Sunday, October 18, 2015

Perverting symbols for the service of the elites. Classic collectivist propaganda technique utilizes Marvel Comics: "Captain America battles right-wing conservatives in new comic."

In the latest issue of Marvel’s revamped Captain America, the iconic superhero takes on a group of right-wing conservatives trying to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border. In 'Captain America: Sam Wilson #1,' the superhero also known as Sam Wilson heads to the border to take on an “evil” militia group known as the Sons of the Serpent, who are patrolling the area between Mexico and Arizona."


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Allen said...

and right at the end, the REAL captain america tells falcon to "stand down"

"this is commander steve rodgers acting on behalf of S.H.I.E.L.D.--I order you to stand down!"

a small bit of searching and you can download the issue for free as a .cbr

Chiu ChunLing said...

Whatever. Age of Ultron was stupid enough for me to lose interest either way. The premise of "Artificial hyper-intelligence (or genie or whatnot) interprets directive to secure world peace as a mandate to enslave/exterminate humanity" always has promise, but the villain needs to actually seem possibly hyper-intelligent rather than completely moronic for it to work. And making him fight his own perfected form (while totally ganging up on him)? Uh, that's kinda super-villain territory for a reason, guys.

Same thing with the Cobra-Commander expy. I mean, "you know how you make me press one for English at the beginning of every call to my satellite provider? That is something I cannot abide!" A real superhero would intervene with that situation by hiring the bad guy a better writer first. Also, he might try finding actual Hispanics (or at least Asians) for the bad guy to hassle (or, you know, an artist who knows how to draw someone that doesn't look completely Caucasian aside from their complexion).

Anonymous said...

Marvel under Disney is headed for the DC toilet.
Now, the question is, do I sell off my old comics NOW, before the Marvel name tanks? Or hold on to them, and watch their value rise as a memory of Marvel's better days?

B Woodman