Sunday, October 18, 2015

Off to early services at church.

Try to have more later.


Anonymous said...

A Gun Every American Should Know About

And it's not a firearm at all. It's an air rifle. A 22-shot, repeating large-caliber air rifle that is likely more important in the Western expansion of our country than even the venerable Hawken or Winchester lever-action. In a post I wrote about “10 Guns that Shaped America,” the Girandoni air rifle was near the top of the list. And for good reason.

Because without the Girandoni carried by Meriwether Lewis when he and William Clark led the Corps of Discovery across the continent of North America there's a good chance they would not have gone far. How could an airgun possibly shape a nation’s destiny?

Chiu ChunLing said...

Moderns too often forget that, in ancient times, philosophers wondered not so much which was the right way to live and be happy, but whether there was any way to do so at all. The news that there is a way to live and be happy transformed the world, it was called the 'glad tidings' for a reason.

Today so many people are upset over the implications of a way being 'right' that they forget that it is the way to life and happiness, and that such ways have ever been in desperately short supply. Discarding one out of hand for being 'right' (as opposed to left, I suppose) doesn't make things any easier.