

Saw this yesterday - remove the vowels from his name and you get RNC PR BS. That rivals the name drama like Jay CARNEY (barker) as white house press secretary, turned Josh Earnest, yeah joshing us earnestly after the Carney barker quit. Then there is the former NAACP chief named Ben Jealous. Its along the lines of Islamic zealots attacking us so we "elect" Hussein. I consider these things to be "writing on the wall". It occurs to me that these cannot be happening by "accident".

The slide is only at the start, and the crash will happen quickly. There is one year left and after that it will be like sink holes we see happening. Prepare yourselves for rough times folks. They are short at hand. The more truth breaks out, the more people will not paying attention will retract in horror and fear.

As media implodes, crime will explode. Buy ammo - as much as you can afford. We fast approach the time that you can only keep what you have if you can physically defend it.

Anonymous said...

Looks and smells like a Stalin - Hitler -Non Aggression Pact . Run amuck covert government.